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BC-XM01 : 5 days of Xiamen (Gulangyu island) - Zhangzhou - Nanjing - Shuyang - Xiaban - Tianluokeng - Zhangzhou - Xiamen
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Day 1 Arrival in Xiamen
The first day, after you arrive in Xiamen, if time permits, you are advised to visit the sights in Xiamen city. The Gulangyu Island is one of the amazing scenic spot you shouldn't miss. You can reach the island by steamship from Xiamen City in about 5 minutes. The steamships are staying at Xiamen Lundu port and the island is just opposite to the port. You head for the island free of charge. But CNY8.00 is charged for the return way. This island is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics, and its varied architecture. Its entrance fare is CNY80.00 per person. If you like, you can stay in the island. There are many guesthouses, whose room rate is aound CNY100 per night. Or, you can return back to the city and stroll around. If you are interested, you can go to Xiahe road in the city to find the outstanding International Trade Mall. In the fifth floor, there lies the Kale Cate Plaza. Then, check in a local hotel. Have a good rest and get prepared for your next day trip.
Day 2 Xiamen - Zhangzhou - Nanjing
The next day, you will transfer about 110 kilometers' ride in this whole day. After having breakfast, you can ride towards the western direction and go to Zhangzhou along the national road G324. After around 60 kilometers' ride, you will reach Zhangzhou, you can have meal there to recover your energy and have a short break on the way. And then, you carry on your cycling toward your destination Nanjing county along the G319 road. After reaching there, it's time for you to have dinner. After dinner, you can have a short stroll around Nanjing county and have a hot spring bath to relax this day 110 kilometers' journey.
Day 3 Nanjing - Shuyang - Nanyang
The third day, you will move on cycling towards Nanyang via Shuyang. Shuyang is located in the col. You should be careful on the way. After you get there, you are suggested to have meal first. You can have meal in Shuyang and then visit the local highest Tu building – Hegui building. The village remains its honest and simple custom. You will feel much peace there from the bottom of your heart. Then, go on visiting the Hekeng groups of Tulou. You can stay the overnight in the local farmhouse. There you can have an experience of local people and have a chance to taste the Ke family flavor.
Day 4 Nanyang - Xiaban - Tianluokeng - Zhangzhou
The fourth day, you can go on your cycling around the Tu building in the morning to fully appreciate those interesting buildings. In the afternoon, you are advised to go to Xiaban village to visit Yuchanglou (building) with the typical the Tu minority feature. People there will treat you with the sincere and warm welcome. After that, you can go to Tianluokeng. There located the well-known "four dishes with one soup". Actually, it is nothing with the meals. They are the builings with its appearance - quadrate Buyunlou, elliptic Wenchanglou, rounded Hechanglou, Zhenchanglou and Ruiyunlou. The surrounding there is far from the level in the city while the people there are really kind-hearted and friendly. At that time, you have visited most of the famous Tu buildings in Nanjing. Then, return to Zhangzhou. After dinner, you can enter the old street and stone toril having a short stroll. Although Zhangzhou is not a morden city, it still can leave you the special impression.
Day 5 Zhangzhou - Xiamen
The last day, you can retrace the course to Xiamen. Your cycling trip ends.
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