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Banpo Museum
From CNY26/US$5 per person
  • A typical Neolithic Yangshao culture matriarchal relics in the Yellow River Basin
  • The first prehistoric site museum in China
  • See the unearthed relics and artworks from 6000 years ago
Select Date and Tickets:
  • Adult: Age 18+
  • Admission Ticket [Mar 1 - Nov 30]
  • Child: 120cm+ and under 18 years old
  • Admission Ticket [Mar 1 - Nov 30]
Important Notice
1. Free of charge for children under 119cm and seniors over 65 years old.
2. Minors over 120cm and under 18 years old enjoy discount ticket.
How to Book and Use
1. Book & pay online, get confirmation number by email, verify confirmation number at the entrance to get into the museum.
2. Travelers in one order should enter the site together.
3. The ticket is only valid for the selected visiting date.
Opening Hours
08:00 - 18:00 (Admission Stops at 17:30)
Change & Cancellation
1. Free cancellation if sending emails 24 hours before the entry date.
2. After the ticket is issued, the service fee is non-refundable.
3. Partial cancellation is not accepted, tickets in one order have to be cancelled together.
4. For any change, please cancel and rebook.
What to Expect
Here you could find a 6000-year-old village ruins, and it is the first prehistoric site museum in China. The site was discovered in year 1953, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences excavated the site during year 1954 and 1957. In order to protect and display this site in situ.

Banpo Museum
Banpo Museum
In the Exhibition Halls, you can see the recovered production tools, daily necessities and artworks used by the original ancestors. They are divided into stone tools, bone tools and pottery. You will find stone axe, stone shovel, stone knife, grinding disc, spinning fiber, bone knife, bone needle, fish hook, harpoon, pottery basin, pottery bowl, pottery jar, and pointed bottom bottle, etc. Twenty-two kinds of engraved symbols unearthed at the Banpo ruins are also displayed. The paintings on the pottery are rich and vivid, some of them are mysterious, and the patterns are simple and concise. These patterns are closely related to the life of prehistoric people. The pottery basin with human face and fish patterns is the most precious cultural relic unearthed from the Banpo site, the creative inspiration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games mascot Fuwa comes from it.

Banpo Museum
Banpo Museum
In the Site Hall, visitors could see the relics such as houses, cellars, stove pits, burial ground, which vividly show us the production and life of the ancestors who were in the prosperous period of the matriarchal society more than 6000 years ago. It has important scientific value for studying the history of Chinese primitive society.
Banpo Museum
Additional Info
No. 155, Banpo Rd, Baqiao District, Xian, China
How to Get to Banpo Museum?
 By metro:
Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Banpo Station. Get out from Exit A. Keep walking toward west for around 5 minutes and then turn south to walk for around 2 minutes along Banpo Road.

 By bus:
Take bus 105, 269, 406 or 416 and get off at Banpo Bowuguan (Banpo Museum) Station.

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