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Exhibitions in Shanghai

Shanghai is a major exhibition center in East Asia. Various business, cultural, artistic, educational, recreational and comprehensive expositions are held in the city year round. The following is an introduction to the major well-equipped show venues in the city including their locations, transportation and schedules.

 New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
Introduction: Located in the business center of Pudong New Area, SNIEC has successfully accommodated numerous influential exhibits since its opening in November 2001. Due to its convenient transportation, advanced facilities and excellent service, SNIEC is now an ideal venue for holding international fairs and social activities.
Address: No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area (next to Century Park)
Transportation: Take bus no. 983, Bridge Line 5 or 6, Airport Line 3, Fangchuan Line, Shenjiang Line or subway line 2.
2014 Schedule:

Apr. 8-10 The 26th China Silk Trade Fair
Apr. 8-10 The 13th China Power and China E-Power 2014
May 6-9 Shanghai Hair & Beauty Festival
May 7-9 The 11th China International Touchscreen Exhibition
May 13-15 Bakery China 2014
Jun. 4-6 Offshore Wind China 2014 Exhibition & Conference
Jun. 5-7 China Stationery Commodity Fair
Jun. 5-7 China International Exhibition on Mould & Die, Equipment and related
Jun. 5-7 International Luxury Living and Interior Furnishing Exhibition
Jun. 17-19 Rail + Metro China 2014/Tunnel China 2014
Jul. 3-4 International Ad, Print, Pack, Paper Expo/International Lighting Expo
Jul. 14-17 The 15th International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO)
Jul. 22-24 Children-Baby-Maternity Products Expo Children Clothing and Accessories Expo
Jul. 28-30 China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair/China International Modern Home
Jul. 31-Aug. 3 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference
Aug. 6-8 China Wallpaper, Textile Carpet & Home Decorations Exposition
Aug. 11-13 China International Auto Material & Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition
Windows & Curtain Wall and Architectural Shading Exhibition
Aug. 20-22 Green Architecture and Construction Exposition
Sep. 3-5 International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning
Sep. 18-20 Interior-Lifs-Style CHINA(ILC)
Oct. 14-16 The 13th China International Tools and Models Expo
China International Baby Carriers & Baby Articles Fair
Oct. 28-30 The 84th China Electronics Fair (CEF)
Dec. 4-6 TIM Expo Shanghai 2014
The 10th China International Dry Mix Mortar Technology and Products Expo.
The 10th China International External Wall Exterior Insulation System Expo

  Intex Shanghai
Introduction:It is located in the Hongqiao Economy and Technology Development Area, which is the oldest in the city. It is the first local exhibit company to apply the management expertise of western countries. Many local, national and international exhibits have been held here since the venue's opening in 1992.
Address: No. 88, Loushanguan Road, Changning District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 48, 57, 69, 71, 88 or 911 to Yili Road.
2014 Schedule:

Apr. 11-13

International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition

Apr. 23-26 The 16th Hortiflorexpo China
May 16-19 2014 China International Tea Exhibition
May 22-24 BioFach China 2014
May. 26-28 The 4th International Healthcare Expo (China Aid 2014)
May. 27-29 City Garden & Landscape Design & Facilities Exhibition 2014
Jun. 5-7 The 3rd International Aviation Service Trade Fair 2014
The 8th China Wine and Spirits Exhibition
Jun. 18-20 The 7th China International Mining, Hoisting Transportation Machinery Exhibition
Sep. 25-27 The 13th International Food Processing and Package Machinery Exhibition
Oct. 8-11 Music China 2014
Oct. 8-11 Prolight + Sound Shanghai
Nov. 15-17 LOHAS Kids Food Exhibition
Nov. 20-22 The 15th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition

  Shanghai Exhibition Center
Introduction: It has an advantageous location near the city center. Its main building, built in 1955, is the city's oldest convention and exhibit venue. Many important political and diplomatic activities as well as domestic and world expos have been successfully held here. In 2001, the main building was renovated. Now the center has become one of the most important ones in the city.
Address: No. 1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 20, 24, 37, 57, 71, 104, 127, 925, 936, Airport Line 2 or subway line 2.
2014 Schedule:

Mar. 14-17 Overseas Real Estate Exhibition and Trade Fair(Spring)
Mar. 14-17 2014 Pension Real Estate and High-end Property Exhibition
Mar. 14-17 The 8th Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Show
Mar. 24-26 The MICAM Shanghai
Apr. 1-3 International Dental Equipment Exhibition & Academic Exchange
Apr. 18-20 International Luxury Living Style Expo
Apr. 23-25 2014 Printech Exhibition
May 23-26 Antique Furniture China 2014/Antique & Arts 2014
Sep. 18-21 The 2nd Vegetarian Cultural Festival
Sep. 18-21 Shanghai Master Technology Exhibition
Sep. 18-21 The 7th China Redwood Furniture Exhibition
Oct. 15-17 Shanghai Retail Sale Equipment Expo

 World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) 
Introduction: Located on the east riverside of the Huangpu River, heart of the 2010 World Expo site, it is considered as one of the leading exhibiting centers for international events worldwide with advanced structure and facilities, as well as the convenient transportation.
Address: No.1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 314, 787, 815, 610, 786, and subway line 8, line 6, line 7, line 13
2014 Schedule:

Apr. 1-3 Intermodal Asia 2014
Apr. 10-13 China International Boat Show
Apr. 16-18 The 14th China International Dye Industry, Pigments and Textile Chemical Exhibition
May 15-17 The 13th China International Motor Exhibition & Forum 2014
May 16-18 The 11th International Leather Luggage Handbags Exhibition
The 12th Fashion Housewares and Craft Gift Fair
May 21-23 International Logistics Technology and Exhibition
International Intelligent Transportation and Parking Exhibition
The 14th International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security
Jun. 11-13 Medical Device Medical Exhibition
Jun. 17-19 International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics
International Motion, Renewable Energy Management (PCIM Asia 2014)
Jul. 17-19 China Roofing & Waterproofing Expo 2014
Sep. 3-5 China Composites Expo 2014
China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference
Sep. 23-27 The 17th China International Adhesives & Sealants Exhibition
Oct. 15-17 2014 International Fluid Machinery Exhibition
Oct. 21-23 The 2nd International Cutting Tools Exhibition
Oct. 29-30 China International Exhibition on Water-Treatment Chemicals Technologies and Applications
Oct. 29-31


Nov. 21-24 Exhibition of Metal Forming Technology

  Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Introduction: This venue is one of the most professional convention and show organizers in the city. Located southwest of downtown area between the Caohejing Hi-Tech Development Zone and Xujiahui business and entertainment area, it enjoys an ideal location and convenient transportation. Equipped with top facilities, it holds a number of expos every year.
Address: No. 66, Caobao Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 43, 89, 92, 809, 946, Huxin Line, Hushe Line or subway line 1.
2014 Schedule:

Mar. 12-14 China Heating and Related Equipment Exhibition
Mar. 31-Apr. 2 China High-end Bottled Water, Healthy Beverage and Bottle Cap Industrial Exhibition
China High-end Beef, Mutton and Konjak Industrial Exhibition
Apr. 17-19 China International Soybean Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Apr. 27-29 2014 Nutrition Health Industry Expo
May 16-18 The 16th Entrepreneurship Project Investment Exhibition
China International Investment and Finance Expo
May 26-28 The 7th China Cleanrooms and Air Purification Equipment Expo
Sep. 3-5 2014 International Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Exhibition
Sep. 5-7

The 7th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Fair

Oct. 20-22 The 19th China International Exhibition on Quality Control and Testing Equipment
Dec. 13-16 2014 China International Seafood Aquatic Products Expo

  Shanghaimart Expo
Introduction: Located in the Hongqiao Economy and Technology Development Area,  this is one of the five best-known show centers in the city. With a venue of over 37,000 square meters, it holds one hundred short-term expos and grand conferences annually.
Address: No. 2299, West Yan'an Road, Changning District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 48, 827, 938 or 945.
2014 Schedule:

Mar. 13-15 Electric Heating Exhibition 2014
Apr. 16-18 Textile & Apparel Trade Fair (Spring) 2014
May 9-11 TCMBD Expo
Aug. 29-31

Gift & Home Shanghai 2014

Sep. 3-4 Asia Factory Business Conference
Sep. 25-27 The 7th Disposable Hygiene Products & Tissue Paper Expo
Oct. 4-5 Magic the Gathering Grand Prix 2014
Oct. 15-17 Textile& Apparel China Trade Fair (Autumn) 2014
Nov. 13-16 Shanghai Art Fair
Nov. 19-21

Cos Tech & HPCI China

  Shanghai Museum
Address: No. 201, People's Avenue, Huangpu District (at People's Square)
Transportation: Take bus nos. 112, 123, 574 or subway line 1 or 2.
2014 Schedule:

Jan. 17, 2014 Ancient Masterpieces Special Exhibition
Jan. 19, 2014 Shanghai Museum Stele Inscriptions Collection Exhibition
Jun. 7-Ag. 31 Tracing History: Archaeological Discoveries in Shanghai
Online exhibition Zen and Tea in Common Taste
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Art Museum
Art Museum
  China Art Palace (Formerly know as Shanghai Art Museum)
Address: No. 161, Shangnan Road, Pudong New District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 17, 36, 205, 733, 45, 144, 82, 734, 786, 974, 314, 83, 164, 177, 454, 576, 818, 978, or subway line 7, line 8. 

  East Asia Exhibition Center
Introduction: Opened in 2002, it is located between Shanghai Stadium and the Grand Stage (Indoor Stadium), the two landmarks of the East Asia Sports and Culture Center. It holds various shows all year round.
Address: No. 666, Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 15, 42, 43, 44, 72, 87, 89, 401, 830, 864, 927 or subway line 1.

 Pudong Expo
Located in the political and cultural center of Pudong New Area, between the Science and Technology Museum and the Oriental Art Center, Pudong Expo proudly shows its original and elegant silhouette. The innovative ideas behind this convention centre can be seen in its crystal wall design, aesthetic treatment, modular use of space and its sophisticated and state-of-the-art technological facilities. With its 14,450 sqm of floor space, it is today suited to all types of events and exhibits bringing together around 20,000 people.
Address: No. 201, Hehuan Road, Pudong New Area (cross Yingchun Road)

  Botanical Garden
Address: No. 1111, Longwu Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Take bus nos. 56, 111, 131, 714, 718, 720, 770, 820, 824, 857, 957, Luxin Line, Xinlong Line, Cangshi Line, Xumin Special Line or subway line 3.