Delhi Weather in January


Season: Cool Season or Winter 

Delhi weather in January is cool and humid with the temperature averaging at 14℃ (57℉) and humidity of 73%. The daily high temperature can reach over 20℃ (68℉) but it can be very chilly in the deep night as the temperature lowers to 7℃ (45℉). In January, Delhi hardly sees rainfall as there are only around 2 rainy days averagely according to historical records. That means the January weather is mostly sunny. The cool and sunny weather makes this month one of the best times to visit Delhi. However, haze may cover the city every now and then. 

Delhi in January attracts visitors not only for its cool weather but also for its cultural diversity. Lohri Festival worshipping fire and Kite Flying Festival usually take place in January, which adds more fun to your Delhi tour.          

Averages for Delhi Weather in January

Temperature: 14°C / 57°F
High Temperature: 21°C / 70°F
Low Temperature: 7°C / 45°F
Humidity: 73%
Rainfall: 18 mm
Rainy Days: 2 days
Sunrise: 07:10 ~ 07:15
Sunset: 17:35 ~ 18:00

What to Wear in Delhi in January

As the weather in January is warm during the day and cold at night, dressing in layers are needed. The tops you need to prepare include shirts, thin knit wears or thin sweaters. Of course, a thick jacket, a baseball jacket or a trench coat is optional on cool evenings. As for bottoms, a pair of winter pants may be needed at night. Also, a skinny scarf is recommended to prevent cool breezes. 
Delhi Clothes in January January Wear in Delhi

Top Things to Do in Delhi in January

Recommendation Rate of Travel:

In January, the national capital of India offers a lot to visitors. The cool weather makes it perfect to explore outdoor attractions and monuments. Do not miss the Qutab Minar located on the outskirt of Delhi, with around 800 years’ history. The Red Fort with the architectural style of the Mughal Empire is also a must-visit. Besides visiting old forts and mosques, it is also recommended to stroll around the Delhi’s old markets. The Chandni Chowk located in the old town is a perfect place for travelers to have an interesting Indian bazaar experience. It offers a variety of goods including perfumes, jewelry, beautiful fabric and saris, many kinds of spices, and delicious street snacks. January also welcomes several traditional festivals like Lohri and Kite Flying Festival.    


1. January is the peak season to visit Delhi, so booking hotels and tickets in advance is very necessary. 
2. Haze may be serious this month and prepare some masks to protect yourself from air pollution. 
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