Delhi Weather

Delhi Weather

Located in northern India, the country’s capital city Delhi features typical tropical monsoon climate and has three distinct seasons. The cool season starts from October to March; the hot season falls between April and June; and the rainy season lasts from July to September. Delhi weather remains hot most of the year, especially in the hot season, when the average temperature keeps around 38℃ (100℉). Only the cool season can expect some cool days, when the daily temperature averages about 14℃ (57℉), and this is also the most comfortable time to travel there. During the rainy season, the average temperature is about 30℃ (57℉) and the humidity is relatively high, causing sultry and hot weather.            

Best Time to Visit Delhi

There is no doubt that the best time to visit Delhi is the cool season from October to March because of the moderate temperature and less rainfall. It is very comfortable to stroll around. December and January are generally the busiest months of the year for local tourism industry though it is possible to meet fog and haze weather. Nevertheless, it is suggested to avoid the scorching hot season and the flooded rainy season. 


Delhi Weather by Month

Averages for Delhi Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Delhi
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Delhi
Average Temperatures of Delhi
Average Temperatures Graph for Delhi
Humidity Graph of Delhi
Average Humidity Graph for Delhi
Average Rainfall of Delhi
Average Rainfall Graph for Delhi

Delhi Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Affected by the monsoon and its location in the tropical climate zone, Delhi weather is divided into 3 seasons: the cool season from October to March, the hot season from April to June and the rainy season between July to September. The cool season is also called winter, the hot season summer and the rainy season monsoon season.

Cool Season or Winter (October to March)

Delhi’s cool season is the only period of the year blessed with pleasant weather and cool temperature. In the daytime, the temperature averages at about 24℃ (75℉). Visitors can wear shirts, dresses, and hoodies. As the night falls, it cools down and the average temperature hovers at about 9℃ (48℉). Trench coats, sweaters, or jackets are needed to protect you against the chilly weather. Although the rainfall is not big in winter, the humidity is not low, around 70%. In Delhi’s winter, another thing you should note is the haze that probably happen between December and February. At the most serious time, it can greatly weaken the visibility and affect traffic and travel. It is thus recommended to wear anti-pollution masks when visiting Delhi in winter.      

Hot Season or Summer (April to June)

As the summer comes, Delhi’s high temperature gets into full swing. The average high temperature can soar over 40℃ (104℉) and it keeps rather dry with the humidity ranging from 40% to 50%. It is too hot to travel around in summer and the draining weather just makes people feel very uncomfortable, especially in urban areas where you may suffer power cuts. If visiting Delhi in summer, it is recommended to add more air-conditioned cool indoor destinations like museums, theaters, and galleries. However, these places may be also full of people who want to escape the heat. It is also advisable to visit green places to avoid scorching heat, including the city’s public parks like Lodi Garden and Sunder Nursery.

Rainy Season or Monsoon Season (July to September)

The southwest monsoon brings the rainy season to Delhi and temperature drops to a bearable level accordingly, hovering between 27-35℃ (81-95℉). However, the humidity increases somehow, to around 75%. So you will feel sultry and hot. As in the monsoon season, much rainfall can be expected and thunderstorms are very frequent. The precipitation can accumulate to 200mm in a single month. Thus raincoats are indispensable during these months. In the rainy season, the streets in Delhi are often flooded and get muddy. Also, the traffic condition sometimes can become very poor. The good thing is that hotel prices and flight tickets keep at a pretty low level and tourists just become fewer in scenic spots.      

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