How to Take a Train in Russia?

Taking a train is the most popular and convenient way to explore vast Russia. We would like to offer some essential tips on how to prepare for the rail trip and how to take a train in Russia.

Essential Preparations before the Trip


What to bring?

1. Bring suitable and comfortable clothes depending the season you will travel in.
2. Bring outlet converters or adapters for your appliances.
3. Bring necessary medicine that you might need.
4. Bring a guide book, phrase book or dictionary.


1. Russia currency is Ruble. 
2. Credit cards are widely accepted in most places. 
3. Cash is also useful in some smaller markets. 
4. You can withdraw money in an exchange booth, a bank or an ATM machine. But you may be charged some fee by the bank for currency conversion.


If you can speak or understand a little Russian, you will find that you could have more interesting experiences. Learning some ordinary words and phrases is suggested, which will smooth your trip a lot.

Travel Insurance

To reduce the loss caused by the unexpected situations in a foreign country, such as loss of belongings, trip cancellation, or traffic accident. It is necessary to purchase travel insurance beforehand.

Passport & Visa

1. Visitors should make sure that the expiry date of the passports must be no less than 6 months before the departure date. Before travelling abroad, please double confirm the passport validity.
2. Travelers need a valid visa to enter Russia except those from visa free countries. Most of the travelers has already obtained the visas several months before the trip.

Plan when & what to see

To better plan your trip and save the time during the trip, travelers had better make a list on what to do, where to visit, when to buy tickets, etc.

Quick Guide on How to Take the Train


Before taking the train

1. Get to the station 90 minutes earlier:
Please make sure you have some extra time to exchange paper ticket, pass the security, find the right waiting room and check in. It is suggested to arrive at the station 90 minutes before the schedule departure time. In some large railway stations in Russia, subways are always near to the stations and the transportation to the train stations are quite convenient.

2. Pass the security check:
Passengers should go through the security check before going insides. Your ticket, certificate, luggage will be inspected and checked. 
3. Find the right waiting room and check in:
Once at the train station, a LED screen will display the train schedule, including your train number, departure time, and your platform number. Normally, it is allowed to board the train 40 minutes in advance. Carriage numbers are marked on the first or last window of each carriage, and there will be always a train conductor waiting at the train door to check your tickets and welcome aboard. 

Riding on the train

1. Find the compartment and settle luggage: 
After boarding the train, find your compartment. All compartments have a table and spaces for placing your luggage under the lower berths.
2. Stopovers along the way:
There are some stopovers during the trip. It is a good time to stretch your legs and take some fresh air outside. But do not go far from the train. You may also find that there will be lots of local people selling some local food, fruit, toys and clothes at a very low price. All these will add more joy to your Russian railway experience. 
3. Get ready to get off the train:
The train conductor will always warn the passengers to get ready for disembarking one hour before arrival. At that time, you need to pack and check your belongings.

Get off and find the way out

Upon arriving, passengers will be led to the exit by an underground passage. Passengers can easily find the exit, metro, bus or taxi to leave the station by following the bilingual direction boards.

- Last updated on Jul. 23, 2020 -
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