Russian Train Tickets Booking

There are three ways to book Russian train tickets. Firstly, you can book tickets through an online travel agency, which can be a hassle-free means for most of travelers. Secondly, you can purchase tickets at the local Russian train stations. The last way is to buy tickets on the official website of Russian Railway Corporation. No matter which way you choose, the valid passport is required for booking the train tickets in Russia.

Book Tickets from an Online Travel Agency

Booking tickets from an online travel agency is the most practical and convenient way for those people who speak little Russian or cannot make a payment on the Russian official website. A reliable travel agency is useful and necessary, as they always offer much convenience on the following aspects. 
(1) If you have a complicated trip schedule and you need some help to smooth your trip, then a travel agency can be considered as a good assistant. They have clear service fee and there is no hidden fee charged anymore. Please notice that there are so many travel agencies whose service fee may vary from one to another.
(2) You can make a payment by many payment methods, such as PayPal with your credit card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Ali-pay and WeChat. 
(3) You can choose your preferred seats in advance while submitting your booking.
(4) Well-trained operators are standing by 24 hours a day. 
(5) You can use the Website and the Phone App to book tickets, as they have easy and convenient booking process.
(6) Once you submitted your booking and made the payment, the travel agency will confirm your booking and email you soon. 
Normally, most of the Russian train tickets can be booked up to 60 days before the departure date. You can contact your travel agency and arrange your booking in advance. 

Purchase Tickets at the Russian Railway Stations

If you are in Russia, you can go in person to purchase tickets at railway stations, which saved you the service fee in a degree. Please notice most of the train staff cannot speak English, so it may be a little difficult for people to buy tickets at the ticket window in the train station. In addition, the train tickets for the hot routes can be sold out at any time, so we suggest travelers book tickets as early as possible. Another problem is that you may need to wait for a long queue at the train station to buy the tickets. 

Buy Tickets on Official Website of Russian Railway System

The Russian official website of booking train tickets is Most of the train tickets may be open for booking up to 60 days ahead and the official website can be shown in English and Russian. However, you need to pay more attention to the following two points.
(1) You need to register a personal account before booking the tickets. When you register your account, you need to activate a verification link in your email box. According to many travelers’ experience, sometimes you will not receive the link successfully.
(2) You should input the correct passengers’ information. Name and passport numbers must be consistent with the one showed on the passports. If there is little mistake in the passenger’s information, you may not board the train smoothly. Sometimes the online customer service of Russian official website will not reply you immediately when you are in trouble.
Kind Notice: The price of Russian train tickets will be changed from time to time. The best way of grabbing the cheapest ticket price is to book train tickets as early as possible.

- Last updated on Jul. 22, 2020 -
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