Russian Train Types and Classes

Russian trains can be mainly divided into two types: High speed trains and Sleeper trains. High Speed train runs inner-cities within Russia, which is faster and cleaner than other types of train, so lots of people prefer to choose it. Sleeper train runs a longer time than High speed type. People can choose different trains on the basis of their demands.

There are also many seat classes on Russian trains. For Sleeper trains, the main seat classes are First-class sleeping compartment, Second-class sleeping compartment and Third-class open sleeping. While for the High speed trains, the main classes are First class, Business class and Economy class. In addition, Russian Rail Corporation also offers many other special seat classes on both High Speed and Sleeper Trains. It is convenient for people to choose their preferred seat class according to their personal needs.

High Speed Trains

High speed train, with an average speed of 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour, runs faster than sleeper train. Generally speaking, they always can be regarded as the first choice for most passengers to travel in a short-distance journey, such as the train routes of Moscow-St. Petersburg, Moscow-Vladimir and St. Petersburg-Helsinki. However, most of high speed trains don’t run overnight and the ticket price is a little bit higher than the regular type. The high-speed Sapsan train can be taken for example, which is well-known for its speed and service, usually operating from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Other types of high speed trains are endowed with different names, such as Alstom Train, Nevsky Express, Desiro Train, and Swift Train. Therefore, there are many high speed trains working every day in Russia.

​Seat Classes on High Speed Trains

First Class

For the First class seat, there are three seats in a row and nineteen seats in a carriage. This kind of seat has the widest cabin and it is the most comfortable one. If you take it, you can enjoy many onboard services, such as a hot meal, individual table, lamp, socket, adjustable soft chairs and a conference cabin. First-Class trains are a good choice for those people who value their trip quality and save their travel time.

Business Class

There are four seats in a row for the business class, totally fifty-two seats in a carriage. Compared with first class, this kind of seat class is a little crowded. People can also enjoy a meal if purchasing the business class ticket. 

Economy Class

Economy Class is the cheapest and the most crowded one, if comparing with first class and business class. There are four or five seats in a row and over sixty seats in a carriage. This seat classes do not offer the meal for passengers, so people need to prepare for some food before boarding the train.

Other Seat Classes

For High Speed trains, the other classes are Bistro Car, Base and Conference Compartment. People can choose their seat class in the light of their interests.

Sleeper Trains

Sleeper train belongs to another type pf train in Russia, running slower than high speed trains, such as Regular Train and Deluxe Soft Sleeper Train. Deluxe soft sleeper train operates inner-cities within Russia, which is more comfortable and expensive than regular trains, as its infrastructure and service on the train are better. Regular train runs inner-cities within Russia and the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is slower and cheaper, so people are able to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way. The Rossiya train is famous around the world, running the longest route in the world and attracting millions of travelers to try this railway.

​Seat Classes on Sleeper Trains

1-Class Sleeping Compartment

First-Class Sleeping carriages are generally divided into nine compartments and two passengers will be in a room, which can be locked inside. The ticket price for this seat class always includes a meal. This kind of train is suitable for those people who pay more attention to their privacy and the higher service in a journey. Besides, you can find that there is shower service on some few First-Class Sleeping trains as well.

2-Class Sleeping Compartment

Second-Class Sleeping Carriages are also divided into nine compartments and there are four berths in each room, two upper beds and two lower beds, as well as a table lying in the middle of beds. You can lock inside which is the same as the first-class sleeping trains. Many travelers prefer to choose this kind of seat classes, since the ticket price is much lower than the first-class sleeping trains.

3-Class Open Sleeping

There are about 54 beds on the train in third-class open carriages, 4 beds are arranged on one side, while 2 beds are arranged in another side, with a narrow aisle between them. There is no door in each room, so people are able to sit together and chat with each other casually. If you feel like saving a little bit tourism cost, the third-class open trains are the best choice for you, as the ticket price is the cheapest one if comparing with the other two kind of seat classes. 

Other Seat Classes

For Sleeper trains, the other classes are Sitting and Luxury. There are around four or five luxurious compartments on a train, with most expensive ticket price, providing superb service to travelers. 

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