Diving in Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the popular tourist destinations of Vietnam. Surrounded by more than 1,500 small and big islands, the place for fun and adventure. The stunning islands, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are topped with towering limestone columns and forest vegetation makes this place a must visit destination in Northern Vietnam.

The clear blue water and amazing grottoes offers a new lease to the adventure sport lovers. Starting from kayaking to scuba diving you can try every adventure sport imaginable under the sun. If you're a diving enthusiast, then this detailed guide on diving in Halong Bay can be helpful for you.

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Key Highlights on Diving In Halong Bay

· Best time for diving: May to November
· Cost of diving: Approx. VND15k
· Ideal places for diving: Cong Do Island, Vung Ha Island, and Lan Ha Bay
· Recommended for: swimmers and licensed divers

Diving Experience in Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay, located on the Gulf of Tonkin, is one of the biggest attractions of Northern Vietnam. Breathing view and beautiful weather is often dubbed as the main reason for the popularity of the region.
Additionally, the place is hub for scuba diving and other water sport activities – calling in adventure lovers from different corners of the world. The colorful and diverse aquamarine life under water can make the entire diving experience memorable one.

The best time for diving in Halong Bay ranges around May to November – when the weather is ideal for water sports. Water temperature ranges from 25 to 29 degree Celsius – perfect for water sports. Also, the sky is usually clear during this point of the year – with lesser instances of thunderstorms or rain.  

Recommended Places for Diving

♦ 1. Cong Do Island
The Cong Do Island, close to the Bai Tu Long Bay, is an interesting venue for underwater adventure and some stunning visuals. Coral relief close to the island are often visited by the divers, and comes highly recommended. Undoubtedly, the island is breathtaking and gives a stunning view of the bay.

♦ 2. Lan Ha Bay
One of the biggest cluster of islands belong to the Lan Ha Bay. The island is another big hub of diving in Halong Bay and houses multiple diving spot close to its vicinity. Some of the popular spots include Nam Cat Island, Turtle Island, and Monkey Island. The different sport shops on the beach rent out diving gear and instructors.

♦ 3. Vung Ha Island
The Vung Ha Island, across the Bai Tu Long Bay, is another popular venue for diving. The untouched beaches and stunning diving spots can make the entire place an ideal venue for adventure.

Cost of Diving in Halong Bay

Usually, the cost of complete diving expedition, along with rented gear and instructors, can cost around VND15k (USD60). Some diving instructors offer discount on group bookings, so being a part of a group is recommended.

Tips for Diving

Before heading for a diving expedition, it is recommended to get some formal training in diving beforehand. The activity involves the participant to be in top physical condition, and should be able to carry the diving equipment to the water.

1. Getting the certification for diving is recommended
2. Non-swimmers can indulge in diving, but they can only enjoy the basic level diving
3. Before heading to water, recheck the diving gear
4. Underwater, the air pressure drops quickly so it is necessary to equalize ears frequently
5. Listen to the instructions of the diving guide and follow them thoroughly
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