10 Most Fascinating Things to Do in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the most visited destination in Vietnam for the obvious reason that it is the gateway to a world abundant in beauty and an escape from the day to day banalities of life. It is a journey into something more vivid than your imagination can define, more colorful than your canvas can imitate, more profound than your words can capture. Musing on the treasures of the Halong bay can take pages, but it is just not what you see after you depart from Halong bay but what you see while you are at Halong bay that I am going to list here. Before you take off on your cruise or after you return to shore, look out for these most fascinating things to do in Halong Bay.

1. A Visit to the Quang Ninh Museum

Timing: weekdays except Monday 08:00 AM-05:00PM
 Ticket price: 30,000 VND adults (about $1.3); 15,000 VND for students and VND 10,000 for children.
Among the things to do in the Halong Bay, the Quang Ninh Museum is a must see. The museum allows you to peep into the old traditions followed by the Vietnamese and how they adapted to new ways with time. Other attractions in the museum are a jumbo size whale skeleton, models of beautifully crafted sailboats and some unique pieces of handcrafted figurines that are traditional to Vietnam. The museum is uniquely designed like a giant mirror that reflects the image of the bay and the expansive view of the Halong coastline.

2. Bai Chay Bridge

This bridge offers a magical view at night and visiting this bridge in a private car or just sitting in the bayside and taking in a full view of the bridge is equally enjoyable. Don’t forget to click photos. The bridge is important as it connects the bay area with the city.

3. Sun World Halong Park

 Time: 09:00 AM-07:00 PM everyday
 Ticket price: Adult tickets are 350,000VND, children tickets (children under 1.3m) are 250,000VND for all areas

At 750,000VND for adults and 550,000 for children, ride the Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain, Dragon Park and Typhoon Park

Taxi to the park from Halong bay will charge 200VND/Pax 3-4 km distance
If you are travelling with your family and your kids are tired of cruise, sun, sea and sand then it’s a good idea to bring your kids to Sun world Halong Park. Your kids will love the Dragon Park, Typhoon Waterpark and sea crossing cable car. Don’t forget the giant ferris wheel, that allows you a sight of the city and parts of the bay. Don’t be afraid of the height, scream for courage and enjoy the delights. A superb thing to do in the Halong Bay!

4. Halong Bay Cruise Boats

In the evening just sit close to the bay and watch the lined-up boats and cruises as the sun goes down. The gentle hum of the breeze and the steady requiem of the ebb and flow of tide is a beautiful sight. There is nothing more harmonious than nature, and if that is what you have come to explore, drink its beauty to the full.

5. Shopping at Bai Chay Market

While you are in Halong, this should be among your things to do at Halong Bay list. Don’t walk away from this busy marketplace thinking it to be noisy and unfit for your holiday mood. You can find some surprises inside. Hundreds of open stalls with busy sellers and even more busy buyers, who bargain like they have lost everything, are a curious sight. If you are not in the mood to buy, then click photos. This a place that gives you an insightful peek into the local life of the Halong people. The handicrafts are beautiful but sold at prices that might make you think twice. But definitely worth a visit.

6. Enjoy Seafood at Vien Duong

 Time: 11am-11pm
 Price for meals: VND 150,000-200,000

Looking for a place to dine on delectable sea food cooked just the way you like? Fresh seafood cooked in European style are available, but if you are skeptical about sea food then try their vegetarian dishes. The meals are pocket friendly and you will get a taste of home away from home. A must try at Vein Duong are their lemon fish, squid and prawn delicacies and don’t leave without sampling a plate full of their fresh fruit dessert.

7. Appreciate Long Tien Pagoda

No entry fee
 Time: 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM
A Nguyen dynasty Pagoda this is the largest pagoda in Halong. It has a three-gate entrance point which is mounted by a Buddha Statue, looking down at the belltower underneath. The Tet Holidays attract the local community to the pagoda with their local rituals. Keep this in your list of Halong Bay activities.

8. Ha-Long-Queen-Seilbahn

 Time: 02:00 AM-09:00 PM (Mon-Fri); 09:00 AM-10:00PM (Sat -Sun)
Price: VND 300,000/ticket for an adult, VND 200,000/ticket for children from 1-1.3 meters, and free for children under 1 meter
(Inclusive of cable car, sun wheel, and entertainment area on Ba Deo hill).
The biggest reversable aerial tramway can be found in Halong. Called the Queen Cable car, this aerial tramway is supported by two concrete towers on both ends of the bay. One side goes as high as 188 meters. You will have to witness this stunning experience. The sight of the bay from a height, the bright waters, the surf, the islets and karsts, limestone rocks, are a complete panoramic extravaganza. So, don’t miss this experience.

9. Vuon Canh Treo Tranh

 No entry fee
 Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
If you have had enough of the saline surf, this 'Five Spring' place will give you a refreshing break. The calming and sweet spring water is perfect for swim or small picnics specially in the summers. You can plan a day outing here. Keep it in your Hanoi Bay activities.

10. Nightlife at Bia Hoi Stalls

 Entry: VND 5,000 - VND 7,000
 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30 AM

In the evening when the sun goes down how about some sparkling draught beer to cheer you up? These local draught beer stalls sell affordable beer. This place is however at Cat Ba close to the town's harbor both tourists and locals make the most of their evening here.
There are so many fascinating things to do in Halong Bay. Just letting yourself go to sea with a kayak, surfing, snorkeling or diving, the adventures are endless. The shore activities can involve sunbathing or just swimming along the crystal-clear water. It's a dream holiday. Enjoy every minute and share your experiences with us.

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