Best Souvenirs from Hanoi on Your Shopping List

A country that boasts of a rich tradition and ethnic culture has much to showcase in different forms of arts and artefacts. As you go around Vietnam, enjoying its rich heritage there is plenty to take back with you, in not just your memory but as rich souvenirs of a memorable trip. Most souvenirs are available in the Hanoi city. You could keep a day reserved for Hanoi souvenirs. Here is a list of what you could look out for and buy to give away or keep in your collection as souvenirs from Hanoi.

1. Hanoi Silk

Hanoi Silk
High-quality Silk in Hanoi
Silk is very famous in Hanoi. In the south of the city, there is an entire street of 300 meters devoted to this beautiful handloom. You could spend about half a day shopping in Hanoi for silk items like scarves, silk clothes, wall hangings, bags etc. You are sure to fall in love with this area.
Price Range: Approximately USD 6.5 to USD 21; Readymade items - approximately USD 30 to USD 50
Places that have the best collection and price:
Khai Silk  -  Address: 113 Hang Gai, Haon Kiem
Duc Loi Silk  -  Address: 77 Hang Gai, Haon Kiem.

How to reach?
It is just a 3-minute walk from the Old Quarters.

2. Hanoi Embroidery

Embroidery is an art that thrives in Hanoi. Hand embroidery on bed covers, pillowcases, napkins bags, table clothes etc. are worth collecting. Neat and beautifully crafted, sometimes with the traditional elements of dragons and flowers, on cotton, linen and even silk. This Hanoi souvenir is a beautiful takeaway.
Price Range: Approximately USD 4.5 to USD 8
Places to buy:
Tan My Designs  -  Address: 61 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem.
May Store  -  Address: 7 Nha Tho, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem.

How to reach?
About a 3-minute walk from Old Quarters.

3. Paper Art Hanoi

Hanoi is known for its paper art. A traditional paper made from the Rhamnoneuron, a local tree, is used for making paintings, notebooks cards and many other stationery items. These are beautiful collector's pieces and you can buy them for gifting as well. This souvenir from Hanoi is greatly appreciated by all.
Price Range: Approximately USD 1 to USD 2
Best place for buying:
Craft Link  -  Address:  Van Mieu Dong Da, Ha Noi.

How to reach?
This is at a walking distance of 9 minutes from the Old Quarters.

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4. Lotus Tea of Hanoi

Lotus flower extensively grows in all water bodies in Hanoi and is rightly the national flower of the country. The tea is flavored richly and is effused with gentle vanilla essence. One thousand five hundred lotuses make I kg of tea (2.2pounds). The tea is expensive but worth procuring. If your pocket allows you, must give this Hanoi souvenir a try.

Price Range: Approximately USD 220 to USD 352
Best place to buy:
Huong Mai Café  -  Address: 58 Ma May, Hoan Kiem.
Che Minh Cuong  -  Address:  65 Cu Chinh Lan, Thanh Xuan.

How to reach?
7.3 kilometers by a bike Taxi
Bus: 30- 40 Min by bus. Frequent buses available from the Old Quarters and back

5. Hanoi O Mai (Sweetened fruit)

This is mouthwatering dry fruit delight that is often bought by tourists in Hanoi. Common fruits like apricot, tamarind, plum, star fruit, peach is flavored with salt, sugar, chilies and lime to spice up their natural taste. The items are made locally in Vietnamese houses and served during festivals and as mouth refreshers. Don’t forget to carry a few packs for yourself.

Price Range: Approximately USD 1.7 to USD 4
Best places to buy:
Hong Lam Store  -  Address: 11 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem.
Tien Tinh Store  -  Address: 21 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem.

How to reach?
3 minutes’ walk from the Old Quarters

6. Lacquerware and Ceramics work of Hanoi

Hanoi Souvenirs
Hanoi Lacquerware
Famous for its lacquerware and ceramic, these works are sold extensively. Beautiful jewelry boxes, photo frames, paper holders etc., these come in beautifully painted sets. Original Lacquerware takes about 100 days to be fully ready. They come in all kinds of sizes and the price range varies according to its size and fine artwork.
Price Range: Approximately USD 8 to USD 55
Best places to buy:
Marena Hanoi  -  Address: 28 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hanoi Old Quarter.
Minh Tam  -  Address: 2 Hang Bong, Hanoi Old Quarter.

How to reach?
It is just 3 minutes walking distance from the Old Quarters.

7. Non La Hanoi

If you buy yourself an Ao Dai, then don’t miss out on Non La. This traditional hat is a complementing accessory with Ao Dai. Made from weaving palm leaves, this hat speaks of the agricultural prosperity of the country. The hat acts like an umbrella protecting people from the harsh sun and sporadic rain.
Price Range: Approximately USD 1.5 to USD 6
Best places to buy:
Souvenir Shops  -  Address: Old Quarter Hanoi
Dong Xuan Market

8. Ao Dai Hanoi

If you interested in collecting traditional dresses, take your Ao Dai as a part of the Hanoi souvenir. This local costume is available both for men and women in different colors, fabrics and prints. There is a choice of readymade Ao Dai’s.
Price range: USD 30 to USD 70
Best place to buy:
Ao Dai Vietnam  -  Address: 40 Trang Thi, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem
Ao Dai Designer Boutique  -  Address: 23 Luong Van Can Street, Hoan Kiem.

9. Hanoi bamboo craft

You will be amazed at how the Hanoi craftsmen knit and place bamboo to make it so eye appealing. A very common plant in Vietnam, bamboo is an integral part of the Vietnamese culture. They make baskets, tray and many decorative items that are worth watching and most certainly worth buying as souvenirs from Hanoi.

Price range: Approximately starts from Starts at USD 1
Best place to buy:
Bamboo Village Shop  -  Address: 108 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay ho district.
Bamboo Shop  -  Address: 4B, Hang Hang street, Hoan Kiem.

How to reach?
From the old quarters
By a bike taxi: 12 min / By bus: 27 min

10. Coffee in Hanoi

While in Hanoi, you must taste the strong Weasel Coffee. If you like it you could take some back home to keep the memories of your Vietnam visit brewing for as long as you can preserve the taste.

Price range: Approximately USD 1 to USD 4
Best places to buy:
Kim Lai Coffee Shop  -  Address: 99 Hang Buom Street.
Cafe Huong Mai  -  Address: 42 Lurong Van Can.

How to reach?
Being in the old quarters you can find these two outlets easily. They are at a 3 minutes distance from the Old Quarters.

11. Dried Seafood of Hanoi

Dried seafood is a favorite snack and people who have a taste for it can carry some back home. They are a traditional part of Hanoi's food culture. Some food items made traditionally are worth trying. You could take back the dry fish and recipes with you.

Price Range: Approximately USD1 per kg (2.2 pounds)
Where to buy?
The Dong Xuan Market
Market at Old Hanoi Quarter

How to reach?
On the Old Quarter. Easy to reach.

12. Green Bean Cake of Hanoi

A common and much favored snack by locals, the traditional Green Bean Cake is sold all over Hanoi. If you like the taste you could carry some back home.

Piece range: Approximately USD 3
Best place to buy:
General Agency Golden Dragon Bean Cake  -  Address: 27 Hang Giay, Hoan Kiem

How to reach?
Just a 2-minute walk from the Old Quarters. This cake is available in cafes and local outlets too.
Looking around a place makes us familiar with its rich culture and heritage. When you leave a destination as heavily laden with culture as Vietnam, you carry your memories with you. Souvenirs from Hanoi will be a reminder of the beautiful country and will refresh your memories for years together.
- Last updated on Jan. 26, 2021 -