Saigon Railway Station

Saigon railway station or Ho Chi Minh railway station built in 1930, it was the central train station serves the Ho Chi Minh City. It is the busiest train station, about 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) away from the city centre. Ho Chi Minh train station has a modern design with a few platforms and an electronic gate that prevents the unauthorized entry to platforms.
The critical station is present in the southern end of Vietnam and hence known as the Reunification Line, i.e., the rail route connects Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The ‘Reunification Line’ runs 1,726 km (1,072.5 mi) towards north to Hanoi that is the capital city of Vietnam.

Train Station Layout

Saigon railway station is a two-floor building, where the first floor serves as the waiting area has a small ticketing facility. While the second floor has the main ticket window which operates after 20:00 every day. Station serves around 8.4 million passengers travelling to and from Ho Chi Minh City every year and shares valuable contribution to economic growth. Food is available in ample amount and drinks along with Saigon Railway Station. Also, around Tran Huu Trang market, you will find the enticing street food stalls.

A List of Popular Trains to Major Tourist Cities from Saigon Railway Station

To Trains Number Departs / Arrives Ticket Fare (USD)
Soft Seat / Soft Berth
Hanoi SE2 21:55 / 05:30 $64 / $90
SE4 19:45 / 04:50
SE6 09:00 / 19:58
Nha Trang SE2 21:55 / 04:47 $28 / $42
SE6 09:00 / 16:21 $28 / $38
SNT2 20:30 / 05:30 $27 / $42
Hue SE4 19:45 / 15:26 $48 / $73
SE6 09:00 / 05:31 $47 / $71
SE8 06:00 / 01:28 $47 / $71
Danang SE2 21:55 / 13:38 $45 / $63
SE8 06:00 / 22:44
SE22 11:50 / 06:15 $45/ $66
Mui Ne SE6 09:00 / 12:25 $16 for soft seat; $18 for hard berth
SE22 11:50 / 15:34
SPT2 06:40 / 10:40 $14 for hard seat; $16 for soft seat
All the trains mentioned above run regularly like SE2, SE4 and SE8 are the best air-conditioned trains which have soft sleepers (4-berths), and air-conditioned hard sleepers have six berths and air-conditioned soft seats as well.
Generally, travelling to Vietnam by train is cheap as train fares are low. For children aged among 0 to 4, the train fare is free, and the children with the age of 5 to 9 years can travel at 25% off and children of 10 years and more must pay full fare.
All these trains require a reservation, and you cannot buy an open ticket at random. All tickets carry information about train details, date, train number, seat number, and berth details. If you want to start your train journey from Saigon and stop off to Hanoi, you can book a series of separate tickets. Also, you can book a ticket in advance or buy at the station.

How to get to Saigon Train Station from downtown area?

1. By bus:

Bus 149 from district 1 takes you to the Saigon train station. The bus starts from the 23/9 Park up Le Lai street and takes a left turn at Truong Dịnh toward the railway station. Before the bus reaches the canal, it makes a turn and stops at the railway station. Also, several buses operate 24/7 during day time and night-time.

2. By taxi:

Taxi is the most comfortable travelling mode that does not require prior bookings like train or bus. If you are a traveller or first-time visitor of Ho Chi Minh city and you should take a taxi.
For reaching to the downtown city to Saigon railway station, the taxi fare is about 60,000 VND (USD 2.6). From downtown to the railway station, a taxi takes about half an hour.

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