Tan Son Nhat International Airport

General Information

Tan Son Nhat International Airport was first constructed as a small unpaved airport in 1930. After 1956, the United States of America built a 7,200-foot (2,190 m) runway and terminal facilities and established South Vietnam’s international airport.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Vietnam. It has code as IATA: SGN: ICAO: VVTS. Also, the airport is 6 km (3.7miles) towards the north side of District 1. Also, it is 33 feet (10 meters) above sea level.

The airport has two runways as –
• Runway 07L/25R which is of 3,048 meters, 10,000 feet long (concrete)
• Runway 07R/25L, which is 3,800 meters and 12,468 feet long (concrete)

Tan Son Nhat International Airport offers flights from Bangkok, Phu Quoc, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Seoul, Tanh Hoa, Singapore. Moreover, the new international airport can occupy 8 to 10 million passengers per year. The combined capacity of the airport is of 15-17 million passengers per year.

Terminal Layout and Facilities

Tan Son Nhat Airport has two terminals as Domestic Terminal 1 (old terminal) and International Terminal 2 (new terminal). Terminal 1 and 2 are nearby, and passengers can arrive there by taking a short walk.

Domestic Terminal

Domestic terminal 1 is a two-level building that handles all the domestic and local services to and from SGN airport. The domestic terminal has ATMs, information desks, post office, medical services, mobile charging ports, smoking area, baggage packing, children’s room, currency exchange, duty-free shops, restaurants and café, and drinking water. Apart from this, the terminal has a couple of lounges to serve the passengers.

• Check-in area – Opposite to C and D island
• Working hours - 05:00 am to 08:00 pm

International Terminal 2

International Terminal 2 is a 4-level building. Ground-level offers baggage area, information desk, medical station, and so on. This terminal offers free sleeping chairs and paid sleep boxes to passengers. By paying 7 USD per hour, you can use a bed, pillows, towels, power outlets, etc.

• Check-in area - C and D island
• Working hours - 07:30 am to 00:00
• Lounge area - Gates 10-14
• Working hours: 07:30 am to 00:00 am

Useful Tips or Passengers Instructions on Luggage, checking-in & Boarding

• Baggage Storage
Baggage storage is available at the ground level of the international terminal. It is closed to columns 13 and 14.

Working hours – 24 hours
Charges – VND 27,500 for less than 10 hours; VND 275,000 for more than 10 hours
• Check-in and Boarding
On level 1 of international terminal 2, you can check the passport for arrivals and immigrations. On level 2, you can perform check-in and get access to 12 boarding gates after going through security checks. A green area separates the boarding area. There are 8 to 20 boarding gates on level 2. For immigration, you can proceed toward level 3. Also, you can visit restaurants and duty-free shops.

If you are on the domestic terminal, on the ground level, you can claim the baggage in the center; then, you can head towards the arrival halls, where you will find departure hall A & B on every side. On the same level, you will find check-in facilities and security checks. Also, it provides access to food, drink, etc. Simultaneously, the first level serves as the boarding area and provides entry to the four boarding bridges.

• Buy SIM Cards
Buying a SIM card makes your tour to Vietnam simple and accessible. Here, SIM cards (Viettel or Mobiphone) are available at a relatively cheap price.
Fare: Get monthly 3G data & phone calls at 200,000-250,000 VND (less than $11 USD).

How to get to this airport from downtown area?

By airport shuttle bus:

Tan Son Nhat international airport shuttle bus service started in 2016 and become popular among visitors. The shuttle takes two routes as - Route 109 and Shuttle Bus 49. Both operate within 5:15 am to 2 am. If head towards column 15, you will find yellow buses that take you straight to downtown.
Charges / fares: 20,000 VND (~$1 USD)

• Bus 49
It is the quickest commuting option and stops at various landmarks and around the city's major hotels. You can purchase a ticket from the booth at the international and domestic terminal's boarding point with cash VND.

Schedule: 5:30 am to 1 am run with the gap of 20-30 minutes
Fare: 40,000 VND ($1.75USD)
Travel time: 30 minutes
Boarding points: You can catch shuttles from both the international terminal and domestic terminal. If you are at the international terminal, you can head to pillar 12 (turn right from exit), and for the domestic terminal, you can head to pillar 18 or 19.

• Bus 119
It is convenient for districts 5 and 10 as it bypasses the main city center and goes into western districts 5 and 10. Here, you can purchase a ticket onboard paying cash.

Schedule: 4:00 am to 9:00 pm, run after 30 minutes
Fare: 12,000 VND ($0.5USD)
Travel time: 65 minutes
Boarding points: Head towards the exit, take the right turn after passing passengers' arrival area. Then walk for 30 meters until you reach pillar 11. Here you will observe the blue signboard, follow the sign and cross the road. You will find yellow buses.

By metro / airport express:

Currently, no train serves the airport. But shortly, metro line 4 will connect the airport.

By taxi:

For visitors, a taxi is also available to get into the city from the airport. You have to make payments in cash VND only.
Fare: 150,000 - 200,000 VND ($6.5-$8.5 USD)
Travel time: 30-40 minutes in normal traffic; 1 hour during rush hour (from 7-9 am and 5-7 pm)

Boarding point: Hire only green or while a taxi to avoid scams. You have to turn towards the left after exiting the terminal building. Walk straight about 40 meters, pass the passenger waiting area, turn left, and continue walking until you find the blue signboard. Again, walk straight towards parked taxis.

How to transfer to nearby tourist attractions?

After completing the entire formalities, you can quickly visit nearby places if you have less baggage. Buses, metro, and taxis are the several options that allow you to choose your destination across the city.

Ho Chi Minh is a vibrant and cultural city famous for sweets, silky fabrics, and tobacco. The city has Ben Thanh Market, the An Dong, and the Viets Corner Flea Market. Although the airport offers multiple transportation options as:

Bus: Three bus routes transfer passengers to the city or desired locations very conveniently.
Taxi: If you plan to visit downtown places, a taxi is the best option and takes you to the desired place within 30 minutes.

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