How to Book Vietnam Train Tickets

The tickets for Vietnam trains are released about 60 days in advance. Most travelers would book the tickets in advance to ensure the travel plan would not affected by any accident. What’s more, during some public holidays tickets are under great demands, booking in advance then you could get tickets on your preferred train. There are mainly three ways to get your Vietnam train tickets.

Book on - Vietnam Railway Official Website is the official website of Vietnam Railway, this site offers accurate train schedule and online booking service. When you book ticket, you can also select trains and seats/berth online. Most Vietnamese book their tickets on this site. However, for non- Vietnamese, to book tickets on this site could be quite hard. One problem is only part of the website is translated to English edition, so you may not fully understand all the details. The other problem is about payment, only credit cards issued by Vietnam banks are accepted, unless you have a local friend in Vietnam who can help you to pay, you could not finish the booking online. In a word, booking on official website is quite hard for foreign tourists.

Purchase Tickets at Vietnam Railway Station

Buying tickets at the railway station is the most traditional way. For foreign travelers, you can buy paper tickets at railway station’s ticket window upon your arrival in Vietnam. Passports and cash should be prepared in advance. If you know some Vietnamese language, which will be quite helpful since the English signs at the stations are quite limited and most station staffs don’t speak English. If you cannot read Vietnamese, please prepare a note in English or Vietnamese with necessary information, like the destination, travel date, train number and seat class. Buying tickets at the station, there is possibility that your preferred tickets and seats are not available when you arrive in Vietnam, especially during festivals and tourist season.

Ticket Office
Ticket Window

Book through an Online Travel / Ticket Agency

If you cannot buy ticket on the official website and don’t worry to increase the uncertainty on your travel plan, then book tickets with a reliable online agency would be a good choice to avoid language barrier or credit card limitation. As a highly-reputed travel website running for more than 20 years, we, could offer you reliable booking service in English and offer many other convenient supports.

Advantages of Booking Vietnam Train Ticket on

Professional Travel Website

Our website provides accurate train information and useful travel tips in clear English, you will find all kinds of helpful information here. The booking system has been developed and improved for over ten years, you will find it easy to use and reliable.

No Time Restriction

Traveler could place an order on our website as soon as travel plan is confirmed, don’t need to consider the ticket releasing date. If your trip is during travel peak time, your booking consultant would take care of your tickets, and issue the tickets as soon as they are released.

Reasonable Charges

We only charge USD6.49 per ticket as booking service fee, the transaction fee is on payer’s side. No other charges.

Personally English-speaking Consultant

Each order in our system is assigned to a booking consultant. Our well-trained and experienced consultant team is always available. You could find your personal booking consultant through email or phone whenever you need help or information.

Easy Booking Procedure

① Choose departure & arrival station, travel date.
② Select preferred train and seat class.
③ Fill the booking form, offer passengers’ and contact persons’ information
④ Pay online with your credit card, PayPal, West Union, AliPay or WeChat.
⑤ Receive E-ticket confirmation via email and ready to travel.
⑥ Contact your consultant for change or cancellation in case your travel plan changes.

- Last updated on Sep. 01, 2020 -
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