Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks, commonly known as Wanfenglin, is one of the five most beautiful peak forests in China and one of the three largest karst topograpgies in southwestern China. Located around 45 kilometers (30 miles) away from Xingyi City, Qianxinan, Guizhou Province, it is composed of east and west peak forests with different landscapes. The East Peak Forest is characterized by the karst peak clusters, and the West Peak Forest is typical karst plateau landscape. Currently, the main visiting area of Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks is the West Peak Forest which has beautiful peaks surrounded by green fields, winding rivers, and quaint villages.

Top Attractions of Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

Array-like Peak Forest (Liezhen Peak Forest)

This is the densest and strangest peak forest of Wanfenglin. There is a peak which looks like a general standing proundly called “General Peak” in front of the “array”. As a general, it has two small peaks which seem to protect it on its left and right sides.

A Myriad of Stars Surrounded the Moon

A small peak is surrounded by plenty of mountains, which looks like a peak forest bonsai. Compared with the surrounding majestic mountains, this peak is very beautiful and exquisite.

Dashun Peaks

Dashun Peaks are the most representative mountain peaks of Wanfenglin. Six cone-shaped peaks are tall and steep under the blue sky and white clouds. Six is a lucky number in China and double six means everything goes smoothly. So this cluster of six peaks was named Dashun Peaks, meaning well-off peaks.

Eight-Trigram Field

Looking like a dish-shaped funnel, it is an iconic attraction in the Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks. It was formed by the partial collapse of the subsurface stream and the infiltration of surface water. Villagers planted crops surrounding the funnel and field ridges were built based on the original terrain to divide the land into round belts. The curved ridges became rhythmic lines and a wonderful pattern which looks like the Eight-Trigram was then formed on the earth.

Nahui River

At the foot of the West Peak Forest, there is a winding river that flows slowly from south to west in the farmland. It is like a string that strings several villages of Buoyei People; it is also like a clothesline which “hangs” a huge picture of strange peaks and country villages.

In addition to the beautiful sceneries, there are several quaint Buoyei villages such as Erzhai, Leli, Shuangsheng, Yulong, and Nahui where one can experience Buoyei customs and culture.

Best Time to Visit Wanfenglin

From the beginning of February to the beginning of April, the 4 square kilometers (1.5 square miles) rape flowers flourish and stretch for dozens of miles, like the ocean of golden waves and forming a beautiful picture in Wanfenglin.

How to Tour Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

1. Visitors can take the sightseeing buses which run along the mountain slope. The whole journey takes about 2 hours and ticket fare costs CNY 50. Moreover, there are tour guides on the sightseeing buses to introduce the attractions. As they run at a higher altitude, the viewing angle is better.

2. Visitors can also rent bicycles to ride along countryside roads. The rental fee is usually CNY10-15 an hour. It is recommened to have a bargin, and the fee is around CNY 40-50 a day after the counter-offer. Riding along the countryside road, visitors can appreciate the various peaks at a close distance.

How to Get to Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

Take the bus line 19 from Xinyi City and get off at Wanfenglin Scenic Area Station.
March to November December to February
Admission Fee CNY 70 CNY 60
Free for children below 1.2 meters (4.0 feet)
Opening Hours 08:00-18:00; admission stops at 17:30  08:00-17:30; admission stops at 17:00

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