Sunday Market in Kaili

Vegetables sold at Sunday Market, Kaili
Vegetables sold at Sunday Market
It is worthwhile paying a visit to the local Sunday Market when visitors come to Kaili, home to the Miao and Dong tribes. Like any other markets, this market sells varieties of fresh food, vegetables and fruits. However, come every Sunday, the Miao and Dong Minorities from the surrounding villages endows the market with their unique characters. They put on their costumes and carrying shoulder poles trading in the market. One would feel that it is indeed not an ordinary market.

If ethnic arts are your cup of tea, then the Sunday Market is a perfect place for there are plenty to browse through. The delicate embroidery silks, silverrings and earrings and all sorts of decorations are no longer sought after by local girls. They are being snapped up by visitors too! The Miao People today still prefer to spin, weave and dye their own cotton cloth. Hence, one can still find chemical dyes on sale in the market.

Herbal remedies are also available in Sunday Market. Rat poison vendor even display the dead rats to show the efficacy of the poisons. The local beautiful plaited bamboo baskets in every shape and size are waiting eagerly to find their new masters. The pottery jars, kites, paper money and incense are also sold in the market. An interesting event to look out for is the bird singing competition.  Thesebirds are owned by senior citizens. Others bring their pets in bamboo cages withfitted covers. 
Wood barrels and bamboo baskets sold at Sunday Market
Wood barrels and bamboo baskets
Piglets sold at Sunday Market
Piglets sold at Sunday Market

Local government sets up stalls and offers some services in Sunday Market too. It is thus not unusual to see doctors taking blood pressures, agricultural collegestudents giving advice on insecticide, railway staffs helping with timetables and people mending radios and televisions.

Finally, one will find stalls selling varieties of local snacks. Visitors thus can choose whatever they fancy and try the local food as well. They will definitely not regret visiting Kaili.
Local people get a haircut at market
Local people get a haircut at market
Stalls selling cloth
Stalls selling cloth
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Questions & Answers on Sunday Market in Kaili
Asked by Henry from THAILAND | Aug. 30, 2017 07:48Reply
Which area in Kaili do they arrange the sunday market ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from SINGAPORE | Aug. 30, 2017 21:04

I only know it’s a place called ‘Laojie’ in Chinese but didn’t find the exact address. You are suggested to ask the locals for detailed information, don’t worry, it’s really a small city, so it’s easy to find it.
Asked by Stanley | Mar. 20, 2013 22:19Reply
I have plan to visit Kaili, may I know what time is Sunday market open ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 21, 2013 01:58

I went there once and just know that it is operating for whole sundays.
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