Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland is 90 kilometers (60miles) away from Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. Xilamuren means “yellow river” in Mongolian, which indicates the Xilamuren River flowing by. It’s famous not only for its vast green grassland but also for Puhui Temple nearby. The best time for a visit is summer because of the pleasant weather and the greenest grass. This grassland has been developed as a sightseeing destination and now have well-equipped yurts strategically located.
Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
Xilamuren Grassland
Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
A yurt on Xilamuren Grassland

Best Time to Visit Xilamuren Grassland

From July to September, groups of tourists are eager to visit the Xilamuren Grassland to appreciate the greenest grasslands with blossoming flowers. Moreover, it’s also a good destination for visitors to escape scorching temperature in many other tour destinations. The average temperature ranges from 18 - 21℃ (64 - 70℉) in summer thanks to its high altitude and latitude. 

Things to Do in Xilamuren Grassland

Horse Riding or Camel Riding 

Try riding a horse for the experience. Of courses most of the horses available for riding are docile and the experience coach will accompany with you. The horse is an important means of transportation for local herdsmen, and through riding a horse to gallop on the vast grassland you will not only experience the local people’s life, but also get totally relaxed. In recent years, Xilamuren Grassland Scenic Area launches a series of adventurous activities, including camel riding and sand motor. Visitors should follow safety rules when they take part in these events. 

Attend Nadam Fair

Nadam Fair is held at Xilamuren Grassland in late July or early August every year. During this period, visitors can watch a lot of interesting folk shows performed by local people, especially males. Horse racing, wrestling and shooting are three essential skills of Mongolian men. On Nadam Fair, visitors can not only see superb performance by the brave and fierce grassland athletes, but also personally take part in these activities to show their skills and express their pride. When night comes, the bonfire party makes everyone excited and passionate. 

Visit Puhui Temple

Puhui Temple is pretty popular among visitors, and local people always call it Zhaohe Temple for it stands next to Zhaohe River. This temple was built in 1759 with three palaces, facing south. Inside the temple, visitors can appreciate majestic architecture in combination of Han Style and Tibetan style. There is an ancient well in front of Puhui Temple. It’s said that this well was dug when Kangxi Emperor (1654-1722) put down the rebellion of Galdan tribe.

Enjoy Delicious Local Food

No cultural tour is complete without sampling the local foods. We recommend to try the food feast in a Xilamuren Grassland yurt. Many people sit around a table and eat delicious local cuisines, which contains mutton in hot pot, and many dairy products. Most of the time, roast whole lamb is available and it is a must-eat food. Horse milk wine is always offered to guests, and its offering is a gesture of hospitality and enthusiasm of the Mongolian. 

How to Get to Xilamuren Grassland from Hohhot

Take a bus to Maoqi from Hohhot Coach Station, which is next to Hohhot Railway Station, and get off at Xilamuren. Tell the driver your tour destination in advance. It takes CNY 60 for a single trip.

- Last updated on Jul. 25, 2021 -
Questions & Answers on Xilamuren Grassland
Asked by yann from FRANCE | Jul. 22, 2021 18:27Reply
foreigners allowed?
More and more hotels are forbidden to foreigners in China, how is it in xilamuren grasslands?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gloria | Jul. 25, 2021 20:25

If you have a green health code, you can still lodge in a hotel in Xilamuren Grasslands.
Asked by Estefania from ECUADOR | Mar. 15, 2019 04:49Reply
Hello!! Do you think it is possible to visit Xilamuren Grassland in March?
Do you think it is possible to visit this area in March? I am in China traveling and would like to go and stay for about two days with some nomadic family in the yurts. How could I contact them?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ava from CANADA | Mar. 19, 2019 18:50

Yes, you can visit the grassland in March. However, generally speaking, July to September is the best time to visit there. For the local nomadic family, you need to find them by yourself when you arriving there. Have a nice journey!
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