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Slender West Lake
Lotus Bridge, Slender West Lake
Yangzhou has been without doubt a fascinating symbol of natural beauty in China ever since ancient times. This city of over two thousands years entices numerous people with its endless water scenes, tasteful landscaped gardens as well as various architectures in magnificent or simple delicate styles reminiscent of many outstanding figures.

Top Things to Do in Yangzhou

The soul of natural beauty in Yangzhou should be the Slender West Lake lying to the northwest of Yangzhou City. Like a long wide green ribbon, its beauty lies in the rippling waters, winding dikes, arching bridges, dancing willows and colourful flowers along the bank. 24 attractions along this delicate lake make up a huge water scene.
 Also with a pleasant climate, the picturesque Yangzhou has been regarded as a perfect place for settling from the earliest times to the present day. Nowadays, there are still many fine ingenious private gardens of some very famous figures. The Ge Garden in Yanfu Lu in the downtown area should be a representative one. The intriguing rockery layout of four seasons in the garden shows originality and intelligence, and the exquisite buildings betray the superb artistic taste of the host.

The other great one worth visiting is He Garden in Xuningmen Jie of urban Yangzhou well-known for its architecture in both Chinese and Western styles. It boasts the reputation of 'No.1 Garden in the Late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)'. In addition, some magnificent residences of the wealthy of ancient times would have been the epitome of property at that time, especially the Lu's Residence at No.22 Kangtang Jie. ( Video of Lu's Residence) It is the most stately and grand one renowned for its continuous building groups and exquisite architectural styles.
 He Garden is reputed as the top private garden of the late Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Many ancient garden experts even praised the He Garden as the‘unique case of gardens' in South Area of Yangtze River.
Ge Garden
Ge Garden
Daming Temple
Daming Temple
Actually, Yangzhou has developed strongly in culture during its long-standing prosperous history as well as its nature-blessed beauty. The part of Buddhism occupies an important place among the many influences on Yangzhou culture. The 1,500 years old Daming Temple in the northern suburb is claimed to be the national Buddhism treasure, for it gathers lots of cultural relics and temples as well as having beautiful garden scenery. Another important temple is the Gaomin Temple which is located in the southern suburb and is one of the eight famous temples in Yangzhou during the Qing Dynasty.
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Questions & Answers on Yangzhou Attractions
Asked by Maria from SPAIN | Sep. 13, 2023 16:03Reply
Markets in Yangzhou
Is there any market in Yangzhou where I could buy different things as house whole (towels, pans, plates, etc.?)
Answers (1)
Answered by Wendy | Sep. 13, 2023 19:27

In fact, any large supermarket nearby can meet your demands. Would you mind giving your address and we can help find the closest market or mall for you.
Asked by Laura from SPAIN | Sep. 13, 2016 17:52Reply
We're planning a short trip to Yangzhou and we would like to visit the Eight Weird Memorial Hall.
But I can't find any information.
Do you know the address and the price of the tickets?
Thank you!
Answers (2)
Answered by Lucy from USA | Sep. 14, 2016 03:19

The admission fee is CNY 25 from March to May, and from September to November; CNY 15 from June to August, and from December to February.

It is located at No. 18, Tuoling Lane, Guangling District. You can take bus line 6, 17, 29, 37, 51, 59, 62, 99, or 103 to Slender West Lake (Shou Xi Hu) Station. Walk west for about 150 yards, and turn left. Walk south for about 250 yards to it.
Answered by Laura from SPAIN | Sep. 14, 2016 04:43

Thank you so much! :)
Asked by Mr.Tania from MACAU | May. 05, 2011 05:27Reply
how to go from yanzhou to guilin besides de boat trip?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Jack | May. 06, 2011 21:58

Seems no direct transport way from yangzhou to Guilin. You have to transit at Jiujiang, Nanchang or Nanjing on the way.
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