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Misty water pavilion in JiujiangBecause of its proximity to the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake, Jiujiang is blessed with a uniquely attractive natural landscape. It is a major port on the Yangtze and is known as the gateway to Jiangxi Province. It is also a major tourist mecca with over 400 attractions located around the city.

Top Things to Do

 Lushan National Park
 Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake, the largest fresh-water lake in China, is inlaid on the vast land of South China like a resplendent pearl nurturing the people of Jiangxi. In the lake, you can find many attractions, including Dagu Hill, Nanshan Hill and Lake-View Pavilion. The Dagu Hill and Nanshan Hill are two islands in the lake. With picturesque scenery, they are well worth visiting. The Lake-View Pavilion, made of wood, is just located on the shore of the lake.

Lushan National Park located south of Jiujiang City is the area's most famous attraction. It is one of China's first geological parks and has been cited by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. Among the top mountain resorts in China, it is appealing to numerous visitors for its stunning natural scenery and cultural heritage. Moreover, its verdant peaks, rushing waterfalls, seas of clouds and mists and exquisite gardens attract an enormous number of visitors.

At the northwestern foot of the Mt. Lushan, Donglin Monastery is built by the originator of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism which is worshipped by four fifths of the total Buddhist disciples.

Other Attractions

Jiujiang natural beauty tour

 Gantang Lake
 Nengren Temple
 Stone Bell Hill (Shizhong Shan)
 Suojiang Tower
 Wave Well

In the city center, Gantang Lake draws many visitors to its beautiful, greenish waters. Around the lake, ancient structures such as Yanshui Pavilion and Sixian Bridge add historical interest to the scenery.

There are also many famous cultural relics and natural landmarks in the counties near Jiujiang City. The Nengren Temple in the center of the city is the largest historical structure in Jiujiang. The Stone Bell Hill (Shizhong Shan) is located the confluence of the muddy Yangtze and the pristine Poyang Lake. Suojiang Tower, a group of ancient buildings built in 1586, is like a guardian of Jiujiang City on Yangtze River bank protecting it from flood. And the Wave Well, situated located in the Langjing (Wave Well) Lane, Xiyuan Road, is probably the oldest historical relic of Jiujiang reputed to be the rolling wave connecting Yangtze River at the bottom of the well.

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