Jiujiang Port

Jiujiang Port is the largest port in Jiangxi Province located at the junction of the Yangtze River, Poyang Lake and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway. From west to east, this port consists of five docks namely Ruichang, Chengxi, Chengqu, Hukou and Pengze. As an important port situated on the lower and middle reaches of Yangtze River and one of the 5 main ports on the river, many domestic and international marine routes have been established, In the main, the freight handled consists of mineral building materials, coals, metal and nonmetal ores and petroleum.

Shipping Routes

Domestic routes include a daily one to/from Nanchang, while those to/from Yangshan Port in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port operate four times a week. Other routes also extend to Yidong, Sichuan Province and Taicang, Jiangsu Province. There is a turnaround of over 140 domestic ships at Jiujiang every week.
In addition, direct international routes to/from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Fiji have been established. Also, ocean-going vessels from Honduras, Panama, Belize, Vietnam, Cambodia and Denmark have berthed at Jiujiang.


The container handling capacity of Jiujiang Port has reached 500,000 TEU, ranking third among the ports in the middle reaches of Yangze River. Since 2015, Jiujiang Port’s annual cargo handling capacity has surpassed a hundred million tons.

Facilities & Services


There are 257 berths in Jiujiang Port. 225 of these are for operational use and 60 account for 5,000 tons of freight. Designated annual handling capacity exceeds 90 million tons.

Cargo Handling Equipment

Jiujiang Port is equipped with 121 cargo handling facilities of various types. There are eight portal cranes, each with a forty ton load capacity, five floating cranes each capable of loads up to fifteen tons, three bridge cranes, three ship loaders, one reach stacker of forty tons, one container crane, three dump trucks and two ordinary stackers. In addition, there are forty-two forklifts, tractors, cable cars and lorries.

Storage Lots

Jiujiang Port has 33 warehouses, totaling 49,400sq.m (59,082sq.yd) in total, and a stock yard of 196,200sq.m (234,653sq.yd). It is also equipped with a 57,600m (62,992yd) oil pipeline and the oil storage tanks with a capacity of 350,000cu.m (457,783cu.yd) and 72,300 tons.


Jiujiang Port has an exclusive waterway that is 120m (131yd) wide and 4m (2.18 fathoms) deep, extending from Wuxue County to Madang Mountain. Navigation is available to ships of 5,000 tons for eight months of the year, while ships of up to 3,000 tons have access to Jiujiang Port all year round.

Supporting Facilities

The Port has 2,160m (1.3mi) of exclusive railway lines, including seven cargo handling lines.

Various Agencies

With the development of shipping services, Jiujiang Port has been attracting more and more specialist professionals who are expert in international freight transportation rules, foreign-related financial settlement, insurance and global logistics. Now, there are over ten international shipping agencies, more than twenty international freight forwarders and fifteen container railway transportation agencies in Jiujiang Port, that together provide a comprehensive service of marine, air and land transportation. These agencies also meet the demands of freight transport in Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, Anhui Province and Hunan Province.

Paperless EIR

Jiujiang Port is the first port on the lower and middle reaches of Yangtze River to utilize the Paperless Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR). The original form of receipt has been replaced by electronic channels of data transmission, and this has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of freight interchange.

How to get to Jiujiang Port:

1. Take city bus 21 and get off at Nong Gong Shang Supermarket stop.
2. Take city bus 106, Night 106, 12, Inner Ring 18, Outer Ring 18, 21, 31, 51, Night 55 or 5, and get off at either Ferry Terminal stop, or Jiu Jiu Shopping Mall stop.
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Asked by Joseph Sutton | Sep. 01, 2020 12:41Reply
How many miles is it from Nanchang China to the port of ZHEJIANG?
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Answered by Lillian | Sep. 03, 2020 02:09

Do you refer to Jiujiang Port? The distance is about 135 kilometers.
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