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Chinese Name: 南昌 (nán chāng)
Population: 5,545,500
Area: 7,402 square kilometers (2,858 square miles)
Location: in the north-central of Jiangxi Province, east China
Administrative Division: 6 districts (Donghu, Xihu, Qingyunpu, Wanli, Qingshanhu, Xinjian); 3 counties (Nanchang, Jinxian, Anyi)
Area Code: 0791
Zip Code: 330000
GDP (2019): CNY 559.618 billion (USD 81.116 billion)

Main Railway Hub in South and East China

The over 1,000-year-old Pavilion of Prince Teng and the praised 'Essay on Pavilion of Prince Teng' ensure the fame of Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. The name of the city literally means 'a prosperous south part of China'. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, bordering the Poyang Lake to the southwest, Guangdong and Fujian to the south and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei to the north.

Because Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Xiangtang-Putian Railway run through Nanchang and many other railways are under construction, Nanchang functions as a major railway hub. At present, it takes about 3 hours to Beijing, Shanghai and 4 hours to Guangzhou by bullet train from Nanchang.

Water is her soul or in other words water carries all her beauty. Lakes and rivers in or around the city bring a special kind of charm to the city, so it is honored as 'a green pearl in the southern part of China'. In the evening, 293 buildings on both sides of the Ganjiang River will bring a wonderful and shocking light show. Tourists can take the Pavilion of Prince Teng cruise ship to the best viewing point to watch the performance. Such places as Bayi Bridge, Honggu Tunnel entrance and Qiushui Square are also suitable for appreciating the light show.

Nanchang City, ChinaLong and splendid history endows the city with many cultural relics, amongst which the Pavilion of Prince Teng is the most famous. It is no exaggeration to say that Tengwang Pavilion is the pride of all the locals. Many men of letters left their handwritings here which tremendously enhance its classical charm. There are also many other beautiful attractions, such as Lushan National Park, Mount Longhu, Mt. Jinggang and Poyang Lake.

Transportation in the city is convenient for passengers to go around. Changbei International Airport provides daily flights to Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Sanya, Beijing, Kunming, Guiyang, Qingdao and Chongqing. Nanchang Railway Station and West Railway Station have trains for Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Shenyang and other cities daily. You can easily find long-distance buses running to other cities, towns and counties within Jiangxi Province as well as Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hefei and other cities outside Jiangxi Province.

Metro becomes a new transportation in this city. Nanchang Metro line 1 and line 2 are in service now. Line 1, linking Shuangang and Yaohu Lake West. With the length of 17 miles (28 kilometers), it passes 24 stations. The  southern extension of line 2 extends 19.6 km (12 mi), connecting Nanlu and Metro Tower via 17 stations.  In the near future, Nanchang will have other 14 lines that have connections all over the city. In addition, Nanchang Port is the most important water transportation transfer point. From this Port you can travel by ships to visit Poyang Lake, Stone Bell Hill, Poyang Lake Bird Protection Area, Dagu Hill and other attractions.

Nanchang City is located in the sub-tropical monsoon climate with four clear seasons, longer summer and winter, shorter spring and autumn. It is hot and rainy during summer while cold and dry during winter. In contrast, spring and autumn are cool and pleasant. The annual average temperature is about 17°C (63°F) with the highest in summer of 40°C (104°F) and lowest in winter of -10°C (14°F). There are abundant sunshine and rainfall in the city. It has distinctive dry and rainy season. April to June gathers almost half of the its total precipitation of a year. The best times to visit is during spring due to the nice and comfortable weather. 

When visiting the city, you can find many nice local products, such as Cloud and Fog Tea from Mount Lushan (Lushan Yunwucha), Lidu Writing Brushes (Lidu Maobi), Lidu Wine, Nanfeng Honey Tangerine (Nanfeng Miju), Rice Noodles, Frozen Rice Sugar, Jiangxi Arrowroot Flour, Qiyun Mountain ‎South jujube cake, Shitou Street Fried Dough Twists and Loquat. You can buy them as souvenirs or gifts for your friends and relatives. You can also learn much about the traditional culture through the local custom. Wanshou Worship Temple Fair and Longgang Uphill are two famous conventions in this city. The Music Cultural Form of Nanchang Caicha Drama is also a highlight.

The city is also famous for its delicious food. The traditional Nanchang Cuisine (Gan Cuisine) plays a very important role in Chinese food culture. When visiting the place, you should have a taste of Gan Cuisine. You can also enjoy other nice cuisines, like Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, etc. It is a must for you to taste the nice local snacks, such as the Rice Noodles and Shitou Jie Mahua. 

 Dining, Shopping & Nightlife

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Questions & Answers on Nanchang Travel
Asked by Moaz from PAKISTAN | Aug. 29, 2020 09:32Reply
Are there halal food available in jiangxi university of tcm or near by it
Answers (1)
Answered by Maya | Sep. 03, 2020 02:24

Well, as I know, there is no halal foods nearby the university. Perhaps you can consult the teacher that whether if the campus has halal restaurant inside.
Asked by Rox from ROMANIA | Dec. 06, 2019 01:25Reply
Where can I find a street with local souvenirs items in Nanchang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia from SINGAPORE | Dec. 09, 2019 17:41

You can go to Bayi Square to have a look.
Asked by bettie from UGANDA | Nov. 23, 2019 03:08Reply
how can i go from nanchang railway station to changbei airport by subway
i have my flight at 21:00 on 14th dec
Answers (3)
Answered by Sally from USA | Nov. 25, 2019 01:54

There is no subway you can take. It is suggested to take shuttle bus line 1 to the airport directly. It takes around 1 hour with CNY15.
Answered by Kostantinos Ntinapogias | Mar. 16, 2023 23:33

Actually, THERE IS! You can take Line 1 to South Lushan Avenue Station. Exit at exit 3 and board Airport Line 1 to Changbei Airport. And wait until your flight is due. Nice Trip!
Answered by Kostantinos Ntinapogias | Mar. 16, 2023 23:38

Or you can take Line 2 to Bayi Square and take line 1 to South Lushan Avenue and then take the Airport Bus 1. Or you can take Line 2 to Metro Central and take Line 1 to South Lushan Avenue and take the Airport Bus 1 to the Airport. You can book some flights from Nanchang Yaohu International Airport too!
Asked by Kudzi | Nov. 12, 2019 15:41Reply
What is the best way to travel from the airport to jiangxi science and technology normal university?
Is there a bus. Or metro line? And how much with taxi?
Answers (1)
Answered by Claire from FINLAND | Nov. 14, 2019 22:16

Upon landing, take airport shuttle bus line 1 to Yongshu Road Bus Stop. Then take bus no.220 to Changwang Road North. After arriving, you can see the campus.
If you take a taxi from the airport, the cab fare is CNY 130 to CNY 150 in the day time.
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