Nanchang Metro Line 1

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Shuanggang – Yaohu Lake West

(Identification Color: Red          )

Nanchang metro line 1, the first rail transit line in this city, connects the Economic Development Zone, Honggutan New Area, Donghu District, Qingshanhu District and High-tech District. The phase one of the metro line was put into use on December 26, 2015, running between Shuanggang and Yaohu Lake West. Covering a distance of around 28 kilometers (17 miles), it passes 24 stations. Nanchang subway line 1 passes the bustling Bayi Square Commercial Zone and several popular attractions such as Pavilion of Prince Teng, Aug. 1st Uprising Memorial Museum and Aixi Lake. An entire single journey takes around 55 minutes. The phase two of this metro line (east extension) will operate at the end of 2021.
See metro maps for reference.

Ticket Fare

For different trips, the fare varies from CNY2 to CNY5.
 Note: Children under 4 feet (1.2 meters) can enjoy free ride on the subway.


Station To Shuanggang To Yaohu Lake West
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Shuanggang -- -- 06:30 21:30
Kongmu Lake 07:21 22:21 06:32 21:32
Changjiang Road 07:17 22:17 06:36 21:36
Zhujiang Road 07:15 22:15 06:39 21:39
South Lushan Avenue 07:13 22:13 06:41 21:41
Lüyin Road 07:11 22:11 06:43 21:43
Weidong 07:09 22:09 06:45 21:45
Metro Tower 07:07 22:07 06:47 21:47
Qiushui Square 07:05 22:05 06:49 21:49
Tengwang Pavilion 07:01 22:01 06:52 21:52
Wanshou Palace 07:00 22:00 06:54 21:54
(Aug. 1st Uprising Memorial Museum)
06:58 21:58 06:56 21:56
Bayi Square 06:55 21:55 06:58 21:58
Dinggong Road North 06:53 21:53 07:01 22:01
South Shida Road 06:51 21:51 07:03 22:03
Pengjiaqiao 06:49 21:49 07:05 22:05
Xiejiacun 06:47 21:47 07:07 22:07
Qingshanhu Avenue 06:45 21:45 07:08 22:08
Gaoxin Avenu 06:43 21:43 07:11 22:11
Aixi Lake West 06:40 21:40 07:13 22:13
Aixi Lake East 06:38 21:38 07:16 22:16
Taizidian 06:35 21:35 07:18 22:18
Olympic Stadium 06:32 21:32 07:21 22:21
Yaohu Lake West 06:30 21:30 -- --
 Tip: The frequency of the metro line 1 is 6-6.5 min. in rush hours (06:30-20:30) and 8 min. in other time.

Transfer along Nanchang Metro Line 1

 Metro Tower: Transfer to line 2
 Bayiguan: Transfer to Line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

Surroundings: East Shuanggang Street, Shuanggang Avenue, Dingyuan Road, Jiuchang Community, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, East China Jiaotong University, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Shuanggang New Village, Baishun Express Hotel, Ping’an Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 35, 211, 223, 304, 520, 825, 835

 Kongmu Lake
Surroundings: Kongmu Lake, Kongmuhu Street, Jiangxi Vocational College of Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Changbei No.1 Middle School, Jiangxi V&T College of Communication
Bus Routes: 118, 137, 210, 223, 232, 240, 304

 Changjiang Road
Surroundings: Changjiang Road, North Fenghe Avenue, North Fenghuang Avenue, Huanghe Road, China Telecom, Phoenix Gorgeous Home Community, New Century Nursery School, Quanfeng Express & UC Express
Bus Routes: 19, 311, 506, 820

 Zhujiang Road 
Surroundings: Zhujiang Road, Haojiang Road, Changbei Primary School, Newspaper Building, Fengxiangyuan Community, Shanghai Foreign Language School of Phoenix City, Fengyuan Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 19, 311, 506, 820

 South Lushan Avenue
Surroundings: South Lushan Avenue, Middle Fenghuang Avenue, Chunhui Road, Xiangjiang Road, the Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Vanke Times Square, People’s Procuratorate, Jiangxi High People's Court, STO Express, Huaxin Fudi Community, Shengshi Hongcheng Community
Bus Routes: 19, 210, 223, 820

 Lüyin Road
Surroundings: Lüyin Road, Chunhui Road, Jinrong Street, Yayuan Road, the Agricultural Bank of China, Honggushiji Huayuan Community, Nanchang International School, BOC Square, Honggutan Badminton Gymnasium
Bus Routes: 19, 22, 228, 229

Surroundings: Huizhan Road, Shajing Road, Fanghua Road, Fenghe Huayuan Community, Nanchang University (NCU), Honggutan Wanda Plaza, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Gome Electrical Appliances, Watsons, Wanda Realm Hotel, Nanchang International School
Bus Routes: 214, 217, 235, 238

 Metro Tower
Surroundings: Shimao Road, Middle Honggu Avenue, Middle Fenghe Avenue, Metro Tower, Huaxia Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Everbright Bank, Parkson Mall, Greenland Central Plaza, Papa John's Pizza, Jiangxin International Garden Estate, Boneng Financial Center
Bus Routes: 224, 503, 820

 Qiushui Square
Surroundings: Middle Ganjiang Road, Xinfu Road, Cuilin Road, Yiyuan Road, Xiongzhou Road, Ganjiang River, Qiushui Square, Municipal Government, Binjiang Haoyuan Community, Hongcheng Times Square, Shangri-La Hotel, Trilec International Hotel, Shimao Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 50
 Tengwang Pavilion
Surroundings: Middle Yanjiang Avenue, West Zhongshan Road, Tuanjie Road, Xinzhou Road, North Fuhe Road, Pavilion of Prince Teng, Chaoyang Primary School, Hexie Huayuan Community, The King of Ganriver Community, Agricultural Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, Construction Bank, Jiangxi Bank, Bank of China, Municipal Library, Provincial Museum, Jiangxi Science & Technology Museum
Bus Routes: 307

 Wanshou Palace
Surroundings: Zhongshan Road, Zigu Road, Minde Road, Chuanshan Road, Qiaobu Street, Hetong Alley, Agricultural Bank of China, Jiangxi Bank, No.21 Middle School, Shanghejie Primary School, Wanshou Palace Community, Zhongyi Mansion, Fujiapo Community, 7 Days Inn, SOHO City Business Hotel, Yifeng Drugstore
Bus Routes: 18, 26, 27

 Bayiguan(Aug. 1st Uprising Memorial Museum)
Surroundings: North & South Xiangshan Road, Dashun Alley, Mianhua Street, Bayiguan, Tianhong Department Store, Pacific Ocean Shopping Square, New Century Community, the 3rd Affiliated Hospital of NCU, Hongdu Hospital of TCM, No.3 Middle School, McDonald’s, Haagen-Dazs, Parkson Mall, 7 Days Inn
Bus Routes: 2, 5, 25, 33, 52, 228, 229, 232, 302

 Bayi Square
Surroundings: Bayi Avenue, Ruzi Road, Jinpan Road, Songabai Road, Bayi Square, Wanda Plaza, General Bus Station, Yangzixiang Primary School, No.2 Middle School, East Lake, Jiangxi Exhibition Center, Provincial Government, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of Communications, Everbright Bank, Haoting Community, 7 Days Inn, Hanting Express Hotel, Greentree Inn, Vienna Hotel, Jiangxi Hotel, Ruidu Hotel
Bus Routes: 2, 3, 7, 202, 205, 303, 315

 Dinggong Road North
Surroundings: Dinggong Road, West Beijing Road, East Provincial Government 4th Road, Xingongyuan Road, Jingmi Road, Hongcheng Mansion Department Store, Jiangxi Machinery Building, Department of Agriculture of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Huimin Hospital, Nuclear Industry Building, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, KFC, 7 Days Inn, Junlai Hotel, Home Inn
Bus Routes: 4, 13, 231

 South Shida Road
Surroundings: South Shida Road, Wenjiao Road, North Erqi Road, Xinwei Road, Jiangxi Normal University, the Attached Middle School To Jiangxi Normal University, Limai International High School, West Beijing Road Community, Erqi Road Apartment, Xinwei Road Community, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Jinghu Hotel, Home Inn, Braim Seasons Hotel, Huaxing Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 3, 4, 7, 13, 215, 220, 231, 301, 308

Surroundings: Pengqiao Road, East Beijing Road, Shangfang Road, Phoenix First Hospital, Jiangxi Mental Health Centre, Shangfang Road Community, Jiangxi Radio and TV Center, Meitan Dayuan Community, Jiahe Wanshi Community, Xiangzhangyuan Community, the Institute of Technology, Bank of Communications, Everbright Bank, Hengmao International Metropolis
Bus Routes: 207, 215, 220, 308, 828

Surroundings: Shanghai Road, North Shanghai Road, Xiejiacun, Lubei Community, Qingyuan Apartment, Telecom Community, Yongren Primary School, Yongren Temple, College of Science and Technology of NCU, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Jiangxiang Hospital, Hengmao Dream World Plaza, Watsons, Carrefour, Gome Electrical Appliances, Jixiang Hotel, 7 Days Inn, Greentree Inn
Bus Routes: 10, 207, 216, 220, 308, 828

 Qingshanhu Avenue
Surroundings: Qingshanhu Avenue, Xueyuan Road, Annan Community, Security Company Community, Water Shore Essence Community, Jiangxi 2nd People's Hospital, Shiquan Village, New Campus of NCU, Industrial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Route: 31

 Gaoxin Avenue
Surroundings: Gaoxin Avenue, Nanyuan Community, Nanyang Huayuan Community, Jingdong Community, Tianzeyuan Community, Guangxin Shopping Plaza, Lantian Apartment, China Mobile, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Changjiang City Hotel, Hujing Business Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, Starway Hotel
Bus Routes: 7, 220, 231, 308, 511

 Aixi Lake West
Surroundings: Taohu Road, South Jingdong Avenue, Aixi Lake, City Aquarium, Intermediate Court, Beihu Village, Longines Bay Community, Daguan International Community, Tianhong Department Store
Bus Routes: 7, 821, 824

 Aixi Lake East
Surroundings: Ziyang Avenue, Changdong Avenue, Chuangxin 1st Road, Aixi Lake National Forest Park, Jiangxi Modern Polytechnic College, City of Honorably, Greenland Metropolis, Aixi Village, Huaxia Bank, Construction Bank, Wealth Shopping Plaza, Talents Mansion
Bus Routes: 208, 220, 226, 308

Surroundings: You’an Road, West Xiangzhang Road, Zhongyi Road, Jiangxi University of Technology, Zichang International Plaza, Changsheng Community, Changsheng Primary School, Shaochun International School, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 178, 208, 220, 226, 308

 Olympic Stadium
Surroundings: Tianxiang Avenue, Dangui Road, East Xiangzhang Road, Olympic Stadium, Hanyuan Community, Jiangxi Normal University, Ziyang International Community, China Mobile, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 110, 129, 178, 208, 220, 226, 308, 821

 Yaohu Lake West
Surroundings: West Yaohu Lake Avenue, Yaohu Lake Forest Park, Yaohu Water Sports Center, Yaohu Bridge
Bus Routes: 226, 821, 838
- Last updated on Mar. 17, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Nanchang Metro Line 1
Asked by Kostantinos Ntinapogias from CHINA | Mar. 16, 2023 23:29Reply
Will there be a Nanchang East Railway Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rubin | Mar. 17, 2023 02:54

Subway line 2 will be extended to East Railway Station.
Asked by Kostantinos Ntinapogias from CHINA | Mar. 16, 2023 23:22Reply
Will Subway Line 1 reach Changbei Airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rubin | Mar. 17, 2023 02:51

Yes, it is planned to be extended to Changbei Airport in 2025.
Asked by Lim Siew Yong from SINGAPORE | Sep. 18, 2018 22:13Reply
Distance between Shuanggang metro and nanchang Changbei International Airport
Is Shuanggang metro station very far from Changbei International Airport? Can be reached by foot?
Answers (2)
Answered by Elijah from USA | Sep. 18, 2018 22:43

Yes, it is about 30 kilometers from the airport. It is a long distance to walk.

Here is one way recommended to you.
First, take the metro line 1 at Shuanggang Station and get off at Lushan South Avenue Station: get out of the metro from the Exit 3. Then walk about 6 minutes to Public Transport Operation Bloc where you can get on the Airport Bus Line 1 and get to your destination. The whole trip requires about 1 hour and CNY18. Hope to be helpful. Nice trip.
Answered by SIEW YONG from SINGAPORE | Sep. 21, 2018 00:20

Hi Elijah,

Thanks for the answer. It is useful.
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