Yan'an Pagoda Hill

Yan'an Pagoda Hill
Yan'an is of great historical importance in relation to the Chinese revolutionary movement and for that reason Yan'an Pagoda Hill is a must to be explored if you want to really enjoy yourself in this remarkable city. It stands to the southeast of the city, and its name is derived from the nine-story pagoda on its summit that was erected during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Following the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Yan'an Pagoda Hill was designated by the State Council as one of the first group of key cultural relics to be granted state protection. The design of the Medal of Honor for Independence and Freedom issued by PRC in 1955 centers upon a relief of Yan'an Pagoda Hill together with five five-pointed red stars symbolizing the close unity of the Chinese people under the leadership of the China's Communist Party.

On the hill, there is a huge new bell named 'Ping'an Bell'(Safety Bell) and a new huge drum named 'Taiping Drum' (Peace Drum). Tolling the bell or beating the drum is said to bring you good health and happiness. After your sounding the bell, do not forget to enjoy the stone inscriptions created with considerable artistic skills down the hill. The carved stone works exhibit Chinese calligraphy by many famous ancient scholars. From the hill with its luxuriant trees and grasses one may have a bird's eye view of the Yan'an City and this is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit.

The octagonal brick built pagoda on the hill's summit is 44 meters (about 144 feet) in height and the pagoda as well as the hill on which it stands are symbols of Yan'an City. When the evening comes, decorative lights illuminate the pagoda and other new  buildings superbly against the night sky.


Pagoda Hill, Yan'an
Should you want to take a photograph of the whole pagoda, the nearby Qingliang Hill provides an excellent vantage point.

We recommend that you wear a pair of glasses to protect your eyes from sands blown by the wind and bring along some warm clothing as the temperature difference can be considerable. You will also need a good supply of films if you are to take photos of the local architectures and other things that reflect local customs.

How to get to the Pagoda Hill

From the Yan'an Railway Station, you can take bus No.1 or No.3 to go there directly.

From Xi'an Railway Station to Yan'an Railway Station, the price of train ticket ranges from CNY20 to CNY50 for a hard seat, CNY90 to CNY110 for a hard sleeper and CNY 150 to CNY160 for a soft sleeper.

As well as the Yan'an Pagoda Hill and Qingliang Hill, you can visit the historic Date Garden - Site of the CCP Secretariat.

Admission Fee: CNY 60
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 20:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour

 Suggested Tour Itinerary:
Yan'an Tour: visit Baota Hill, Yangjialing Village, the Revolutionary History Museum, Hukou Waterfall.

- Last updated on Oct. 11, 2018 -
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