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When Tai'an is mentioned, most people think of the famous Taishan Mountain which is located here. As the first of the five sacred mountains in China, it has been listed in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Dating back to ancient Chinese times, Taishan Mountain has long been a well-known attraction steeped in religious atmosphere. In ancient times, many emperors made a special trip to it to pray to the gods for the well being of the nation and also many famous writers and painters have used it in their work with the result that its fame has spread far and wide. In the minds of many people, Tai'an has become synonymous with Taishan Mountain.

Stone stairs on Taishan Mountain
Stone stairs on Taishan Mountain
Taishan Mountain
Taishan Mountain

More Attractions

However, although tourism within Tai'an is centered on Taishan Mountain many efforts have been made to establish further tourism resources. Now, in addition to the Taishan Mountain Scenic and Historic Interest Area, the local government has developed several other natural attractions. Listed below are details of the main scenic attractions of Tai'an.

 The western foot of Taishan Mountain

Peach Blossom Ravine is located at the western foot of Taishan Mountain. It came by its name because of the large number of peach trees to be found here. At the Taishan Railway Station, you can take city-bus No.16. A cable car runs to Taishan Mountain from here.

 The southern foot of Taishan Mountain

Built on the base of the Dawenkou Archaeological Site, Dawenkou Museum is located in Dawenkou Town, at the southern foot of Taishan Mountain. In Chinese history, the period of the Dawenkou Culture runs from 4300 BC to 2500 BC and belongs within the Neolithic Age. The museum specializes in showing visitors the stone tools and pottery made by this early culture and reproduces scenes of their life and labor.

 Southeast of Taishan Mountain

Culaishan National Forest Park is found at the base of Culaishan Mountain, southeast of Taishan Mountain, and covers an area of 250 square kilometers (about 61,776 acres). The main peak of Culaishan Mountain is Taipingding, 1,027 meters (about 3,369 feet) above sea level. On the side of the mountain there are numerous pine trees, many of which are thousands of years old. As with Taishan Mountain, it has a long, long history. There are many historical sites to explore here. Dai Temple is the most famous that can not be missed, which is the largest and best preserved architecture complex on Mt. Taishan.

Dai Temple
Dai Temple
Venerable tree in Dai Temple
Venerable tree in Dai Temple

 Dongping County, Tai'an

Lashan National Forest Park borders Dongping Lake (the second largest fresh water lake in Shandong), in Dongping County, Tai'an. During the Song Dynasty, 108 heroes, headed by Song Jiang, gathered here to organize an uprising. They are remembered for killing the greedy officials and helping poor civilians. Lashan Mountain is also a famous historic site of the Quanzhen Sect of Taoism. Now, most of the attractions in this park have been restored, including the Qiuzu Pavilion, the Paoma Spring and the Yaowang (God of Medicines) Temple.

 Feicheng, Tai'an

Feicheng Peach Orchards World Scenic Area lies in the Village of Liujiatai, in Yiyang Township, Feicheng. When spring comes, all the peach trees are in blossom and their flowers dye the mountain pink. The effect is so beautiful that it conjures up images of a fairy land. In Addition, between April and May every year, the Peach Blossom Festival is held here. This is the best time to visit Feicheng and savor the juicy peaches.
How to get to Feicheng: You can take the No. 7 city-bus to the Jiaotong Hotel. There are many buses passing by Feicheng.

Unless you go to Tai'an it is impossible to imagine the grandeur of Taishan Mountain. When you are touring Shandong Province, please don't miss the opportunity to appreciate this magnificent mountain in China.

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Questions & Answers on Tai\an Attractions
Asked by Jonathan from MALAYSIA | Dec. 06, 2019 01:00Reply
Hi, may I ask if it is possible to go up Taishan mountain around end February ?
Will the cable cars still go up to Nantianmen (南天门) ?
And can we still walk from there to Jade Emperor Peak ?

Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrea from CANADA | Dec. 09, 2019 17:26

Yes, you can go there in end of February and take cable car to Nantianmen. It takes around 30 min to Jade Emperor Peak by foot.
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