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Mount Taishan
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The leader of the 'Five Sacred Mountains', Mt. Tai is located in the center of Shandong Province, lying across the cities of Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo. Its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, which is within Tai'an City, is about 1532.7 meters (5,029 feet) high.

The mountain was once called Mt. Daishan, Mt. Daizong or Mt. Taiyue and was renamed Mt. Taishan in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC). It epitomizes splendid Chinese culture and was listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987.

In ancient times, the first thing for an emperor to do on ascending to the throne was to climb Mount Taishan and pray to heaven and earth or their ancestors. It was said that 72 emperors of different dynasties made pilgrimages here. These special ceremonies and sacrifices earned the mountain widespread fame. In addition, many poets and literary scholars also visited the mountain to gain inspiration. The grandiose temples, the numerous stone inscriptions and stone tablets are the best testaments to these visits. Mt. Tai also played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism.

Taishan Mountain is a natural The stone carvings on Mount Taishanmuseum abounding with cultural relics and artworks. Heavenly Queen Pool, Red Gate Palace, Mid-Heaven Gate, Azure Cloud Temple are powerful examples. Stone carvings include the Buddhist Diamond Sutra in Jing Shi Valley, the Scripture of Mt. Tai and the Mo Ya Tablet.

Besides historic relics, this mountain boasts unique natural scenery too. The lofty peaks, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, enchanting rocks and the centuries-old pines and cypresses will undoubtedly encourage you linger with no thought of leaving. The four wonders here are Sunrises from the East, the Sunset Glow, the Sea of Clouds and the Golden Belt along the Yellow River. It would be a great pity to miss the four wonders.

There are four ascents here.

East Route

This route is considered to be the ImperialThe steep stairs, Mount Taishan Route because the emperors all took this way to make sacrifices. With elegant natural scenery, palaces, stone inscriptions are also scattered along the winding path. You set off from Dai Temple, and then you will see Dai Zong Archway, Red Gate Palace, Jing Shi Valley, Hu Tian Pavilion and Eighteen Bends, etc. Dai Temple is the place where emperors stayed and offered their sacrifices. The temple was built in the Han Dynasty and expanded in the Tang and Song Dynasties. After several renovations, it has become the biggest and most complete temple on the mountain.

There are 6000-plus steps along this route and it takes about four hours at an average to reach the peak. This classical route is an ideal choice for most people.

West Route

The west route is made up of two parts. The first part is the highroad from the Heaven and Earth Square to Mid-heaven Gate. The other part is the cable way from Mid-heaven Gate to the top of the mountain. This route is well equipped with modern facilities and is the most fashionable way to reach Jade Emperor Summit. Attractions concentrated on this route are Heaven and Earth Square, Black Dragon Pool, Tomb of General Feng Yuxiang and Longevity Bridge, etc.

Peach Blossom Ravine Route

This route is the most convenThe peak of Mount Taiient way to climb the mountain, especially for tourists who drive or take a bus from northern places. Peach Blossom Ravine can be accessed by taking the No.104 national highway, then setting off from the big parking lot by bus to the cable-car stop. From there you reach the top in a few minutes. The ropeway is designed for sightseeing from the air giving a clear view.

The best time to take this route is in spring and summer. The flourishing peach blossom, falling petals and limpid steams will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Tianzhu Peak Route

Just as its name implies, Tianzhu Peak was named because it is shaped like a candle, with a pine tree standing on top like a flame. This route is the most rugged one and is suitable for the adventurous. You will enjoy General Peak, Eight Immortals Cave, Big Tianzhu Peak and Small Tianzhu Peak, etc. It is also a better way to appreciate the pine trees in Hou Shi Wu (a spot where most of the old pine trees are growing).

Taishan Mountain is a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural relics and is well worth visiting.


How to get to Mount Taishan from Taishan Railway Station

1. Take the direct tourist buses from the railway station to Hongmen or Tianwai Village. Hongmen is the starting point of hiking route, while Tianwai Village is where to take a sightseeing bus to Mid Heaven Gate (Zhongtianmen).
2. Take bus 3, 37, or 39 (North Ring Line) to get to Hongmen or Tianwai Village. 
3. Taxi: After arriving at Taishan Railway Station, take a taxi to Hongmen directly. The cab fare is around CNY10.

How to get there from Tai’an Railway Station

1. If you arrive at Tai’an Railway Station, then you need to transfer to bus 37 or bus 68 to Tianwai Village.
2. If by taxi, the cost to Tianwai Village is CNY 25 to 30.

How to get there from downtown Tai’an

Take bus 3, 37 or 39 (North Eing Line) to Hongmen or Tianwai Village.

How to get there from Jinan

1. Take a train from Jinan Railway Station to Taishan Railway Station first. The duration is around an hour. Then change to direct tourist buses, bus 3, 37 or 39 (North Ring Line) to arrive at Hongmen or Tianwai Village.
2. Take a coach from Jinan General Bus Station to Tai’an Bus Station first. Then take bus 68 to Tianwai Village.

Ticket Fare

Scenic Spots/Facilities Ticket Fee Opening Hours
Mount Tai CNY 115 

(Inclusive visit to Mount Taishan, Dai Temple, Red Gate Palace, Heavenly Queen Pool, Jade Spring Temple, Puzhao Temple and Color Stone River)
All day
Peach Blossom Ravine CNY 50 08:00 to 17:00
Mid Heaven Gate (Zhongtianmen) Cable Car CNY 100 for a one-way trip
Children taller than 3.9ft (1.2m) should buy a full ticket.
April 1 to October 31: 07:00 to 17:30;
November 1 to March 31: 08:00 to 17:00.
Taohuayuan Cable Car CNY 100 for a one-way trip
Children taller than 3.9ft (1.2m) should buy a full ticket.
April 1 to October 31: 08:00 to 17:00;
November 1 to March 31: 09:00 to 16:00.
Houshiwu Cable Car CNY 20 for a one-way trip
Children taller than 3.9ft (1.2m) should buy a full ticket.
April 1 to October 31: 08:30 to 16:00;
and closed from November 1 to March 31.
Sightseeing bus
from Tianwai Village to Mid Heaven Gate
CNY 30 for a one-way trip All day
Sightseeing bus
from Peach Blossom Ravine to Taohuayuan
CNY 30 for a one-way trip April 1 to October 31: 07:30 to 17:30;
November 1 to March 31: 08:30 to 17:00.

1. The entrance ticket is valid for three consecutive days.
2. Free for children under 1.4 meters (4.2 feet) or 6 years old; Children between 6 and 18 years old can buy half price ticket.
3. Seniors elder than 60 years old can enjoy free entrance tickets with a valid ID or passport. 

Sunrise Timetable

January- June
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun.
1st 07:15 07:05 06:34 05:49 05:09 04:45
11th 07:15 06:55 06:20 05:35 04:59 04:43
21st 07:11 06:44 06:05 05:21 04:51 04:43
July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1st 04:47 05:07 05:33 05:57 06:25 06:55
11th 04:52 05:16 05:41 06:05 06:35 07:04
21dt 04:59 05:24 05:49 06:15 06:46 07:11

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Questions & Answers on Mount Taishan (Tai Shan)
Asked by Sunny from SINGAPORE | Apr. 08, 2019 04:07Reply
Left-luggage service is available at which entrance of Taishan Mountain Area?
for how long, and costs how much?
Answers (1)
Answered by Henry from USA | Apr. 08, 2019 23:35

Near the Red Gate of the mountain area, there are some private left-luggage services and it costs about CNY10-30 per day according to different sizes. You can also left luggage in the tourist center but I'm not very clear the cost.
Asked by Stephanie Bejarano from USA | Nov. 15, 2018 06:39Reply
Are there storage lockers near the gates of Taishan Mountain?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fabian from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 15, 2018 22:38

There is no storage lockers but some privates shops or left-luggage points at the entrance of the scenic area.
Asked by Bernice from SINGAPORE | Aug. 19, 2018 23:34Reply
Is it safe for 2 ladies to hike up TaiShan Mountain in the evening to enjoy the sunrise?
How best to do it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nicole from CANADA | Aug. 22, 2018 23:12

Don’t worry! It’s safe and many people like to hike the mountain at that time. As for the route, I think the east route listed on this page is great, and it’s roughly as follows: Red Gate – Middle Heaven Gate – South Heaven Gate.
Asked by YEWHONG | Apr. 08, 2018 07:07Reply
Is there an offpeak season of Taishan Mountain where it will be less crowded?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bob from ITALY | Apr. 08, 2018 21:46

Yes, the Dec. and Jan. is the offseason of the mountain. I was told the Peach Blossom Ravine is less crowded than other parts.
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