Water Park / Seashore Holiday Resort / TV Tower

Water Park

Tianjin Water Park is located in the south of the city. Covering an area of 494 acres (200 hectares), half of which is under water, the park is one of the ten most attractive sights in Tianjin and regarded as the 'West Lake' in Northern China. Built in 1950, it comprises three lakes and nine islets.

The park presents a charming landscape, dotted by crystal lakes, tree-shaded corridors, exquisite gardens and various lively plants. There are different flower shows in the four seasons. In spring, tulips come into full blooms. In summer, the lotus festival begins. In autumn, chrysanthemums bloom; and in winter, it’s winter sweets’ turn to flower beauty. Besides, it contains many other exquisite gardens such as Bonsai Garden, Shenhu Tea House and Blue Wave Garden. Bonsai Garden is the largest bonsai garden in northern China where visitors can enjoy over 400 distinguished bonsai works in various designs.

Besides the picturesque scenery, the man-made tourist landscapes in the Water Park are equally attractive. Wanfo (Ten Thousand Buddhas) Islet, located in the west lake, is a scenic spot with a Chinese traditional Buddhism theme. Young People can thrill themselves in the amusement park located northeast of the park. There are also many other activities on and around the lake, such as minibus rides, yachting, pedal boats and tourist boats. At the southernmost part of the Water Park complex, there is the Tianjin Zoo that covers an area of 132.9 acres (53.77 hectares) with more than 200 kinds of animals.

Due to its unique charming beauty, the Water Park has become a magnet for tourists from home and abroad. Come for relaxation and fun.


1. Take Metro Line 3 and get off at the Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, which is near the north gate of the park.
2. Take bus no. 35, 377, 668, 705 West Line, 857, 871 or 879 and get off at Water Park East Gate Station.
3. Take bus no. 643, 872 or sightseeing bus no. 2 and get off at Water Park Station.
4. Take bus no. 380 and get off at the Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao.

Admission Fee Visitors can enter the park for free, but need to pay for amusement facilities if using them.
CNY 20 for zoo admission, and CNY 30 for its combo ticket.
Opening Hours 7:00 - 18:00

Nov. 16 - Mar. 31 of the next year: 8:30 - 16:00
Apr. 1 - Nov. 15: 8:30 - 17:00

Seashore Holiday Resort

Lying in the east of Gaoshaling Village in Tanggu District in Tianjin City, the Seashore Holiday Resort is a bathing beach famous for its seashore hot spring. It is one of the largest man-made bathing beaches in China at present.

An embankment 656-yard (600-meter) long and 11-yard (10-meter) wide was built to connect the artificial beach and the coast. Visitors can enjoy bright sunshine and light sea breeze on the broad and smooth sand beach. Compared with other bathing beaches, Tianjin Seashore Holiday Resort has a rather gentle slope. When the tide rises, the flat sand beach becomes a natural area for swimming. On the other hand, when the tide falls, a wide sand beach reveals itself. Visitors will enjoy collecting seashells and catching crabs.

Besides the beach, there are other facilities like the three straight slides and two spiral slides. Brave young people can have a go at sky parachuting, sailing, motor boats and/or taking part in water sports. The beach volleyball and football competitions will bring sports fans a different ball playing experience. Fishing enthusiasts can have fun at sea fishing and the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset at sea will make everybody reluctant to leave.

Come here, return to nature!


Take bus from to Tanggu Train Station, then transfer to bus No. 822 from Tanggu Train Station to the Seashore Holiday Resort.

Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 17:00

Tianjin Radio and Television Tower

Located in Tianta Lake in the southwestern Tianjin urban district, Tianjin Radio and Television Tower is one of the top ten attractions in the city. It is also called “Tianta Xuanyun” (swirling cloud over the heavenly tower). Measuring 1,362 feet (415 meters) tall, it is the fourth tallest TV tower in the world after Toronto TV Tower, Moscow TV Tower and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Like a long sword piercing into the sky, Tianjin Radio and Television Tower presents a majestic and marvelous view. It is made up of the base, pedestal and the body of the tower, turret and antenna. It broadcasts several television and radio programs at the same time. Outdoor observation deck and revolving restaurant can be found at the tower’s 814 to 912 feet (248 - 278 meters) height. While appreciating their food, visitors can enjoy a superb panorama extending for several miles in the revolving restaurant which turns 360 degrees every 45 minutes.


1. Take Metro Line 3 and get off at Tianta (Tianjin Radio and Televison Tower) Station.
2. Take bus no. 8, 12, 157, 161, 168, 377, 380, 612, 615, 628, 643, 658, 675, 686, 710, 712, 713, 832, 859, 866, 872, or sightseeing bus no. 2 and get off at Tianta Station.

Admission Fee: CNY 50
Opening Hours: 8 :00 – 20: 00

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