Quanzhou Dining

The cuisine of the seaport city of Quanzhou has been influenced by many different cultures, some even overseas. Cooks use the local seaside provender and exotic methods to create a variety of special dishes. Among these dishes, the most famous are local appetizers. Their popularity has spread to other countries in south and east Asia.

Local Snacks

 Kezai Jian (Fried Oyster)
This is a traditional snack cooked with big, fleshy oysters and fresh leeks. The oysters are mixed with the leeks and sweet potato powder together with clear water and pan fried for about two minutes. Then they are sprinkled with some lard, soy and vinegar and turned over several times in the pan. Finally, the oysters are topped with a fried egg. You can add more flavors to this dish by adding shallots and pepper.

 Tusun Dong (Frozen Siphon Worm)
Tusun is a kind of eatable insect about four inches long living on the sandy shores. Locals often remove the insects' haslets and boil only their outer bodies in clear water. The pectin inside the insects' bodies is then mixed with water and frozen. After freezing, the mixture takes the form of a pure white jelly. When eating the frozen jelly, you can boost its flavor by adding vinegar, sweet catsup, garlic, tomatoes or any condiment you wish.

 Mianxian Hu (Noodles in Soup)
This dish is a soup that is prepared with oysters, shrimps and mussels on a slow fire. Thin noodles are then added. The dish is complete when the noodles become mushy and blend with the soup. Sometimes, mushrooms and fish fillets are added to make the dish even more tasty.

 Rouzong (Pyramid-Shaped Dumplings Made of Pork)
These dumplings are made with many ingredients including not only pork and glutinous rice, but also mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds, ham and chicken. The preparation is also quite complicated. First the pork is boiled with various seasonings. Then the rice is stir-fried with the both of the stewed pork. After the rice is cooked, it is mixed with the pork, chestnuts, mushrooms and other condiments in bamboo leaves. Finally, the dumplings are simmered in a big pot for about half a day. Rouzong tastes rich and sweet, but not greasy. You can add some gingili sauce or garlic if you like.

 Shenhu Yuwan (Fish Pellet)
This dish is quite representative of Quanzhou cuisine. Fish pellets are made by mixing eel meat and sweet potatoes powder with egg whites. They can be formed round, rectangular or even in the shape of a fish. The pellets are boiled in water, then covered with hot chicken soup and sprinkled with peppers, garlic and coriander leaves. The pellets are snow-white and tender and have a crisp, delicate taste.

Quanzhou has more snacks worthy of tasting, such as the crisp Chunbing cake, the multi-flavored Nenbing cake, the sweet peanut kernel soup and the soft noodles with meat and gravy. Quanzhou also has a Delicious Food Street where you can enjoy all of the local snacks as well as famous dishes from other cities including Canton, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Taipei, and Singapore. Delicious Food Street is near Tumen and Jinhuai streets in the Licheng district. Many city buses go there including No.17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 26, and 27. Of course, you can also take a taxi there.

Recommend Restaurants

 Chinese Restaurants

Shuimen Guozai Restaurant
Specialties: local snacks
Addresses: No.21, Shuimen Lane
No.115, Wenling Food Street

Zhanyou Delicious Food City
Specialties: local dishes, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine and hot pot
Address: No.7-14, Wenling Central Market, Wenling Food Street

Yiqing Delicious Food City
Specialties: local dishes and snacks of other cities
Address: No.101-108, Wenling Food Street

Western Restaurant
Greenland Western Restaurant
Addresses: 1st floor, Fengze Shopping Center, Fengze District
near the Qingjing Mosque, Tumen Street, Licheng District

Vegetarian Restaurant
Bodhi Tree Restaurant
Address: No.93, Chengtian Lane, Licheng District

U.B.C. Coffee
Address: Tianan Road, Fengze District

Ming Tien Coffee Language
Address: Tianan Road, Fengze District

Red Rock (Hongshi) Coffee
Address: No.1, Zhaungyuan Street, Licheng District

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Questions & Answers on Dining in Quanzhou
Asked by Michael D'Silva from INDIA | Sep. 11, 2015 05:31Reply
Does Wanda Plaza have Seafood Restaurants? If not please advise where else in Quanzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fendi from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 12, 2015 21:50

Yes, I know a seafood resto named Shui Huo on 3F the Puxi Wanda Plaza at Baozhou Street. You can go there to have a try.
Asked by Mr.Foo from SINGAPORE | Oct. 13, 2010 03:08Reply
anyone knows where is best tea farm. chinese tea cafe in quanzhou?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Delima | Oct. 13, 2010 04:02

Anxi is the best tea farm in Quanzhou.
Answered by Mr.Foo from SINGAPORE | Oct. 14, 2010 00:32

Thanks. If I am arriving at Xiamen International Airport at about 2pm noon, can I go straight to An Xi? I plan to stay at the local hotel few days.
By speed-bus and how long( 2hrs) it takes?
Thanks and regards.
Asked by Ms.Tung from CHINA | Jul. 01, 2009 02:50Reply
Is it real that Quanzhou has a gourmet street? How can I get there?
Answers (2)
Answered by Ms.Yuan from CN | Jul. 01, 2009 21:40

Yes, there is. It’s located on Wenling Gongye Road. It ends at Jinhuai Street on the south and adjoins Fengze Street on the north. It is 613 meters long.
Answered by Bill from AMERICA | Dec. 12, 2013 01:29

The new Wanda Plaza has a lot of excellent restaurants. Among them the most gourmet would be Slim´s New York Steak & Lobster. The steak served here is the best in town ! Slim´s is partly owned by foreign investors and also have a foreign chef. They also serve pizza, pasta and homemade burgers. I only tried the steak but it was one of the best steaks I have ever had !
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