Quanzhou Travel Tips

 Quanzhou in brief:
Location: Southeast of Fujian Province
Area: 11,015 square kilometers (2,721,866 acres)
Resident Population: 8 million
Languages: Minnan Yu (Taiwanese Hokkien), Mandarin Speech
History: developed in the Zhou (11th century BC-221BC) and Qin (221BC-206BC) dynasties; named as Quanzhou during the Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism
Area Code: 0595
Postal code: 362000
City flower: Erythrina Orientalis

 Useful numbers:
Fire alarm 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120
Traffic Accident 122
Consumer complaint 95315
Tourist complaint 0595-22282039
Civil Aviation Information 0595-85154259
Airport Information 0595-86662404, 0595-86661236

 Money Change
Addresses of Some Branches of Bank of China:
Bell Tower Branch: North Zhongshan Road, Licheng District
Jiuyi Road Branch: No. 1, Jiuyi Road, Licheng District
East Street Branch: No. 411-419, East Street (Dong Jie), Licheng District
Donghu (East Lake) Branch: East Lake Road, Fengze District
Licheng Branch: Tian'an Road, Fengze District
Quanxiu Branch: Quanxiu Road, Fengze District
Wan'an Branch: Wan'an Industrial Park, Luojiang District

Addresses of Main Post Offices:
Jiuyi Street Branch: Southwest Corner of the crossway between Jiuyi Road and Wenling Road
East Street Branch: No.211-215, East Street (Dong Jie)
East Lake Branch: Dongchan Road, East Lake Street (Donghu Jie)

Many hotels have the access to the internet, even some are free. If the hotels you choose don't provide the internet communication service, you can go to the internet bars along all the streets of the city. The general cost is about CNY2 per hour.

People's Hospital of Quanzhou (Quanzhou Renmin Yiyuan): Daxi Lane, Licheng District
120 First-aid Center: East Citong Road, Fengze District

 Famous Universities
Huaqiao University
Address: Chengdong Town, Fengze District

Quanzhou Normal University
Addresses: Chongfu Road, Licheng District
Bincheng, Donghai Town, Fengze District
Shishan Town, Nan'an City

When night comes, thi city is always decorated beautifully with colorful neon lights along all the streets. After a busy day, people often go out to relax in the squares, parks, clubs, night markets as well as gymnasiums and beauty parlors. In the Fengze Square, the food market, shopping market and book market are always full of people while in the Delicious Food Streets, the various local snacks give out wafts of enticing aromas and draw many people there to satisfy their appetites.

Parks are also many people's choice to spend their night. Especially in the West Lake Park that is located at the southern foot of Mt.Qingyuan, people often walk or drive there to fly kites, wander around or boat on the lake. Other parks like Daping, Binjiang are famous for their open-air sidewalk food stalls while the Tea Bar on the Heavenly Lake of Mt. Qingyuan is most tranquil and tasteful for you to enjoy genuine Fujian tea.

In Licheng District, there are cultural corners for people with different interests. The seniors gather in the local opera corner like the Culture Palace to enjoy the dulcet Nanyin, a long history opera sung in Fujian dialect with the accompaniment of traditional Chinese stringed and wood-wind instruments. The story-lovers assemble in the story corner to listen to legends from throughout history. Those who like films go to the cinemas to appreciate the most recent films or the traditional performance of puppet shows. For others, they always go to the cafés or the tea bars, chattering and laughing.

For the young people, various bars and clubs are the best places to let their hairs down. The song-and-dance halls, the KTV (Karaoke Television Bars) and all other nightclubs are here and there in the city, especially down East Street and Tumen Street. Some people also choose the gyms or the beauty parlors for exercising and relaxing.

 Night Clubs:
Great Wall Night Club: Wenling Road, Licheng District
Yuelai Recreation City: Jiuyi Street, Licheng District
Ligao Recreation City: West Citong Road, Fengze District
Fengze Garden Recreation City: Yingjin Road, Fengze District

Quanzhou Movie and Drama Theatre: No.20, West Street, Licheng District
Quanzhou East Lake Theatre: West Lake Street (Donghu Street), Fengze District

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Questions & Answers on Quanzhou Travel Tips
Asked by betty from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 30, 2018 03:35Reply
what are the hotels near quanzhou southern shaolin international school? thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Tom from SINGAPORE | May. 02, 2018 03:49

The Changfa Hotel in 81 Xichuang Village and Jinwei Holiday Hotel near Longquan Temple are recommended!
It provides reasonable price and warm service. You can go and have a look.
Asked by Colin from USA | Feb. 19, 2015 15:10Reply
What are the specific addresses of the hospitals listed above?
Are there doctors at those hospitals that can speak English?
Answers (2)
Answered by Tina from IRELAND | Feb. 26, 2015 19:51

People's Hospital of Quanzhou
Address: No.55 of Daxi Street, Licheng District.
Some of the doctor in the hospital can speak simple English.
Answered by Colin from USA | Feb. 27, 2015 20:14

Thank you very much Tina
Asked by pinks | Oct. 26, 2014 22:55Reply
Hi ! I just want to ask quanzhou government hospital. what is the name?
Answers (1)
Answered by Vincent from AUSTRIA | Oct. 27, 2014 03:17

You mean the public hospital in there? As I know, the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, the First Hospital, the Second Hospital, and the people’s Hospital in the city are all public hospitals.
Asked by Anna Houston from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 14, 2013 19:51Reply
How can I get to East Lake Park in Quanzhou? by bus from Wenling Lu, or from bus station
Answers (1)
Answered by Juana from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 14, 2013 20:12

As I know, it is within walking distance from Wenling Road to East Lake Park, so you can ask the local people about the directions to walk there. There is no need to take a bus.

From the Bus Station to the park, it is only far either. The best way shall be to take a taxi, which will take you there in several minutes.
Asked by Lie Suyanto from INDONESIA | Dec. 16, 2012 08:49Reply
Hello, We are going to be travelling to Quanzhou from Xia Men Airport
Can we get a bus or taxi from Xia Men Airport? how long the distance between these location ?
I have a sister ( hand phone number +8659585988770 ) is it located in that city? Can I get the address of her hometown ? thank you for your support...
Answers (2)
Answered by Mina | Dec. 16, 2012 21:12

Hi, by bus, you can take bus no. 81 at the airport and get off at West Fanghu Road Station. Then you can walk to the local Fanghu Bus Station in several minutes. There you can take a direct bus to your destination. It is a little hard to tell you the specific kms between the two places, but the whole journey from the airport to your destination takes about 2h or a little longer.
If you wanna take a taxi, it costs CNY250-300 and takes about 1.5h.
I suggest you call your sister and ask for her address for sure.
Answered by Lie Suyanto from INDONESIA | Dec. 17, 2012 01:29

Thank you Ms. Mina for your good information
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