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GuangFo Line (Guangzhou — Foshan Line) is the first intercity underground rail in China, covering Haizhu District and Liwan District of Guangzhou City as well as Chancheng District and Nanhai District of Foshan City.


Foshan's city bus system is well designed. It has over 360 bus lines. The ticket price for a city bus in Chancheng District is CNY2, while trips to other districts are charged according to distance, generally ranging from CNY2 to CNY10.

Apart from the ordinary public buses, the Intercity Bus Terminal also has bus lines running between the five districts of  the city, such as lines from Chancheng District to Gaoming, Shunde and Sanshui districts, as well as a line from Nanhai District to Shunde District. The service is usually available from 06:00 to 20:30, and the through fare ranges from CNY6 to CNY12.

In addition, there are five special tourist lines operating in there. They take visitors back and forth between the main points of interest in the city, which makes it very easy for them to see the main attractions of the city:

Bus routes

Departure time


Main stops

Through fare

No.1 Railway Station (05:50-20:25)
West Coast (05:50-20:20)
15-20 minutes Railway Station, Bus Station, Zhongshan Park, Liang Garden, Zumiao Temple, Xiqiao Mountain CNY10
No.2 06:00-19:30 15~20 minutes Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Zumiao Temple, Liang Garden, Bus Station South, Railway Station, Zhongshan Park, CCTV Nanhai Movie & TV Town CNY7
No.3 06:00-19:30 15 minutes Kuiqilu Subway Station, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Zumiao Temple, Railway Station, Bus Station,  Xianhu Tourist Holiday Resort, Sanshui Bus Station, Sanshui Lotus World CNY9
No.4 05:50-20:30 10~15 minutes Railway Station, Bus Station, Zhongshan Park, Liang Garden, Zumiao Temple, World of Flower, Qinghui Garden CNY8
No.5 GuangFo Lukou Station: 06:25-21:00
Shiwan Riverside Garden: 05:30-19:50
10~15 minutes GuangFo Lu, Jiazhou Square, Dali Commercial Street, Airport,  Railway Station, Bus Station, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Shiwan Riverside Garden CNY6


Foshan includes five administrative divisions and their taxi fare varies a little:

District   Flag-down Rate for
First 2km (1.2mi) 
Surcharge Fuel Fee
Chancheng  CNY7  CNY2.6/km  CNY1
Shunde  CNY8  CNY3/km  Free
Nanhai  CNY5   CNY2.8/km  CNY1
Gaoming    CNY7 CNY2.6/km 
Sanshui  CNY8  CNY2.8/km  Free

Note: Any possible toll fee and surcharge should be paid by passengers.

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