Shantou Nightlife

Shantou locals enjoy a kind of healthy, yet colorful and fashionable nightlife. When the night comes, the busy streets become more vibrant with the neon lights decorations. People throng to the tea houses, bars, gyms, KTV (karaoke TV) centers and other amusement places to relax themselves after a whole day of hard work. Some choose to appreciate the latest films or the traditional Chaozhou operas in the cinemas or theaters.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea
This is the most fashionable and popular way of nightlife among the local people. In the city center, which is the busiest part of the city, you can find tea houses in different styles and ambiances along the streets. Most of them have an elegant and quiet atmosphere that will allow the customers to feel totally relaxed. Listening to the relaxing gentle music while sipping a cup of fragrant tea, you can really make yourself feel at ease and be in a calm mood. In addition, some tea houses also serve local snacks or wines to cater to the diverse needs of their customers.
Recommended Tea Houses
Heng Shan Lin Tea House: Middle Heng Shan Road, Longhu District
Chaocha Tea House: B6, Leye Yuan Garden, Middle Da Xue Road, Shengping District

Indulge in Bars
There is no doubt that bars do play a very important role in a city's nightlife. In Shantou, bars are concentrated in the Longhu district. Particularly at Rong Jiang Road, Jin Sha Road and Yingbin Square, you can find many bars glaring with colorful lights at night, most of which adopt their own particular styles and music. If you prefer to enjoy a serene atmosphere, you can seek out the European country-styled bars to have a glass of cocktail amidst the gentle and soft classic music. Alternatively, if you prefer a more party atmosphere, you can check out the disco bars to soak in the excitement of the rock music and the cheer of the beer drinking. Some bars even invite foreign singers to sing beautiful exotic songs, attracting many young people who are fond of following suit.
Recommended Bars
Soho Bar: No.5, Xin Xia Road
LA Bar: 1st-4th floor, Chang Rong Mansion, Jin Sha Road
Yes Bar: Ying Bin Road

Sing in KTV
Singing and dancing are always popularly enjoyed by the young people. KTV centers in Shantou provide quite excellent atmosphere and service for those who love music. It's very easy for the patrons to find their preferred songs due to the professional song request systems and the advanced sound equipment. The relatively affordable price increases the attractiveness of the joints, resulting in more and more citizens being attracted, even the middle aged and the seniors. This is indeed an ideal place to hold a party with friends or families.
Recommended KTV Centers
Jin Huang Cheng KTV: where Jinhu Road and Jin Xin Road meet
St. Paul KTV: No.11, Yong Cheng Mansion, Hua Shan Road
Jin Sha Amusement City: No.42, Jin Sha Road
Harbor City Amusement Company: No.56, Jin Xin Road

Work-out in Gyms
Nowadays, more and more people are starting to pay attention to their body shape and health, but due to their busy work schedules, most people unfortunately do not have enough time to exercise during the day. Most people, therefore, make use of their after-work hours to do some exercising. In Shantou, the locals often call up their friends to go to the gyms or other indoor sports places together after work. They do all sorts of exercises, including yoga and calisthenics, basketball, ping-pong and badminton etc. to tone up their bodies. Such places are so popular that the playing courts and practice grounds need to be booked before one's arrival.
Recommended Gym
Bonny Healthy Body Healthy Center: 8th floor, Da Yang Mansion, South Long Yan Road

Night Cruise
There are two night cruises which are definitely worth trying. Under the romantic moonlight, tourists can enjoy a charming atmosphere, taking in the magnificent bridges across the sea, the exquisite islands on the sea, the beautiful shadowy hills in the distance and the modern buildings located just nearby. The first cruise, the Harbor Dinner Cruise, offers a feast of the local dishes and snacks and starts at 18:40 hours, while the second cruise, the Harbor Night Cruise, starts at 21:10 hours every night.
Address of the Wharf: West of Guangchang Ferry, Hai Bin Road
City buses: No.9, No.12, No.16, No.17, No.19, No.23, No.25, No.101 and No.103

Additionally, if you like films or operas, there are some places that we would like to recommend to you.
Yidu Grand Theater: Middle Jin Sha Road
Ostrich Theater: No.3, Xin Xing Road
Qun Zhong Cinema: No.75, Zhen Ping Road
Da Guang Ming Cinema: No.9, Zhi Ping Road

- Last modified on May. 10, 2019 -
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