Shantou Travel Tips

Fast Facts

Brief Introduction
Location: East of Guangdong Province
Area: 2,064 square kilometers (about 510, 026 acres)
Population: 5,391,028
City Flower: Kingcup and Orchid
Dialing Code: 0754
Postal Code: 515000

Useful Phone Numbers
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Weather: 121
Consumer Complaint: 12315
Taxi Complaint: 0754-8239988
Tourist Bureau: 0754-8293456
Tourist Complaint: 0754-8297616

Money Change
Addresses of the Branches of Bank of China
No.54, Jin Huan Road
N0.20, South Long Yan Road
No.38, Zhong Shan Road
No.97, Shan Zhang Road
No.48, Jin Xin Road
No.8, Jin Sha Road
No.18, Wai Ma Lu Road

Post Offices
No.147, Wai Ma Lu Road
No.79, Middle Jin Sha Road
No.27, Zhu Chi Road
No.126, East Zhong Shan Road
Express Mail Post Office: 1st floor, Post Center, No.50, Jin Huan Road

Shantou Central Hospital: No.114, Wai Ma Lu Road, Jinyuan District
The Second People's Hospital of Shantou: No.52, Wai Ma Lu Road, Jinyuan District
Shantou Jinping District People's Hospital: No.21, Jin Yuan Road
Shantou Longhu District People's Hospital: No.18, Rong Jiang Road

Chaoyang Book City: No.115, Chang Ping Road
Xin Hua Bookstore: No.55, Tian Shan Road
No.72, Jin Sha Road
No.26, Li An Road

Famous University
Shantou University: No.243, Da Xue Road


The city has various special local products such as beautiful potteries and porcelains, exquisite embroideries, vivid stone sculptures, colorful shell carvings and elegant drawnwork. You can also delight your taste buds with the abundance of mandarin oranges, pomegranates, lychees and bananas, which are widely grown in this area.

Shantou Tourist Shopping Center: No.4, Ying Chun Road, Jinping District
Friendship Tourist Shopping Center: Zhong Shan Road, Chenghai District

Being one of China's five special economic zones, the city is well known for its flourishing commerce. Therefore, shopping there is very convenient and enjoyable. Jinping District is the trading center of the city. The commercial circle, formed by the busiest city roads like Jin Sha Road, Chang Ping Road, Hai Bin Road and Jin Xin Road, can meet almost all of your needs with their great number of malls and supermarkets. You can also wander along shopping promenades along An Ping Road, Li An Road, Bo Ai Road and Huaqiao New Village Road to find specific items you want. 'Brand Street', located between Jin Yuan Road and Xin Xia Road, is delightful with stores having been built in the European architectural style. Here you can purchase clothes, cosmetics, leatherware, jewelries and craftworks with world famous brand names.

Wal-Mart: underground 1st floor, Nanguo Shopping City, Middle Chang Ping Road
Lotus Supermarket: No.35 block, Fengze Zhuang, Chang Ping Road
South of Tong Yi Road, Chenghai District

 Shopping Centers
Parkson Mall: 1st-5th floor, East Nanguo Shopping City, Middle Chang Ping Road
Guangsha Shopping Square: East Asia (Dong Ya) Shopping Center, Dong Xia Road, Jinping District

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Questions & Answers on Shantou Travel Tips
Asked by Max from SINGAPORE | Apr. 20, 2017 07:20Reply
Any shopping centre near Hanting Express Chaozhou new bridge branch?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from USA | Apr. 27, 2017 19:55

There is a RT-Mart near your hotel. It’s located at the middle section of Fengchun Road, only 1.5 kilometers’ drive from your hotel. You can take a taxi to go there at the cost of CNY10 or so.
Asked by Max from SINGAPORE | Apr. 20, 2017 07:17Reply
How much is the taxi fare from Jieyang airport to Hanting Express Chaozhou new bridge branch?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jack from UK | Apr. 27, 2017 19:38

It could be CNY80-90 at the day time.
Asked by CAPRI_1004 from MY | Mar. 14, 2016 04:09Reply
Which hotel is easy accessible to night market, food & street shopping in Shantou ?
I will be there for 4 nights. Appreciate if anyone could share some interesting places to visit ?

Also, im searching for a hotel where it is easy accessible to night market, food & some street shopping. Any suggestions ?

Answers (5)
Answered by Linda from USA | Mar. 15, 2016 20:10

The interesting places include Nan Ao Island, Qing Ao Bay and Citic Resort, Queshi Scenic Area, etc. For accommodation, you may consider the Dreamer & Joker Hotel at No. 89, Changping Road, Jinping District. Walk west along Changping Road for about 400 yards, and turn left. You will find many eateries and stores. During the night, you can find much street food there. :)
Answered by CAPRI_1004 from MY | Mar. 16, 2016 03:42

Hi Linda,

Is Xitang Landscape Garden worth a visit ? Thanks
Answered by Irina from DENMARK | Mar. 16, 2016 19:58

Oh, yes, Xitang Landscape Garden is worth to visit. It's regarded as the 'Suzhou Classic Elegant Classical Gardens' in Guangdong. You will see the representative characters of classical garden, such as structure, style and aesthetics. Have fun!
Answered by CAPRI_1004 from MY | Apr. 01, 2016 03:52

Hi Irina,

How much is the entrance fee to Xitang Landscape Garden? Thanks.
Answered by Irina | Apr. 02, 2016 01:11

Well, I'm not sure. But I remember that no one was there to ask for the entrance tickets.
Asked by CAPRI_1004 from MY | Feb. 22, 2016 01:16Reply
Are there any night markets in Shantou ?
Appreciate if you could provide the address of the night markets. Thank you.

Answers (1)
Answered by Ava from USA | Feb. 22, 2016 02:45

Yes! You may go to Longyan Road Night Market at the crossroad of Middle Jinsha Road and South Longyan Road. Have a try!
Asked by Joseph Chen from USA | Aug. 17, 2015 22:52Reply
I am a 92 year-old Chinese American wish to retire in Shantou, can I get retirement Visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Simon from SINGAPORE | Aug. 18, 2015 02:40

Well, there is no retirement visa in China. Perhaps you refer to the Permanent Resident Permit (D type) in China. It is usually hard to get for a foreigner. They have strict regulations about this. You'd better consult Chinese embassy or consulate.
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