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High/Low Temperatures of Shantou
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Shantou
Average Temperatures of Shantou
Average Temperatures Graph for Shantou
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Average Humidity Graph for Shantou
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Average Rainfall Graph for Shantou
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Shantou Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Shantou weather is blessed with mild and humid air as well as abundant sunshine because the city belongs to the subtropical marine and monsoon climate zone. The average temperature per year is about 22C (72F). The hottest months are July and August with maximum temperatures of 36C (97F) to 40C (104F). Winter weather of Shantou is relatively warm with temperatures of above 0C (32F). The climate is thus pleasant almost all year round, except for in summer. You can arrange your trip to avoid the hottest months. Before you arrive, make sure to bring enough spring and summer clothes. However, rain is frequent from April to September, so remember to take an umbrella when traveling to the wonderful place during this period of time.

The city holds the International Tourism and Culture Festival every year in October or November. During the festival, you can enjoy the delicious local dishes and snacks in the International Food Exposition, which draws great attention of food enterprises from America, France, Japan, Korea, Thailand as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Chaozhou operas and music full of local flavors are also performed during that time as feasts for your senses. Some tourism companies use this opportunity to attract tourists by providing special tour routes to sample the delicious food. If you want to witness such a grand festival, you need to search for the specific dates on the internet, as the festival is held at different times every year.

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