Top 10 Things to Do in Shantou

Shantou, a city along the southeast coast of China, is famous for beautiful coastal landscapes and profound port history. It is also the hometown of various overseas Chinese. For tourists, the recommended things to do in Shantou include a seaside vacation at the Nan’ao Island, enjoying the exotic arcade buildings at the Shantou Old Town, feeling this city’s modern vitality at Shantou University, and trying seafood and other delicacies on the Zhujiang Road. 

Nan’ao Island is a perfect seaside resort. With the cool wind blowing, it will be your excellent experience to jog or take a walk along the coastline. The blue sea looks all the more beautiful against the glow of sunrise or sunset. What is more, at the forest park on the island, you may enjoy fresh air and an interesting hiking tour. Many historical sites are also worth seeing, especially the General Mansion of Army of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and the Song Well of the Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Lastly, remember to have a seafood feast at the local restaurant. Oyster, sea urchin, lobster and rockfish etc. taste very fresh.

Shantou Old Town

Shantou Old Town gathers a lot of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque arcade houses built in the early 20th century, which is rarely seen in other old quarters of China. From the well-preserved shopping mall, hotel, post office and stores, tourists could also tell this area’s bygone prosperity as a regional commercial center. Now, that prosperity has been replaced by slow paced life. Tasting local snacks and enjoying special streetscape are worth trying Shantou things to do here.

Shantou University

Shantou University is popular for both academic atmosphere and architectural style. Before you enter the campus, remember to take a photo by the curved gate made up of well-arranged stone bricks. Then, you may go inside and visit the famous sculpture, the Bell of Truth. Visiting the waterside library is another top thing to do in Shantou University, and it is even hailed as the most beautiful library in Asia. The wreath-like main building of the medical college is also an amazing site, especially when sunlight shines through. After that, you may visit the Graffiti wall at the back hill, or the reservoir in the northwest.

Shantou Small Park

Shantou Small Park is near Shantou Old Town mentioned above, and also features exotic arcade buildings and radial streets. As a thriving commercial and residential area in the 1930s, this place witnessed the rise and fall of Shantou, and the well-preserved shopping mall is the most representative and worth seeing attraction. Apart from it, tourists may pay a visit to Zhongshan Pavilion, appreciate stone and wood carvings at the Laoma Palace, or learn Shantou’s port culture and marine culture at the Post Office Building.

Food Street, Zhujiang Rd.

When Chinese people are asked what to do in Shantou, they may recommend lots of Shantou delicacies instead of attractions. Indeed, Shantou food enjoys wide popularity for its fresh ingredient, mild flavor, and rich nutrition, and Zhujiang Road provides tourists various Shantou food. First of all, seafood is a must. Various crab, clam, oyster, shrimp, fish etc. are shown in the front of the store, and tourists could choose the ingredients and ask the chief to make them into different flavors based on their taste. Other worth trying cuisines include the Beef Hotpot, Pig’s Stomach Soup, Rice Noodles Soup, Teochew Porridge and Brined Goose.

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Queshi Scenic Spot features granite landform and is blessed with lofty hills, grotesque rocks and mysterious caves. Plus the lush vegetation and rich waterscape, Queshi is a natural oxygen bar and an ideal destination for hiking tours. Among the six scenic areas inside, Tashan Area is the most touristy. One could see the cliff inscriptions, walk through the stone corridor, or stand on the mountain top to enjoy the panorama of the surroundings. Besides, there are many historical sites which reflect the history of Shantou Port, such as the Christian church, and the former site of the British and German Consulate.

Seaside Corridor 

2km (1.2mi) long Seaside Corridor is a piece of quiet land in the bustling downtown. It is a leisurely Shantou activity to take a walk there along with the ebb and flow and the sound of waves licking the shore. What is more, along the Seaside Corridor are planted many banyan trees, coconut trees, and cannas, which give out fresh smell and also help to relax your mind. Delicate pavilions and statues add more charm to this place.
Zhongshan Park is an attraction suitable for both adults and children. When strolling around the park, tourists may encounter quaint memorial archway, rockery and zigzag bridge in traditional Chinese style. Rare plants, flowers and bonsais could also please one’s eyes. To fully enjoy the peaceful vibe, tourists may climb mountain, go fishing, or paddle a boat on the lake. As for children, Zhongshan Zoo inside the park may be their favorite place to greet cute animals and watch animal performance. Also, tourists could spend happy family time at the amusement area with all sorts of recreation facilities.

Shipaotai Park (Park of Stone Barbette)  

Military enthusiast cannot miss this place. With the history of over 140 years, Shipaotai was a typical maritime fortification in the southeast coastal area of China. First, tourists may observe the august barbette made of sandstone, glutinous rice paste and brown sugar syrup. Then, it is time to tour from bottom to top. Underground tunnels were where cannonballs were placed and soldiers were stationed. In order to quickly carry cannonballs upstairs, the stair edge was designed corrugated instead of perpendicular, which is very special. When people get to the top, they could see 72 ventilating towers and lots of cannons. The shooting range of the most powerful cannons is said to be 8km (5mi).  

Shantou Museum

The most eye-opening thing to do in Shantou Museum is to enjoy the exhibition of shipwreck Nan’ao No.1. Salvaged relics, mainly the porcelain of the Ming Dynasty, are displayed, enabling people to gain a better understanding of the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Another worth seeing display is about Shantou history. Architecture replicas, written materials, traditional food etc. show the unique culture of Shantou and overseas Chinese. Other than that, people may enjoy calligraphy, painting, wood carving, lacquer ware, seal and ancient coinage. By the way, since Shantou Museum is to the northwest of Zhongshan Park, tourists may visit them together.
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