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Zhuhai's superior geographical location contributes to its favorable natural environment giving an abundance of special local products. The various special products boast distinctive local features and make good souvenirs as well as nice presents for your family or friends. The city has many flourishing commercial areas with a series of huge malls, department stores and supermarkets that will make your shopping experience easier.


Special Local Products

The various special local products will certainly give you a new experience. Among them, the most famous are the large number of aquatic products including fish, eel, oyster sauce, crabs, prawns and teal.

The coast of the city is at the boundary of salt and fresh water, producing big oysters rich in protein and minerals, which give a nutritious oyster sauce that is popular in Hong Kong and Macao and exported to Southeast Asia. The eel of Huangjin Village of Doumen District is an excellent food source. They are prolific and popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Japan. A kind of grass carp produced in Nanping Town is said to be raised according to a special method and is famous for its crisp texture and tasty flavor. The plump crabs there are also recommended, especially those of the islands of Nanshui and Qi'ao. In addition, the prawns of Wanshan Islands, the nutritious kudzuvine root of Shangheng Town, the fresh and delicious teal and the pollution-free lotus root of the Baiteng Lake can also be added to your shopping list.

The Sea Product Market located opposite Wanzai Port is a good place to buy those aquatic products. The market faces Macao across the Haojiang River, which is less than one kilometer wide. It is a comparatively large market featuring distinctive local color and attracts many tourists. There are plenty of stores arranged in lines selling various sea products such as shark fin, abalone, sea cucumbers and sleeve-fish. Salted fish and other salted seafood are available at the drysalteries. Additionally, you can buy some beautiful seashells or other small ornaments there as souvenirs. The market can be reached by public bus No.5, No.14, and No.30.

Fruits should not be missed when you are traveling there. Besides the common fruits of south China, the city has something special. Xiaotuoshan Orange of Huangyang Mountain of Doumen District is the most welcome, because it tastes good and has a curative effect on cough, dyspepsia and malnutrition. The litchi of Huangyang Mountain is also popular for its nice appearance and tasty flavor. You can buy some at various farmers' markets.

At those markets especially in Wanzai Town, Zhuhai's famous beautiful fresh flowers are available. Flowers have been cultivated in Wanzai Town for more than 100 years. Now there are nearly 300 types of flowers including many precious types from both home and abroad. The town produces flowers all year round, mainly exported to Macao.

Various artwork and handicrafts are recommended when you go there. The fabrics made by the float grass in Baiteng Lake are good choices. Straw mats, hats and many other products are delicate and durable and are favored by tourists. In addition, the genuine pearls are also worth buying. The pearls have not only a nice appearance but also a beautiful effect and a beneficial effect on health. You can shop for pearls at the South Sea Pearl Store at No.1173, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District.

Recommended Special Local Products Stores:
Wanzai Haojiang Tourist Department Store
Address: Nanwan Avenue Dock, Wanzai Town, Xiangzhou District

Tangjia Local Product Store
Address: Yinkeng Haochang, Tangjia, Xiangzhou District

Zhuhai Luda Tourist Store
Address: No.4, South Haibin Road, Jida


Recommended Shopping Places

Five main commercial areas in the city provide you with a wide choice when purchasing commodities.

South Yingbin Road Commercial Area
This is one of the most prosperous commercial areas in the city extending from South Yingbin Road to Gongbei Port Square.

Recommended Places:
Wanjia Department Store
Address: International Mansion, No.1019, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Yingbin Commercial Plaza
Address: No.1144, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei

Address: 1F, No.1077, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei

Lianhua Road Commercial Area
Lianhua Road is a traditional pedestrian commercial street in Zhuhai and an important place for locals and tourists to go shopping, sightseeing and relaxing. With Lianhua Road as the main part, this commercial area also includes the nearby East Yuehai Road and Qiaoguang Road.

Recommended Places:
Lianhua Wanjing Shopping Mall
Address: No.3, Lianhua Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Friendship Shopping Mall
Address: No.4, Lianhua Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Jingshan Road Commercial Area
This commercial area is a typical coastal tourist shopping place. A series of huge shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets on both sides of the road are arranged in a modern style, selling various commodities.

Recommended Places:
Zhuhai Department Store
Address: No.222, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

Tax-Free Shopping Mall
Address: No.220, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

New Seven-Star Shop
Address: Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

Fenghuang Road Commercial Area
Fenghuang Road Commercial Area is the general name for the old commercial areas of Xiangzhou District, including Fenghuang Road, Chaoyang Road, Xiangbu Road, Cuixiang Road and Zijing Road.

Recommended Places:
Address: Yangming Plaza, No.1088, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District

Minghe Department Store
Address: No.1118, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District

Maoye Department Store
Address: 1-3 F, No.301, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District

A. Best Supermarket
Address: No.189, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District

Carrefour Supermarket
Address: No.23, Xingye Road, Xiangzhou District

Qinglu Road Commercial Area
With Ridong Plaza as the core, Qinglu Road Commercial Area gradually extends into a coastal commercial circle featuring shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Recommended Places:
Specialties: Outlets is a rising retailing clothes store set up in Zhuhai in 2004. It sells clothes of international or domestic famous brands such as Polo, C.K., Tommy, Pierre Cardin, Lao Ye Che, Puma, Marceleo Fino, Giovani Valentino, Mickey, and Aemape. The clothes sold here are out of season or short in size however they are sold at very low prices.
Address: 2 F, Ridong Plaza, No.49, Middle Qinglu Road, Jida
Bus Routes: 9, 20, 21, 25, 40, 43, 60, 99, 202

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