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High/Low Temperatures of Zhuhai
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Zhuhai
Average Temperatures of Zhuhai
Average Temperatures Graph for Zhuhai
Air Quality of Zhuhai
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Zhuhai

Zhuhai Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Located in a low latitude area along the southern coast of China, Zhuhai has a subtropical marine climate. It enjoys sufficient sunlight and large quantity of heat. However it is frequently ravaged by the tropical monsoon from south Asia and by thunder storms, sometimes even typhoons in May, June and July. Zhuhai weather generally is warm and humid with abundant rainfall, 90% of which concentrates on the rainy season from May to October. So the half year from November to the next April is good to visit the city and the best times are March, April, November, and December.

The annual temperature of Zhuhai averages 22.3C (about 72.1F). Summer climate is not very hot that the temperature peaks at 36C (about 96.8F) during months from June to August. The weather of winter there is mild and sweaters are sufficient in the coldest months of January and February.

Detailed Zhuhai weather information about the rainfall:

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Rainfall (in) 0.8/0.9 1.5/1.6 2.3/2.4 5.6/5.7 8.4/8.5 9.3/9.4
Rainfall (mm) 20/25 40/45 60/65 140/145 210/215 235/240
Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (in) 8.5/8.6 10.0/10.1 7.1/7.2 2.9/3.0 1.0/1.1 0.8/0.9
Rainfall (mm) 215/220 250/255 180/185 70/75 25/30 20/25

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