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Map of Zhuhai
Zhuhai map with main roads, scenic spots

Situated on the southern end of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai faces Hong Kong to the east across the sea, and adjoins Macau on the south, Xinhui and Taishan on the west and Zhongshan on the north.

From the above map, you can see the local major attractions and roads, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, the Jiuzhougang Dock (ferry terminal) and the Gongbei border for the entry to Macau and so on. The landmark of the city - Zhuhai Fishing Girl Statue - is near the Seaside Park in the east of the city. The Gongbei border is a vital passage to Macau Special Administrative Region. The Gongbei Passenger Station is near the Gongbei border. It provides the bus services to major cities and towns in Guangdong as well as interprovincial bus services. In the southwest, you can see Nanping Town located in Xiangzhou District of the city. As one of China's five largest special economic zones, Zhuhai boasts a 3-square-kilometers duty free zone. As you can see in this map, it lies in the south of the city, close to Macau.

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Questions & Answers on Zhuhai Map
Asked by nurul from MALAYSIA | Apr. 18, 2019 21:21Reply
How can I get to reach Zhuhai from Malaysia ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gladys from FINLAND | Apr. 23, 2019 00:47

You can take a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai first. Then transfer to a plane to Zhuhai Jinwan Airport.
Asked by tc from SINGAPORE | Apr. 09, 2019 00:26Reply
are there any direct flight from Singapore to Zhuhai
Answers (1)
Answered by Caroline from CANADA | Apr. 15, 2019 00:26

There is no direct flight between these two places. It is advised to take a plane to Hong Kong International Airport first. After arriving, taking the direct coach to Zhuhai.
Asked by Chong from MALAYSIA | Oct. 29, 2017 16:58Reply
Hi there. Where should I stay in Zhuhai? Is the surroundings of Gongbei Port of Entry convenient?
My main interests are simple, yummy local food, markets (both morning and night markets) and if possible, fishing ports. Would be great if I can stay somewhere close to these places. And if by any chance, does anyone know where I can get good fried chinese crullers (fried you tiao)? Appreciate your replies:) Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Selina from ICELAND | Oct. 30, 2017 03:12

You are suggested to stay in Lianhua Rd, a famous local snacks street, and it’s also near Gongbei. Many hotels like Midian Youth Hotel in 1,144 South Yingbin Rd, City Convenient Hotel in 92 Lianhua Rd, and Seven Days Hotel in 138 Yuehua Rd are recommended.
Various foods can be found in Lianhua Rd, including the fried food.
Asked by lawrence a omansky from USA | Feb. 17, 2017 19:49Reply
i wish to travel from shanghai to zhuhai
how far is shanghai from ZH and can you get there by train bus or airplane if so how much is the usual fare and how long does each way take?
thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Amir from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 19, 2017 02:09

The distance is around 980mi. Direct plane is available and it takes around 3h. You can take the flight either at Hongqiao or Pudong Airport. The air fare varies from season to season, so it is hard to tell the exact cost. By train, only one bullet one is available and it takes 13.5h or so. The fare is 595.5RMB for a second class ticket and 780RMB for a sleeper.
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