Zhangjiakou Dining

Zhangjiakou offers a wide range of foods. As it is close to northeastern China and bordered Inner Mongolia, some food more or less share the same flavors as that in the two areas.

Local Food - Notable Dishes and Snacks:

 Chaigoubu Bacon (Fortchai Bacon)
As the most famous meat dish in Zhangjiakou and a traditional food of Chaigoubu Town, Huai’an County, it has existed for over 200 years. The special bacon is smoked with cedar wood and the ingredients can be pork, mutton, chicken, or rabbit meat. The smoked meat tastes fat but not greasy. 

 Oat Flour (Youmian)
Youmian is a special kind of oat flour which is made from hulless oats (Avena chinensis). As a representative of Zhangjiakou food, it is also popular in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. It can be made into many flour dishes and snacks, such as Youmian Noodles, Kao Lao Lao, dumplings, balls and wontons, as well as instant noodles and pancakes.

 Huai'an Bean Curd Sheets
As the name suggests, it is a specialty of Huai’an County. The making process is complicated and exquisite, finally making thin, fresh and fragrant bean curd sheets. People can cook hot and cold, vegetable and meat dishes with it. It’s even regarded as the No. 1 Delicacy in Zhangjiakou.

 Eight Big Bowls of Yuxian County (Ba Da Wan)
This is a traditional dish of Yuxian County. People usually treat guests with it on weddings and banquets. The eight bowls respectively serve shredded vegetables, fried meat, steamed meat, big meat balls, fried whole chicken, various vegetables mixture, steamed meat balls, and goat tripe shreds.

 Boiled Lamb (Shouba Yangrou)
Select a fat lamb and cook it at once. The main cooking method is to boil. Just add in some salt and fresh mutton can be cooked. “Shouba” in the name means holding with hands. When eating the mutton, people usually hold a knife on one hand and mutton on the other hand. They would cut and pick out all meat with the knife.

 Roasted Whole Lamb
It actually is a traditional food of Mongolia minority people, tasting fresh and savory. Mongolians usually cook the roasted whole lamb to treat their distinguished guests, with the whole lamb representing “treating others heart and soul”. As Zhangjiakou is not far from Inner Mongolia, the food is also poplar in the area.

 Other snacks: Yiwosi Cake, common mushroom, Gezha Pancake, Shan Yao Yu, and kumiss.

Where to Eat - Recommended Restaurants

 Guo Xi Bacon
Guo Xi Bacon is the most renowned brand of Chaigoubu Bacon in Zhangjiakou. It’s said that a person named Guo Xi invented the special method of cooking bacon so that the brand and restaurant are named after him. Now it has a number of branches.
Qiaoxi District branch: East Street, Buzili, Qiaoxi District
Chaigoubu branch: South Street, Chaigoubu Town
Average Cost: CNY50 per person

 Muslim Restaurant
Pure Halal food is served here. The mutton is highly recommended.
Location: No. 158, South Mingde Street, Qiaoxi District
Average Cost: CNY60 per person

 Qing Yuan Lou
It is a hot pot restaurant and the mutton should not be missed.
Location: No. 98, Drum Tower Street, Xuanhua District
Average Cost: CNY60-70 per person

 Xiang Yuan Lou
The restaurant is a recommendation in Chinese famous cuisine documentary – A Bite of China. Don’t miss the Youmian Noodles!
Location: No. 32, Xibagang Road, Qiaoxi District
Average Cost: CNY50-60 per person

 Fucheng Beef Hot Pot
Qiaoxi branch: No. 18, Xiheyan Street, Qiaoxi District;
North Shengli Road branch: No. 52, North Shengli Road, Qiaodong District;
Gaoxin branch: No. 26, Fujie Tingyuan Community, Weier Road, Qiaodong District;
Gongye Street branch: No. 41, Gongye Street, Qiaodong District
Average Cost: CNY60-70 per person

 Wei Lao Xiang Chicken Hot Pot
Location: Boyang Community, Xibagang Road, Qiaoxi District
Average Cost: CNY40-50 per person

 North Mingrui Restaurant
Location: Boju Tianyuan Community, Middle Shengli Road, Xuanhua District (close to Xuanhua Hotel)
Average Cost: CNY40-50 per person

 Huo Lu Huo Korean Restaurant
Location: north gate of Tianxiu Community, Middle Xiyuan Road, Qiaoxi District
Average Cost: CNY60-70 per person
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