Xiangtan Travel Guide

Xiangtan Travel Guide

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Xiangtan Facts

Chinese Name: 湘潭 (xiāng tán)
Population: 3,000,000
Area: 5,006 square kilometers (1,933 square miles)
Location: in the central area of Hunan Province, south-central China
Administrative Division: 2 districts (Yuetang, Yuhu); 1 county (Xiangtan); 2 county-level cities (Xiangxiang, Shaoshan)
Area Code: 0731
Zip Code: 411100
GDP (2018): CNY 216.14 billion (USD 32.66 billion)

Known as Chairman Mao's Hometown

Xiangtan is located in the central part of Hunan Province, the middle reach of the Xiang River. It is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Changsha and Zhuzhou. It only takes half an hour from Changsha Huanghua International Airport. The three cities constitute the political, economic and cultural triangle of the province. As an important birthplace of Hunan culture, Xiangtan has cultivated more than 140 historical and cultural celebrities, such as Chairman Mao, General Peng Dehuai and modern Chinese painting master Qi Baishi. The Mt. Shaoshan, the place where Mao Zedong grew up, has become the most famous scenic spot in Xiangtan, with Mao Zedong's former residence as the main highlight. Xiangtan is also the hometown of Xiang lotus seed. The plump Xiang lotus seed with fine texture and sweet fragrance in Xiangtan was once a tribute served to the emperors in ancient times. Besides, Xiangtan is an important industrial base in Hunan and even the whole country, featuring a strong scientific and educational strength.

Xiangtan Attractions - Things to Do

 Mt. Shaoshan Scenic Area: Shaoshan was a beautiful mountain village. It is well known as the home town of Mao Zedong. In the area, visitors can admire the Mao Zedong's Former Residence and the Water-dripping Cave.
 Yuhu Park: Located in the downtown, the Yuhu Lake (Rainy Lake) in the park is a pluvial lake. Gathering willows, pavilions and halls, it is one of the most distinguished attractions of Xiangtan.

How to Get to Changsha & Wuhan from Xiangtan

On Shaoshan Road (Middle) and Shaoshan Road (West), there are many buses to Changsha every 10 to 20 minutes taking about one hour. Buses to Wuhan in Hubei Province are also easy to get and the bus ride takes around 4 hours. In addition, high speed trains to Changsha and Wuhan are also available from Xiangtan North Railway Station.



Enjoying a subtropical humid monsoon climate, Xiangtan has rich rainfall and abundant sunshine. The annual average temperature is about 17C (63F).
 When to Go: The April azaleas in Shaoshan and the red autumnal leaves in Zhaoshan Mountain are both attractive scenery of Xiangtan.

Xiangtan Travel Tips

 History: Establishing Xiangtan as a county began in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). From then on, its domain remains relatively stable in the following years. On the basis of the county, the government of the PRC established the Xiangtan City in 1950.
 Physical Features: Compared with other parts, the terrain of the city is low and flat in the eastern and central regions. However, its relative relief is meek. The city is various in land type composition, including mountain area, hilly land, knolls, plain and water. Nearly eighty percent of the city land is below the altitude of 150 meters (492 feet).
 Special Local Products: betel-nut, Dengxin Gao (wick rice cake), lotus seed
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Questions & Answers on Xiangtan Travel
Asked by Lei Ting from INDONESIA | Feb. 17, 2023 23:00Reply
what is the longest season in xiangtan?
what is the longest season in xiangtan?
are the people around xiangtan open to immigrants who wear the hijab?
please give me answer to the question i asked. thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kelly | Feb. 20, 2023 17:44

The longest season is summer, around 120 days. It's not frequent to see people wearing hijab there. But it's not a problem, only that people may be curious about it at the first glance.
Asked by Rusty from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 20, 2020 21:21Reply
Xinjiangxi village
62 xinjiangxi village, guoyuan town, changsha city is where I have the address.
How do I get there from the changsha Airport.
Answers (1)
Answered by Samantha | Dec. 24, 2020 19:55

Upon landing, take bus no.114 from airport to Huanghua Industrial Park first. Then transfer to bus no.X210 to Huashan. After that, take bus no.XT16 to Guoyuan Town. Then you can hire a local car to the destination.
Asked by rusty from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 18, 2020 05:04Reply
how do i get to xianjianxi village from changsha airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Isabella | Dec. 20, 2020 18:37

Do you have the more detailed address about the Xinjianxi Village? Because I didn't find the exact location on the map.
Asked by Diana from UGANDA | Aug. 16, 2015 16:05Reply
Wanted to find out how the lodging for the xiangtan university is like?
Hello, I will be staying with my daughter.
What are the recommended hotels that are near the university where one can stay?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gary from INDONESIA | Aug. 16, 2015 20:50

Near the university, there are a lot of economical hotels available; you can choose one for your stay.
Hongrutian Hotel, Yidu Hotel and Mengbali Hotel are all near the campus, and you can reach them with walking distance from the school.
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