Baotou Dining

What to Eat

Baotou cuisine is renowned for its strong flavour of Northwest China. People here have habitually taken beef, mutton and noodles as their staple food. There are many Mongolian delicacies in Baotou that can especially satisfy people who prefer meat and dairy.

Local Snacks

 Genghis Khan Teppanyaki
This is a kind of barbecue. Sliced mutton, beef, pork, chicken, fish and shrimp prepared with seasoning are grilled on iron plates and served with a special sauce. Reportedly, Genghis Khan liked eating meat  this way and brought it to Central Asia and south Russia. This kind of cooking style is called Teppanyaki in Japan and still very popular nowadays. Hence people call it Genghis Khan Teppanyaki.

 Dexingyuan Shaomai
Shaomai has long history. It is a kind of steamed dumpling. Chefs usually choose quality wheat flour to make the pastries and then stuff it with fresh mutton. Finished Shaomai is megranate-shaped. Shaomai is usually served as dim sum, a traditional local delicacy in a feast. Dexingyuan Shaomai is especially famous.

 Instant-Boiled Mutton
Instant-Boiled Mutton originated from the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). Mongolian instant-boiled mutton is usually made of fresh sliced meat from ovine tenderloin and leg and can be eaten after quickly cooked in a hot pot.

The Yellow River flows through Baotou. Every year after the ice has melted from the river, Baotou restaurants will prepare various carp dishes. Songshu Yu (Fried Sweet and Sour Fish) is a famous fish dish of the city.

Fermented Milk Curd is the most common dairy snack of Mongolian herdsman families. Local people prefer yoghurt rather than fresh milk. Milk tea made of compressed tea boiled with fresh milk and koumiss (fermented mare milk) are favorite drinks of the Mongolians.
Apart from those introduced above, oat, cheese, smoked chicken and Su Guo Kui (vegetable pancake) are all delicious snacks of typical Baotou flavor.

Where to Eat

Gangtie Da Jie in western Baotou has a dozen  various restaurants. Otherwise, there are many snack stalls at the corner of  Nanmenwai Da Jie and Huancheng Lu. Food there is cheap and attracts flocks of people -  especially in summer. Furthermore, Fuqiang Lu and Minzu Dong Lu are also famous food streets in Baotou, with many famous hotels and restaurants in the area.

Hot Pot Restaurants

Han Wang Shuan Kao Bao
Recommended Food: braised mutton with sauce, Orleans roast wing, rabbit meat, beef, roast lamb chop, milk tea, duck breast, backed pancake and milk tea
Address: Youyi Da Jie (at the junction with Baiyun Lu), Kundulun District

Xiao Fei Yang (Little Fat Lamb) (chain restaurant)
Provisions: hot pot
Address: 9, Wulan Dao, near the Baotou Hotel, Kundulun District
                 1, Aerding Da Jie, Kundulun District
                  Middle section of Gongye Lu, Donghe District
                  131, Kexue Lu, Qingshan District

Meng Yuan
Provisions: hot pot, instant-boiled mutton
Address: nearby Jiuxing in Qingshan District

Barbecue Restaurants

Golden Hans South American BBQ (buffet style restaurant)
Recommended Food: barbecue, black beer, grilled corn, cake
Address: 88, Baiyun Lu, Kundulun District

Lao Wang Shao Kao (Laowang Barbecue)
An authentic barbecue restaurant of 26 years 
Recommended Food: grilled bean curd and mushroom
Address: 7, Ziyou Lu, Qingshan District

Xiao Bu Dian Shao Kao (Xiaobudian Barbecue)
Famous 24 hour barbecue restaurant, well spoken of by local people
Address: 1, Tianglong Shangcheng, Linyin Lu, Kundulun District

Others Special Restaurants

Quanjude Peking Roast Duck
Address: intersection of Linyin Lu and Qingnian Lu, Kundulun District
                 103, Youyi Da Jie, Kundulun District

Jin Xiang Yu
An old reliable Hunan cuisine restaurant
Address: 29, Shaoxian Lu (southwest corner of the intersection between Shaoxian Lu and Baiyun Lu), Kundulun District
Wan Shun Yuan
A Muslim restaurant
Address: 12, Gangtie Da Jie, Kundulun District

Tao Ran Xuan
Representative of Sichuan fancy restaurants in the city
Address: 20-23, Minzu Dong Lu, Kundulun District

Gao Li Gong
Veteran of Korean barbecue restaurants
Address: Minzu Dong Lu, opposite the Zhenhua Xiaoqu (Zhenhua Community), Kundulun District

Western Food Restaurants

North Shore Coffee
Address: Shifu Xi Lu, 300 meters north of Haide Club, Kundulun District

Yang Guang Hai Xi'an Xi Can Ting (Yangguang Haixian Western Restaurant)
Address: 56, Gangtie Da Jie (inside Haide Hotel), Kundulun District

Fast Food Restaurants

Pizza Hut
Address: Section B, New York Xin Tian Di, south of Anshan Dao, Gangtie Da Jie, Kundulun District

Address: 67, Gangtie Da Jie, Kundulun District
                 18, Youyi Da Jie, Kundulun District
                 Bottom of Chaoyue Dasha, Hedong District
                 1/F, 8, Fuqiang Lu, Qingshan District
                 3, Xingfu Lu, Qingshan District

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Questions & Answers on Dining in Baotou
Asked by Anita from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 10, 2012 06:01Reply
If entertaining corporate guests from Baotou, what should I offer?
I have been given a brief of a 'light lunch with variety'. There are 5 guests from the region, and 5 Australians for lunch, all men. Advice please!
Answers (2)
Answered by Nathalie | Nov. 10, 2012 20:24

If they are local inner mongoia people, their daily food are milk and meet. Milk can be process into differet kinds of food in their food culture. So meet can be offered to them.
If they are not the local native people, I think they can accept the western meals. So do not worry about the food.
Answered by Anita from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 11, 2012 05:49

Many thanks for yiur response.
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