Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport

Built in May 2003 and after the expansion, Manzhouli Airport currently has a runway of 2,800 meters (3062 yards), available for the takeoff and landing of B767-300ER and smaller aircrafts. The expanded terminal covers an area of 20700 square meters, which can accommodate 1,400 people during the peak hours.


Manzhouli Airport Code: NZH


In Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, about 7 kilometers (4 miles) from the border between China and Russia.


Airlines Companies

China United Airlines (KN), Hainan Airlines (HU), China Express Airlines (G5), Chengdu Airlines (EU), Sichuan Airlines (3U)


Manzhouli Airport Flights Schedule

Manzhouli Airport has opened flights to/from Beijing, Tianjin, Hohhot, Harbin, Wudalianchi, Arxan and Ulanhot. Here are detailed flights information.
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Beijing 1 on each Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
2 on each Mon. Sun.
3H50M(stopover at Arxan)
4H25M(stopover at Ulanhot)
Tianjin 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 2H30M
Hohhot 2 on each Mon. Wed. Fri.
3 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. Sun.
Harbin Daily 1H30M
3H30M(stop over at Wudalianchi)
Wudalianchi Daily 1H30M
Arxan 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 1H
Ulanhot 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 1H35M


How to Travel between Manzhouli Airport and Downtown

1: Airport Shuttle Bus: Manzhouli Airport – Management Committee in Cooperation Zone

Route Manzhouli Airport – Wanda Plaza – North Market – Guangda Market – Management Committee in Cooperation Zone
Operating Time 8:30 - 22:30 (According to the flight schedule)
Ticket Price CNY 15


Taking a taxi to the downtown will cost CNY 30.


Things to do in Manzhouli City

 1: Matryoshka Doll Scenic Spot
As a representative tourist attraction of Manzhouli City, this spot is the only large garden with Russian characteristics, with the doll ­- the Russian traditional handicraft - as the theme. It is an important part of Sino-Russian border tourism, integrating Manchuria and Russia history, culture, architecture, and folk customs. The scenic area consists of three parts: theme entertainment, theme park area and theme hotel.

 2: Manzhouli Wedding Palace
Manzhouli Wedding Palace covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with the main body of 37.2 meters (41 yards) high and the tower of 57.8 meters (63 yards) high. This architecture is in simple, solemn and elegant Gothic style. There is a worship hall, reception rooms, sightseeing elevators and the sightseeing building. It is a comprehensive venue that integrates sightseeing and European weddings, representing a landmark building of Manzhouli. It not only balances the east-west tourist attractions layout in Manzhouli, but also adds aesthetics of city.

 3: Locomotive Square
Built in June 2004, Locomotive Square is located in the center of Manzhouli city. The locomotive in the square is a Japanese steam engine locomotive made in 1940, and the railway below is the Soviet 43 rail made in 1925. Each liner meter of the rail is 43 kilograms, hence the name “43 rail”. On the way of Chairman Mao to Moscow in 1949, he took the train pulled by this locomotive.

 4: Erka Wetland Nature Reserve
Erka Wetland Nature Reserve is located in the northeast of Donghu District with a total area of 68.51 square kilometers. It is a transnational wetland bordering with Russia and the only land and water boundary monument in China.
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