Hulun Lake (Dalai Lake)

Hulun Lake, also called Dalai Lake by the local people, is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia and the fifth largest freshwater lake in China. It is like a piece of jade lying on the endless Hulunbuir Prairie. To get there, we suggest you leave from Manzhouli, which is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) away. 
Hulun Lake
 Hulun Lake Video

Basic Facts of Hulun Lake

 Deepest depth: 8 meters (26 ft); 
 Average depth: 5.75 meters (18.86 ft);
 Widest width: nearly 41 kilometers (25 mi); 
 Average width: about 32 kilometers (20 mi);
 Length: almost 93 kilometers (58 miles);
 Shape: roughly rectangle;
 Area: 2,339 square kilometers (903 square miles);
 Water capacity: 13.85 billion cubic meters;
 Icy days: 170 - 180 days per year.

Best Time to Visit

Summer, especially July and August, is the best time for a visit. The surrounding grass is the greenest, the water animals are lively, and the weather is neither cold nor too hot. During this peak travel season, activities like Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and bonfire parties are held near the lake.

Best Things to Do in Hulun Lake

Appreciate Sunrise over the Lake

If tourists come early in the morning or stay overnight at nearby villages, bring cameras or mobile phones to record the extraordinary sunrise. The lake is so vast the sun seems to rise over the ocean.

Go Fishing in the Lake

Hulun Lake is home to many species of fish. Visitors can try fishing at fixed sites, where they may get lucky and catch a crucian carp. White also thrive in the lake. 

Watch Water Birds

Tourists can head for the habitats of water birds such as swans, ducks, wild geese and red-crowned cranes to see them playing, resting or hunting. Middle March and late September are the best times to view the water birds in Hulun Lake. 

Wander along Lake Shore

Large sand beaches lie along the shoreline of Hulun Lake. Many visitors enjoy strolling along the lake shore to relax and feel the breeze. On sunny days, the clear lake reflects white clouds and blue sky. Walking along the shore is like a painting slowly opening up in front of you. There is also a long plank road over the lake for visitors to get close to the clear water. What’s more, adventurous visitors can go horseback riding along the lake shore. 

Boat on the Lake

There are many speed boats available for rent at the lake shore. Cruising around Hulun Lake is quite popular among tourists.


How to Get to Hulun Lake from Manzhouli

1. We recommend taking take chartered cars, and drivers are local people. It costs around CNY 100 per person for a round trip.
2. Take a car at the gate of farmer’s market in Manzhouli City, and it costs CNY 20 per person for a round trip.
Admission CNY 40
Opening Hours 08:00 - 18:30
Recommended time for a visit 2 - 4 hours
- Last updated on Dec. 19, 2018 -
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