Xing'an Travel Guide

Xing'an Facts:

Full Name: Xing'an League (Meng)
Chinese Name: 兴安盟 (xīng ān méng)
Population: 1,650,000  
Area: 59,806 square kilometers (10,425 square miles) 
Nationalities: Mongol, Han 

Administrative Division: 1 county: Tuquan; 3 qis: Keerqin Youyi Qian Qi, Keerqin Youyi Zhong Qi, Zhalaite (Jalaid) Qi; 2 county-level cities: Wulanhot (Ulan Hot or Ulanhot), Aershan (Arxan)  
Note: Qi (or Banner) is a county-level administrative organ in Inner Mongolia's political divisions. League or Meng is an administrative unit in Inner Mongolia consisting of several qis (or banners). 

Seat of the League Government: 19, Xing'an Bei Lu, Wulanhot City 

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0482-8214371
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Bank of China Wulanhot Branch: 82, Xing'an Bei Lu, Wulanhot City 
China Post Xing'an Branch: Xing'an Nan Lu, Wulanhot City

 Location: Xing'an League is situated in the northeastern area of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in the neighborhood of Heilongjiang and Jinlin provinces in the northeast and southeast. Within Inner Mongolia, it neighbors Tongliao, Xilingol and Hulunbeier.

 History: Before the Tang (618-907) Court established three government offices to administrate this area, it was inhabited by nomad tribes of Donghu and Xianbei. Xing'an is Manchu for hills, and it gained its name for its location in the middle of the Daxing'anling Mountains.

 Physical Features: The League is situated in the transition area from the Daxing'anling Mountains to the Songnen Plain. Mountainous and hilly areas make up ninety-five percent of its total land area. From the northwest to the southeast, there are medium mountains, low mountains, hills and plains distributed in descending order.

 Climate: Xing'an League enjoys a temperate monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 4-6℃ (39.2-42.8℉). It has cool short summer (about two months) and chilly long winter (five to six months). Precipitation becomes more common during June to August.

 When to Go: April to October is the most favourable time to visit the region.

 Special Local Products: deer antler, bitter almond, black melon seed, edible fungus, dairy, ornaments and handcrafst of the Mongol ethnic minority (Mongolian knife, carpet, cap)



Xing'an League is rich in tourist resources. Forest landscape of the Daxing'anling Mountains and Qarsan (Chaersen) National Forest Park, strong flavor of Mongol ethnic minority in Keerqin Grassland and Genghis Khan Temple show the best natural and historical beauty of Xing'an League.

Aershan, aka Arxan, is a city with perfect volcanoes and hot springs, which form the picturesque Aershan National Geopark. Arxan National Forest Park, the core tourist area of the geopark, has dense primeval forests and various volcano relics. The Heavenly Lake in the park is a crater lake formed by a volcano and ranks in the top six heavenly lakes in China. In winter, the Aershan Skiing Resort is an excellent destination.

Xing'an Travel Tips:

Wulanhot Airport is 17 kilometers (11 miles) northwest of the city proper, with direct flights to Beijing and Hohhot. Baicheng (in Jilin) to Aershan and Tongliao to Hulinhe railways pass through Xing'an League. National Highways No.111 and 302 run through the league from the south to the north. In the seat of the league government, Wulanhot City, the bus station can be found in Xingqiao Dong Jie.