Arxan National Forest Park

Arxan National Forest Park founded in 2002 is situated in the southeast of the Greater Hinggan Mountains in Inner Mongolia and is covered with primeval forests. The highlights of Arxan National Forest Park are the landscapes formed by solidified lava, such as Heavenly Lake and Shitanglin Forest. Arxan National Forest Park is rich in mineral springs and wildlife including 269 kinds of plants and over 90 varieties of animals. It also houses Terme Mountain and Darbin Lake, the highest peak and the largest lake of the Greater Hinggan Mountains respectively. The climate is continental with a long winter and a short summer. The snowy period even lasts for over 150 days per year, which makes it a wonderful place for ice activities.
Arxan National Forest Park
Heavenly Lake in Arxan National Forest Park
Arxan National Forest Park
Shitanglin Forest

Heavenly Lake

With an altitude of 1,332.3 meters (4,371 feet), it is the third highest pool in China after the Heavenly Lake in Urumqi and the one at Changbai Mountain in Changchun. This oval lake looks like a green mirror with reflections of green pines, silver birch, azaleas, and pure sky on its surface. The magical thing is that its water level remains the same all year round, and there is no living fish in it. There is a saying that the Heavenly Lake has no bottom. Locals once hung a weight at the end of a 300-meter (330-yard) long rope, but it still couldn't reach the lakebed.

Shitanglin Forest

Shitanglin is not only a wonder of the Greater Hinggan Mountains but also Asia’s largest basalt landscape on extinct volcano. Besides, visitors can admire bizarre solidified lavas in shapes of swords, men, and troops. There is also a large-scale lava tortoise shell. At the same time, you can admire a particular area where larch trees firmly grow on volcanic rocks, with their roots penetrating into the cracks.

Three Pond Gorge

Arxan National Forest Park
Three Pond Gorge
The gorge contains three ponds – Woniu Pond, Hushi Pond, and Yuexin Pond. In Hushi Pond pure streams rush through huge rocks in shape of jumping tigers and then into the quite pond. In front of Woniu Pond are several rocks looking like lying cattle. Yuexin Pond is at the end of the gorge. It has the widest surface through which visitors can see the pond bottom clearly. Among the twists and turns of the gorge, there is a special spot which is covered with snow even in June and July and praised as the “glacier in summer”.

Azalea Lake

It is an L-shaped lake inlaid among flaming azalea flowers in Arxan National Forest Park. In winter, it will turn into a natural ski field. After it melts, flocks of ducks, geese, and cranes will come back and paddle in the lake, which is really an enjoyable scene.

Heavenly Lake on Camel Hump Mountain

Different from the Heavenly Lake mentioned above, this one is like a huge footprint left by a giant and is 1,284 meters (4,213 feet) above sea level. It is a little bit far from the major sightseeing area of Arxan National Forest Park, so very few visitors will come here making it the best place to enjoy the quietness of Arxan.

How to get to Arxan National Forest Park

 There are direct trains from Ulanhot, Baicheng, and Shenyang to Arxan City directly. Upon arrival, charter a car at a cost of CNY400 to the forest park. Visitors from Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Dalian, and Hohhot can take a train to Ulanhot first, and then transfer to the Arxan City.
 Six buses are usually available from Ulanhot Bus Station to Arxan City at 5:50, 10:00, 14:05, 15:00, 16:00, and 17:00; the bus ride takes less than two hours. After that, charter a car to the destination.
Entrance Ticket  Peak Season (May 1 ~ October 15): CNY 180;
Slack Season (October 16 ~ April 31): CNY 130
Free of charge for children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet). 
Bus Ticket CNY 105  
Notice: Entrance ticket and bus ticket are valid for two days.
Opening Hours  Peak Season: 7:00-17:00; Slack Season: 8:30-15:00
Best Time to Visit Sep.1 - Nov. 10
- Last updated on Apr. 12, 2021 -
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