Kunshan Dining

Generally speaking, the most popular dishes in Kunshan City are Suzhou Cuisine that can be easily found in any city of Jiangsu Province. The elaborate Suzhou specialties, having a soft sweet flavor, are deeply appreciated by some visitors. Also, due to the increasing presence in Kunshan of Taiwanese business people, a number of restaurants serving Taiwanese dishes have been set up to cater for their tastes.

Of course, for many visitors, the first choice for dinner is to try the local specialties. Therefore, the three delicious cuisines of Kunshan are a must for your trip. The top one should be Ao Zao Noodle which was given its name by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. It is said that an authentic bowl of ao zao noodle must have fresh soup and quality toppings. The best ao zao noodle of Kunshan is cooked at Ao Zao Guan, located on Tinglin Road. This restaurant has a history of more than 100 years, serving traditional ao zao noodle. The noodles cooked here can be eaten with four kinds of toppings, among which, quick-fried fish and cold spiced duck are highly recommended. Bus Nos.1 and 12 are available for you to get there.

Every autumn, a great number of local visitors drive to Kunshan City for the delicious Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab. Because of this, Bacheng Town, located northwest of Kunshan City and close to Yangcheng Lake, attracts many gastronomists. Coming to the town, you will be surprised by the great number of restaurants cooking crab. There are four main districts to buy crab in Bacheng Town. The traditional crab market is located on Hubin Road, with some 100 boats selling crab. Nearby, restaurants located on Bajie Road also attract a number of visitors because of their reasonable prices.

Compared with the older districts, the price of crab selling in the new crab market in Xiefang Yuan is a little higher. Bacheng Crab Garden at No.101 Xiefang Yuan is a well recommended restaurant. The last district is Yu Jia Deng Huo on Ma'anshan West Road. Here is the best place to enjoy beautiful Yangcheng Lake while having Yangcheng Lake crab. Xie Man Lou which can be found at the end of Ma'anshan West Road is an ideal restaurant here.

Some other restaurants for you:
Lin Hu Fang
Address: Xiefang Yuan, Yingbin West Road, Bacheng Town
Wuming Crab Restaurant
Address: No.66, Bajie Road, Bacheng Town

Besides of above ones, Qingtuanzi (green glutinous rice ball) which is made in Zhengyi Town of Kunshan City is a favorite snack of locals. Originally, Qingtuanzi was just eaten in every spring until a smart woman lived in Zhengyi Town founding a much better material to cooking Qingtuanzi. From them on, it has become a popular snack of locals all year round. It is easily for you to purchase this snack at a roadside stand or in a restaurant of Kunshan City.


In Kunshan, there are a number of star-rated hotels serving authentic local and exotic dishes. Venice Holiday Hotel located at 18 Minquan Road, Kunshan Hotel at 99 Renmin North Road and Kunshan Traders Hotel at 387 Qianjin Middle Road will supply a delicious dinner for you.

Fast Food
Zhaoyang location: 125, Renmin South Road
RT-MART location: 516, Chaoyang East Road
Lotus location: 1st floor of Lotus, 128, Changjiang North Road

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Questions & Answers on Dining in Kunshan
Asked by Deen from MALAYSIA | Apr. 05, 2023 21:52Reply
Any Muslim restaurants in Kunshan?
Hi any Muslim restaurants in Kunshan near hotels?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mary | Apr. 09, 2023 20:51

There are many of them. For reference: Beijiang Restaurant: 8F, No.199, Golden Eagle Mall, Zhujiang Middle Road.

There are also many halal hand-pulled noddles reataurant scattered here and there in Kunshan.
Asked by Mrs.Annelie from SWEDEN | May. 28, 2009 04:12Reply
I have stayed in Kunshan for almost five weeks and the best restaurant that I have visited is the taiwanese "Dream Herb". The restaurant itself is like an oasis in the city. You can even sit outside in a lovely garden, which is unusual in Kunshan. Bring a bottle of wine if you like that you buy in a drugstore on your way there. Opening charge is 30 yuan. Wine tips is Great Wall Cabarnet Savignon 1998. They play wonderful music and the food is excellent. Plate after plate is brought to you and you can eat several different dishes with beef, chicken, lamb or pork. The coffe is good. The beer though is not that good, but perhaps you even can bring the kind of beer that you like from a shop? Apart from that it is VERY cheap. Dinner 70 yuan and lunch 50 yuan. Here you get really good taken care of and spoiled - do not miss it!! Address: Huang He Road 169-4. From Crown Hotel on Qian Jin Road, you go right and the first crossing take left. Soon you see a wooden fence on the left sid of the road and you are there DREAM HERB!!
Go NOW! Annelie from Sweden
Answers (1)
Answered by Weisser from AUSTRIA | Aug. 29, 2012 01:51

Sorry to both, but it seems you don't know enough from Kunshan, but when somebody speak about the best one ...mean Western Style... than I have just one idea and that is Lecker's Restaurant in der Tong Feng Rd. 289-1 (Opposite swiss in the small park ...near round house)!
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