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Located between Suzhou and Shanghai, Kunshan City is renowned as the 'central garden' of the two famous cities. Actually, Kunshan is always neglected by visitors who prefer the better-known cities around it. Yet, for those who have enjoyed the beauties of Kunshan City, it will be imprinted on their memory forever.

Top Things to Do in and around Kunshan

 Jinxi Town
 Tinglin Park 
 Qiandeng Ancient Town

If the name Kunshan is strange to you, Zhouzhuang must be a familiar name for everyone who is deeply fascinated by the water towns located in southeast China. Aside from Zhouzhuang - the No.1 water town of China, Jinxi Town, 23 kilometers (14.3 miles) to the southwest of Kunshan City, is really worthwhile seeing. Jinxi is called the hometown of Chinese folk museum, enjoying a long history of more than 2000 years and abundant tourist attractions. Compared with the other popular water towns in Jiangsu Province, Jinxi is well persevered without too many artificial marks. There are two views here that should not be missed.

One is the ancient bridges, which exist in Jinxi in large numbers. It is said that there were originally 36 stone bridges built here; however, only 26 of them remain. They are mainly constructed in the style of Ming and Qing dynasties, being enchased with inscriptions, couplets and decorative patterns. The other one is the Tomb of Concubine Chen, being built in the Wubao Lake which is located to the south of Jinxi Town. It is said that Chen was the beloved concubine of the Emperor Song Xiaozong in the South Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and she adored the natural beauties of Jinxi very much; therefore, after her death, the emperor buried her in the Wubao Lake.

Tinglin Park is also worth a visit. It is located at the east foot of Ma'an Mountain, originally built in the year of 1906. Both historical sites and scenic spots can be enjoyed in the park. Meanwhile, the most attractive thing in the park for visitors should be the 'three treasures of Yufeng Mountain'-Kun Stone, Eight Immortals Flower and Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stalk. For those botanists amongst us, the Peonica Garden Theme Park will certainly satisfy your appetite. Covering an area of 1,248 km (about 206 acres), it is a large theme park with numerous varieties of flowers. At the same time, it is also an ideal place for vacations, combining tour and amusement together.

Other Attractions

 Kun Opera Museum 
 Peonica Garden Theme Park
 Yangcheng Lake

Having an advantageous geographical position and charming natural environment, a number of entertainment centers have been opened in Kunshan City. Generally speaking, these centers are built around the water area of Yangcheng Lake and Dingshan Lake, both of which are enchanting destinations. Enjoying the calm lake in a comfortable holiday center makes for an enjoyable holiday. Especially, when you come here in autumn, the delicious crabs produced in Yangcheng Lake will add another flavor to your trip.

Finally, the Kun Opera Museum located at No.1 Ma'an Shan East Road is worthwhile taking a look at. Kun Opera is praised to be the 'father of all operas' in China, originally appearing in Kunshan in the 1350's. It is a rare cultural heritage in China. In the museum, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history and various kinds of Kun Opera.

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Questions & Answers on Kunshan Attractions
Asked by Dr.F.Zaman from BANGLADESH | Jul. 31, 2013 06:15Reply
I wish to see danyang-kunshan grand bridge
I am visiting Shanghai from Beijing via High speed train CRH380 next month with my wife,but I wish to see danyang-kunshan bridge from out side. How can I do that from Shanghai ?
Answers (4)
Answered by Iris from POLAND | Aug. 01, 2013 01:30

I remember the high-speed train between Beijing and Shanghai passes the bridge. Well, from Shanghai Hongqiao, you can take a G-train to Danyang. Then take local public bus to have a visit at the bridge.
Answered by Dr.F.Zaman | Aug. 01, 2013 04:34

thank you dear iris. I am a little confused,I think Danyang is on other part of the bridge,Kunshan might be nearer. Any way,We are travelling over the the bridge.
Answered by Iris | Aug. 01, 2013 04:36

Oh, right. KS is much closer from Shanghai. Sorry for that~
Answered by Dr.F.Zaman | Aug. 01, 2013 20:10

Iris,Its nice of you.thanks.
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