Kunshan Shopping & Nightlife


After tasting the distinctive local snacks in Kunshan, you might think there is nothing better to take back with you. If you are going to Zhouzhuang, you are recommended to purchase several of the Wan San Series Food, among which the Wan San Ti (pig's upper leg) is preferred by a number of visitors. In addition to snacks, and because of its location, Kunshan produces a great number of quality pearls every year. If you prefer some pretty souvenirs, the quality pearl products sold here make a good choice.

Recently, under the opening policy, the process of urbanization has strengthened in Kunshan. Some shopping centers have been formed here, including a series of name brands catering for the needs of locals. Among them, Tinglin Road is worth visiting. For many years it was already a well known road among the locals, where Ao Zao Guan and Tinglin Park are located. Nowadays it is preferred by locals for its number of fashion and name brands clothing stores. It is the best place to see the great changes that have happened to the city.

Apart from the flourishing Tinglin Road, the Kunshan Department Store located at No.146-128 Renmin South Road is another ideal place to meet your needs. This department store was originally built in 1988, covering an area of 21,000 square miles totally during the expansion in the next years. At present, it gets shopping, amusement and dining together, supplying good services to customers. Another place to purchase some quality clothing is Mei Luo Department Store which is also located at Renmin Road. Both of them can be reached by taking No.2 bus.

Address: No.128, Changjiang North Road


Some years ago, Kunshan was a common village without a name. It was hard to find a place to enjoy night-life. But now the problem is the reverse - trying to decide on which venue to choose from a large number of amusement centers opened in the city. Overall, the nightlife culture of Kunshan has been raised up with the coming of a great number of Taiwan businessmen. These investors bring not only their finances but also their authentic Taiwan life style. When evening comes, the various nightspots, decorated in Taiwan style, are the favorite centers of attraction. At present, the locals' life is influenced by this kind of exotic culture which has become a unique feature of their nightlife.

Huanghe Road is the busiest place at night since various restaurants, cafés and nightspots kept by natives of Taiwan are opened here. Coming here, it will seem that you are in Taiwan since the people around you are chatting with Taiwan dialect. Business people from other countries too have opened pubs and clubs in Kunshan. These add to the glamour of the city. Night in Kunshan will never be disappointing.

Club & Pubs
Bier Bauch (Germany pub)
Address: No.100, Lai Yin Square

Alumnus Association
Address: No.1240, Bolu South Road

Talking Pub
Address: No.86, Bolu North Road

Also-milo Coffee
Head location: No.43, Qianjin Middle Road
Zhongshan location: No.259, Zhongshan Road
Zhongyin location: No.44, Zhongyin Square, Boli South Road
Yangcheng Lake location: No.1, South Yangcheng Lake, Bacheng Town

Starbucks Coffee
Central Garden location: B1, No.88, Heilongjiang North Road
Renmin Road location: the 1st floor of the No.2 Building, Kunshan Hotel, No.99, Renmin Road

SPR Coffee
Address: No.228, Tongfeng West Road

UBC Coffee
Address: No.43, Qianjin Middle Road

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Questions & Answers on Kunshan Shopping & Nightlife
Asked by FordGT from IRELAND | Oct. 01, 2014 01:40Reply
Hi, are there any markets, like cheap street, located in kunshan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nala from ARGENTINA | Oct. 10, 2014 04:30

Local Renmin Road is a good choice for you. Apart from that, there is a Dongcheng Commercial Pedestrian there, but the items there are much more expensive than Renmin Road.
Asked by Michael from EUROPEAN UNION | Jun. 04, 2011 04:11Reply
Which are the biggest malls in Kunshan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Jun. 04, 2011 22:34

The most famous department store here should be the Kunshan Shangsha(昆山商厦) located at 146, Renmin Nan Lu.
Asked by Mr.Wessel from SOUTH AFRICA | Apr. 06, 2011 01:53Reply
My wife and I arrived in Kunshan yesterday, already went to Friday Pub and looking forward to meet the "filipino band" there tonight as she is from the Philippines and looking to make new friends.

Are there more bars with filipino bands in this city?
Answers (1)
Answered by sasha from UNITED STATES | May. 29, 2011 10:10

Hi!!! Eagle Bar has filipino band playing live music.So far they're the best performers in that city!
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