Shenyang Dining

A long tradition, finely-honed cooking skills and Manchu cuisine basis work together to bring distinctive features to Shenyang dining. Almost every famous traditional dish comes with its own legend and historical background, which enhances its appeal. The Man-Han Banquet is a feast most representative of traditional dishes in Shenyang. According to history, Shenyang was a place governed by the Han nationality and various minor nationalities in turn. Thus, many unique snacks originate here, such as Muslim and Manchu snacks.

As in other big cities in China, besides the authentic local Dongbei dishes, you can sample other Chinese cuisines and western food. Usually the best western food can be found in deluxe hotels, for example, Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel and Hotel Inter-Continental, Shenyang. You can also find fast food, like KFC, pizza hut, etc.

Introduction to traditional dishes and restaurants:

Built in 1929, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Shenyang. Lumingchun is famous for its various dishes and exquisite cooking skill. Of note is that it is one of only a few restaurants in which Man-Han Banquet is served in the city.
Address: No.28, Nanjing Beijie, Heping District

Laobian Jiaozi Guan (Laobian Dumpling Restaurant)
With 160 years of history, Liaobian Dumpling has become a calling card of Shenyang. The unique shape and delicious fillings of Laobian dumplings will definitely make your mouth water every time you see them.
Address: No.206. Zhongjie Lu, Shenhe District

Najia Guan (Najia Restaurant)
It was opened by Manchu cooks in 1884. The best-known dishes here are Bairou (tender pork sausage boiled in clear water and seasonings) and Xuechang (boiled pig intestine with pig blood and various flavorings inside).
Address: No.90, Shenyang Lu, Shenhe District

Liangui Xunrou Dabing (Li Liangui Bacon and Cake)
This is one of the most famous spots for a local snack. Delicious bacon and cake are specialties here.
Address: No.88, Zhengyang Jie, Shenhe District (general)

Yangjia Diaolu Bing (Yangjia Suspending Furnace Cake)
It was opened in 1913 by Yang Yutian. The cake is thin with clear layers, and delicious.
Address: No.2, Changxin Jie, Heping District

Majia Shaomai Guan (Majia Shaomai Restaurant)
Founded in 1796, Majia Shaomai Guan is the most famous Muslim snack shop in the city. Each Shaomai (a steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top) is in the shape of a peony; a feast to both eyes and mouth.

 Da Qing Hua Jiaozi Guan (Da Qing Hua Dumpling Restaurant)
After years of tradition and innovation, Daqinghua dumplings still keep the distinctive Manchu flavor and delicious taste.
Erjing Jie branch Address: No.128, Shiyi Wei Lu, Erjing Jie, Heping District

Laoshan Ji Haicheng Bing (Laoshan Ji Haicheng Pie)
With a history of more than 80 years, Laoshan Ji Haicheng Pie is one of the most celebrated snack shops in the city.
Address: No.131, Nan Wu Malu, Heping District

Little Potato Pickles
Little potato is a specialty food in Northeast China. This potato is much smaller but has much more nutrition than a normal potato. Tasty Little potato pickle is a popular snack in almost all areas of Northeast China.
Address: No.327, Taiyuan Nan Jie, Heping District

Xita Lengmian (West Tower Cold Noodle)
Xita Lengmian is a famous snack with a Korean flavor. Cold boiled noodles are matched with a special soup to yield a taste treat.
Address: opposite to Korean General Merchandise Hall (No.112, Shifu Dalu)

Featured dining streets

West Tower Street
This is the longest street with a distinct Korean flavor. Various kinds of restaurants, pubs, stores and entertainment centers stand on both sides of the street.
Address: Heping District

Huihui Ying
This is a gathering place for local Muslims. You can find the most authentic Muslim food here in Huihui Ying.
Address: Qingzhen Lu, Shenhe District

Recommended restaurants:

A Cha Zhenwei Dunpin
Speciality: Dongbei dishes (popular dishes in Northeast China)
Address: No.89, Sanhao Jie

Lvse Shengtai Yuan
Speciality: authentic Dongbei dishes
Address: Sha Gangzi, Changbai Jie

Ruyifang Doulao
Speciality: Guangdong cuisine

Shu Xiang Yu Fu
Speciality: Sichuan Cuisine
Address: north gate of Northeastern University

Pizza Hut
Zhongjie Branch: No.201, Zhongjie Lu
Zhonghua Branch: No.15, Zhonghua Lu
Sanhao Branch: No.90, Sanhao Jie

Xinjiang Shifu (Xinjiang Restaurant)
Speciality: Muslim food
Address: No.46-2, Chongshan Dong Lu

Kuan Xiangzi Vegetable Dishes Restaurant
Address: No.202, Erjing Jie, Shiyi Wei Lu

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