Shenyang Travel Tips

 Basic Facts:
Population: 7,369,000
Area: 13,000 sq. km (5,019 sq. miles)
Annual average temperature: about 8.3C
Area code: 024
Postal code: 110000
City flower: rose
City tree: Chinese pine

 Useful Numbers:
Fire alarm: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Customhouse: 024-22828275 or 024-22826668
Taxi Complaint: 024-23577318
Travel Complaint: 024-22821999
Consumer Complaint: 12315
EMS service: 185

 Universities Accept Foreign Students:
Liaoning University
Address: No.66, Chongshan Zhonglu
Postal code: 110036

Northeastern University
Address: No.11, No.3 alley, Wenhua Lu, Heping District
Postal code: 110006

Shenyang Normal University
Address: No.253, Huanghe Bei Dajie, Huanggu District
Postal code: 110034

Liaoning Provincial Post Office
Address: No.111, Beizhan Lu, Shenhe District

According to recent research, there are more than 600 Internet bars in Shenyang. Equipment standard is rather high for most of them. Over 60% of the total bars are installed with more than 100 computers. In some big shopping malls and super markets, you can have access to the Internet. However the most popular places for those Internet bars are in the areas around universities and colleges and the prices are much cheaper compared to those in the malls. Generally speaking the fee is about 1.5 Yuan per hour.

 Internet Bars:
E Internet Bar
Address: No.104, Xi Shuncheng Jie

Haomiao Internet Bar
Address: No.204, Xiaodong Lu

Zhineng Internet Bar
Address: 300 meters away from the main gate of Liaoning University

 Foreign Consulates:
American Consulate
Address: No.52, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

Japanese Consulate
Address: No.50, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

Russian Consulate
Address: No.31, Nan Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

Consulate of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Address: No.37, Beiling Dajie, Huanggu District

Consulate of Republic of Korea
Address: No.51, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

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As the largest city in the northeast part of China, Shenyang has fairly good recreational facilities. Besides KTVs, pubs and other entertainment centers, there are slap-up clubs available. Shengjing International Golf Club (No.201, Dongling Lu, Dongling Dstrict) is the only forest golf course in accord with the international level in Shenyang City. Fangcheng Racing Car, Ltd. is the largest indoor car-racing field in Asia. You can fully enjoy the fun of exciting but safe car racing.

Here you can still taste the most authentic performances of Er'renzhuan, Yangge and other folk dances.

In winter, the International Ice & Snow Festival adds much more fun to your trip.

Recommended Pubs:
Irish Bar
Address: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie

 Heidi's Restaurant & Bar
Typical Swiss and western food, live music.
Address: No.37, Nan Sanjing Jie ( near US embassy)

Bee House
Address: No.220, Fengtian Jie

Recommended Cafes:
VIGO branch: VIGO Shopping Center, Taiyuan Jie
Zhongshan branch: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie
Zhongjie Road branch: 0101 Department Store, No. 205, Zhongjie Road

U. B. C. Coffee
Zhengyang Jie branch: Taiyuan Beijie, Heping District
Huigong branch: Zhonghan Dasha, No.124, Huigong Jie

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