Shenyang Shopping

Main shopping centers in Shenyang are to be found in Taiyuan Jie and Zhong Jie. Taiyuan Jie is the city's busiest street, a combination of business, dining and entertainment centers. Zhong Jie is 396 years old, the oldest business area in the city and the longest pedestrian street anywhere in China. Pubs, restaurants and stores line both sides of this thriving street.

Wu'ai Costume Market is located in Shenhe District. It is one of the most well-known wholesale clothing markets.

There are dozens of stores in Nanhu Park selling curios, paintings, porcelains, woodcarvings, jade articles, ancient coins, and so on. In addition to local specialties, such as feather paintings, juan hua (ornamental silk flowers), etc. can be found here. Every weekend Nanhu Park is filled with people who have come to either to enjoy shopping or merely to gaze upon the wonderful array of goods on sale.

West Tower Street is another very famous business center in that city. Almost all the people living here are Korean. With its distinctive flavor and booming nightlife, West Tower Street has become a real 'Sleepless City'. Thousands of visitors come here everyday to enjoy its unique ambience, especially during Korea Week.

Introduction to the large shopping malls along Zhong Jie:

Shenyang Business City
In the main this is a retail area where one can purchase general goods of famous international as well as domestic brands.

Xinglong Da Jiating
Xinglong Da Jiating is the largest shopping center in Asia with seven themed branches. It is really a super mall that can meet your needs for dining, clothing, entertainment and general shopping.

Shenyang Spring Department Store
This store is well known for its range of fashionable clothing and for this reason is very popular with young people.

Introduction of shopping centers on Taiyuan Jie:

Zhongxing Business Mansion
This is a large venue providing shopping, dining, recreation and accommodation.

New World Department Store
An all-round store, located in the golden section of Taiyuan Jie.

Recommendation of other large shopping centers and supermarkets:

Pakson Shopping Center
It mainly deals with high grade goods, such as cosmetics, clothing, etc. There are also supermarkets and dining centers here.
Address: No.99, Changjiang Jie, Huanggu District

Charter Shopping Center
This is a slap-up shopping center specializing in the sale of brand-named goods.
Address: Shifu Plaza

Wal-Mart Super Center
Pengli branch: No.8, Xiaodong Lu, Dadong District
Taiyuan Jie branch: No.9, Zhonghua Lu, Heping District

Address: No.39, Beizhan Yi Lu, Shenhe District
Bus route: No. 105、203、216、224、227、228、229、230、244、328、338、503、605、609 and 611 buses.

Home Club
Address: northwest of the junction of Jianshe Lu and Baogong Jie, Tiexi District
Opening hour: 09:00-21:00
Bus route: No. 604、103、242、239、204、295 and 279

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