Yinchuan Shopping & Nightlife


In Yinchuan one can not only buy unique local products or souvenirs but also enjoy shopping in such an interesting place. Yinchuan will provide you with many special agricultural products and tourist craftworks.

Yinchuan is not a big city, yet there are some products here that are of local flavor. The famous 'Five Treasures': liquorice, Helan stone, sheepskin, Barbary wolfberry fruit and facai may be good choices for you. In addition, sunflowers, Chinese dates, tremellas, and folk porcelain can be bought at vendor's stands along the street. You can haggle over the price with sellers in such places.

Xinhua Department Store located in Xinhua Dongjie is the biggest shopping center in Yinchuan which provides you a variety of commodities and you can buy local products such as flannelette blankets and Helan stone carvings here.

If you want to buy some cultural souvenirs or craftwork, the Cultural Relic Main Store of Ningxia will fulfil your wishes. It has cultural relics dating from the Neolithic Age to the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Articles of bronze and Western Xia culture as well as replicas of cliff paintings of Helan Mountain are much sought after by collectors.

Some shopping places:
Cultural Relic Main Store
Address: No.60, Wenhua Dongjie

Hualian Shopping Mall
Address: No.53, Gulou Nanjie, Xingqing District

Yinchuan Shidai Square
Address: No.16, Gulou Nanjie, Xingqing District

Ningxia Gongxiaoshe Gulou Shoping Mall
Address: No.197, Jiefang Dongjie

Yinchuan Shopping Mall
Address: Xinhua Dongjie


XHDS Super Shopping Plaza
Address: No.12, Xinhua Dongjie, Xingqing District


Hui people are good at singing and dancing. You can enjoy folk songs of strong northwest flavor called Huizu Hua'er. You can listen to melodious music played on a special instrument called a Kouxian in the local showplaces or recreation rooms. Additionally, you can attend wonderful performances every month on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar calendar at Haibao Pagoda.

When the lights are lit each evening, you can wander along Xinhua Jie, Jiefang Jie, and South Gate Square or have a taste of snacks at the night market in Zhongshan Beijie.

In addition, dance halls, bowling alleys, swimming pools, gymnasiums as well as cafes, pubs, teashops, and various other entertainment centers can offer you an escape from the pressures of city life.

Some entertainment places:
Qianxi International Club
Address: No.74, Xinhua Dongjie, Jinfeng District
Opening hours: 11:00-02:00
Bus routes: 24, 27

1970 Bar
Address: Jiancai Xiang, Xingqing District
Opening hours: 20:00-02:00

Langui Fang
Address: No.260, Wenhua Dongjie, Xingqing District
Opening hour: 19:00-02:00

Mingxiuyuan Tea House
Address: Minzu Nanjie

Mingdian Café
Address: No.39, Ping'an Xiang, Xinhua Dongjie

Mingxiang Yuan KTV
Address: Jiefang Dongjie
Opening hours: 19:00-02:00

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Questions & Answers on Yinchuan Shopping & Nightlife
Asked by Peiqi from SINGAPORE | Nov. 19, 2017 19:27Reply
Yinchuan shopping and food street
I would like to find a budget local chain hotel around ¥150 per night in the city in a convenient location for city bus, sight seeing, food street and shopping. Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lara from FRANCE | Nov. 19, 2017 20:22

You are suggested to live near Drum Tower, and hotels like Seven Days Hotel in 74 South Gulou Street, Yinchuan Hotel in 29 South Yuhuangge Street and Xinzhimen Hotel in 50 Gongnong Lane are recommended.
Asked by Tarek from TUNISIA | Aug. 14, 2017 19:54Reply
Shopping in yinchuan
Hi i will be there for 20 days
How Can i make good shopping, nd get good for chineese electronics devices and mobilephone
I m in ningxia laboor hotel
Answers (1)
Answered by David from USA | Aug. 14, 2017 20:20

As I know, many shopping center are around your hotel, such as Xinhua Department Store in 2 West Jiefang Street, and you can walk west along the street for about 2 minutes to get there. You can buy the mobile phone there. Walk west for another 2 minutes, you will see another Department Store, where you can buy electronic device.
Asked by Gwaivu Yahaya from CHINA | Dec. 29, 2014 20:24Reply
Bowling alleys in yinchuan
Hi I am a foreign student at ningxia medical university and was wondering if you can give the address of some bowling good alleys near my university, with the Chinese address as well please.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessica from FRANCE | Dec. 30, 2014 00:45

I just know one on the 2nd floor of Kaida Hotel, which is located at no. 256, South Qinge Street (near Nanmen Bus Station).
Asked by Majid from IRAN | Mar. 17, 2013 16:34Reply
hi, is there any night clubs or bars and pick-up area in yinchuan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Miffy from PAKISTAN | Mar. 17, 2013 21:28

Hubin Street in the city is the bar street for the local people and you can find many bars there.
Or you can go to Longmen Kezhan on Jinning North Street. I went there once and thought it is very nice and unique.
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